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Boyfriend Monorhyme Poems

These Boyfriend Monorhyme poems are examples of Monorhyme poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Monorhyme Boyfriend poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Graduation Was A Gas
Freddie junior was thrilled to graduate
Family on their way to congratulate
Jubilation easy to demonstrate
His sister brought herself a crazy date
Whose biggest talent was to flatuate

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

Ella is overjoyed when her friend Peyton comes to play
They have a special bond; it has always been that way
You’ll find them having fun together...

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Categories: children, friendship, fun,


I forgave her and that was cool
She forgave me, alas what a fool

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Categories: angst,

Oem-pay of Ove-lay
Ets-lay ou-yay and e-may all-fay in ove-lay.
Ou-yay are a etty-pray oll-day.
e-may and ou-yay are ade-may or-fay one nother-ay.
Ot-whay are ou-yay oing-day onite-tay?


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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, romance,

BRILLIANT AND RESILIENT by the brilliant and resilient FREE CEE

I went along even though she wanted to rule
She forgave me for being such an ungrateful fool
We both thought...

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Categories: angst,

Faint Connection
Miniscule link between love and hate,
Same may be said with victory and fate.

What you do see, you can also rate.
Many things happen with your mate.


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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, history, husband, life,

Butt Man
A boob man I could be.
Yours do titillate me,  
so jiggly and bouncy. 
The two of them and me,
a love triangle we.

But your butt's...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, me,

So Little Time So Many Secrets
I’ve utilized cleavage to get out of a ticket or two
One time I had a very fun rendezvous involving fondue
Ohh and that time with the...

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Categories: passion, time, fun, time,

A Stroll Down Memory Lane
A long time ago on Lovers Lane
At a young-teen party; pre-teen game
There sat this girl, know not her name
Played “Spin-the-Bottle” just the same
She had the...

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Categories: childhood, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, nostalgia,

We are one flesh,
We share one breath,
Even when there is nothing left.

we are one soul,
No self control,
With you I've never felt so whole.

Please Dear don't...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, life,

Golden Graditude
Jacob my dear,
No reason to fear,
I know you are near,
Know you're always here,
Hearts perfectly clear.

By Chelsea Stufleben

* Golden Graditude Contest *...

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Categories: devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love

For You I Was Made
For You I Was Made
My eyes are midnight blue 
And my heart is aglow for you
But Lucia is my given name

I’m six foot two and...

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Categories: devotion, fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness,

And He Walked To His Love
A little everything is all that matters,
When I see you wave at your mates.
And you seem pleased with the slightest flatters,
They deliver a flying kiss,...

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Categories: anniversary, caregiving, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend,

She Is My Lady
And there she sits, the lady who takes your breath away;
Her absence from my life would just mean a flay.
She sits with a smile but...

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Categories: anniversary, caregiving, family, friendship,

My Friend Is My Love...
I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write…
That my world would no more ever be bright.
With the morning sun I would rise,
The day ahead full with surprise.

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Categories: anniversary, caregiving, childhood, depression,

I Felt You Feel...
And we stood there, together unknown,
Standing hand in hand, but minds all lone.
From the corner of my eyes I look at you,
Straight into the eyes,...

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Categories: caregiving, faith, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend,

Like childhood's quest, interim's speed
of modesty, the innocence seed
is muddled by contentions need
to dominate, and then recede!

So is the heart, in love's replay
so wanting start...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection,

Stuck between two girls on prom night
sometimes I just feel like I'm a shining knight
in the darkness there's no sight
between what is wrong and what...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life

Double Your Fun
Two ladies I saw today.
Wanted me to play.
They said do not delay.
Come with us away.
I could hear them say.
We will let you lay
Between us in...

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Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, passionme,

You want me to sympathize,
betrayal blatant in your eyes,
I can see through your disguise,
treachery is no surprise.

All you do is criticize,
expect me to apologize,
I'm sick...

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Categories: allegory, girlfriend-boyfriend, parodymay, me,