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Long Quintilla Poems

Long Quintilla Poems. Below are the most popular long Quintilla by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Quintilla poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Flight of the Firefly
I walked a wooded path at night;
Down in the vale: a hint of light.
It shone as through an open door:
A faint, soft glow, and little more,
And sounds of bells, to my delight.

I crept up close...

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, fantasy,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member An Absinthe Eventide
I sauntered in an evening mist
   A midnight's heaven, magic-kissed
      Lamp-lit raindrops pattered, awesome
         Shining city turned violet blossom

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Categories: adventure, imagery, magic, paris, romance,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Dogwood
The blood and lapis daylight sets
in ether. How the mind resets
brutality of winter chill
with February's codicil;
what gossamer a dream begets.

I hear the crickets in the dark,
their clicking takes up where the lark
has been. The flagrant...

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Categories: dream, imagery, nature, tree,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Crowned May Queen
Crowned May Queen

As the music flows in my mind and soul in cheer
I dance around on my toes in the sun kissed fragrant fields
of wildflowers and tall emerald green grass yields
With a breath of life...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: celebration,
Form: Quintilla
The Butterfly Princess
"Just living is not enough, said the butterfly must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower"  Hans Christian Anderson


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Categories: butterfly, fairy, fantasy,
Form: Quintilla

Premium Member Beast of Burden
Trumpeting sounds of elephants
Pleasant rides, tricks, and children’s chants
In a place called Thailandia
The tourists come from Sandia
They visit their uncles and aunts

Ride the bulls, play, touch, watch them paint
Unaware of treatment, restraint 
A few people...

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy, fate,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Eyes of the Beast
A crash of thunder wakened me
as I slept cradled in a tree.
There was fierce growling on the ground.
Something wicked circled around.
I saw the eyes of a beastie.

Its howling was a gruesome sound
Had a dog escaped...

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Categories: animal, fear,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member To My Seductress Duchess
These, cacophony that beggars descriptions

Disorder from indecent breed incubating, 

Confusion of morals, the imposition of strange culture, 

Filthily dressed to undress my mind, 

Our teacher teaching theories of writs and wits

These promiscuous pastors parading piety...

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Categories: anger, celebrity, daughter, deep, family, for him,
Form: Quintilla
A Cryptic Cryptid War
You may not tend to believe me 
Perhaps you’ll start to suddenly
Put your logic up on a shelf
Open your mind and let yourself
See things you never dared to see

The year here was 1901
An unknown battle...

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Categories: fantasy, magic,
Form: Quintilla
M O a N V O Y a G E

I see a great deal of people who are blessed to smile
And say things such as “I’m going on vacation for awhile”
Hell, I find these people vile

Now why would I use such a nasty...

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Categories: angst, people, life, people, universe,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Temporary Altar Translation of Etiemble S Quintet Le Reposoir By T Wignesan
The temporary altar, Translation of Etiemble’s quintet: Le reposoir by T. Wignesan
							For us

As for me, I have renounced the noxious vault
where the other life child concealed a father 
whom he had sometimes betrayed his mother

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, love,
Form: Quintilla
Whose Deal

I went into the wood today
To watch the animals at play.
They didn’t see me hiding there,
The meerkat and the grizzly bear,
The lion and fluorescent jay.

They spread a blanket on the ground
And peacefully they sat...

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Categories: animal, sports,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member I Turned Into a Unicorn
I turned into a Unicorn-
   so silky-white, with wings and horn,
to prance and dance on clouds up there
   and spend my days surveying air-
to watch how twinkling stars are born.

I stopped...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy, myth, uplifting,
Form: Quintilla
A Forgetful Hat
A morning it was shining red,
And mister president's black hat,
Was siting on his solemn hair,
As it was not at all aware,
That it's a hat of a fat rat.

By using crown to form its speech,
»Good morning!«...

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Categories: political,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Nightmare, Translation of Paul Verlaine's Cauchemar
Nightmare, Translation of Paul Verlaine’s Cauchemar

(Translation of Paul Verlaine’s quintilla : « Cauchemar ». As usual, I have tried to stick to the original’s stanzaic format and rhyme scheme. T. Wignesan)

In my unfurling dream I...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dream,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Tale I Tell
Above a great big sea of blue,
I saw a dragon, and he flew
while breathing fire into the air.
He saw our ship, and this I swear:
with claws he broke our ship in two.

How sharp those claws!...

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Categories: fantasy,
Form: Quintilla
Here I Am

When, in the night, your strength slowly wanes
your future a dark unknown even left to breathe
as you grapple demons inflicted ghostly pains
and stare into swirling abyss not of your weave
Alas!  The end no sight...

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Categories: hero, pain, sick,
Form: Quintilla
I Fell In Love With a Tree Stump
I fell in love with a tree stump.
A quite curious stump was he.
No branches to thump.
No fall leaves to see.
But a very special stump was he.

There in the woods, other trees grew tall.
Swaying their limbs...

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Categories: allegory, love, naturetree, love, tree,
Form: Quintilla
Wheel Chair Up the Sky
Behold the wheel chair flying high
To reach the clouds with freedom zest
My dear special child makes it fly
His goal is reaching God so nigh
While meeting Him in heaven’s crest.

For venture to celestial height
My son does...

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Categories: child, christian, dream, encouraging, faith, god, jesus,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Rpg Warrior
O,  elvenstone! O, elvenstone!
O, would that you could be my own.
To quest exhausted, all these years,
And not obtain those pointy ears
To sharpen sense, to hear my phone.

O battle axe! O battle axe!
For thy pursuit,...

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Frog Translation of Etiemble S Quintet La Grenouille By T Wignesan
The Frog, Translation of Etiemble’s quintet: La grenouille by T. Wignesan 

(This quintet rhymed: ababc might in its propos -
perhaps in its imagery and allusion - be based on some family history involving the tragedy...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sorrow,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member Camelot
O Camelot! O Camelot!
The winds have changed, the land got hot!
Though dromedaries are quite neat,
A bactrian's hard to unseat,
And so the knights still joust a lot.

At banquet feasts, the men are found,
And like the table,...

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy, silly,
Form: Quintilla
Along My Back Roads

In the backstreets of my mind I find passages anew
Along diverging paths, I often see my way through
There are places I can ramble or find myself rather lost
But there my thoughts can stumble at no...

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Categories: destiny, journey,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member I Long To Walk the Hills
I long to walk the hills today
    among bare trees that dance and sway
    where leaves, now flightless, stories tell
    where damp and rotting, earthy smells

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, nature,
Form: Quintilla
Premium Member The Tiger In His Glory
A stealthy tiger stalks his prey
His eyes alight with cunning gleam;
And tho' the world may peaceful seem
The lissome springboks graze and play --
The danger lurks, not far away

He crouches low, his muscles taught
While calculations fill...

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Categories: animal, cat, death, power,
Form: Quintilla