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Long Impairment Poems

Long Impairment Poems. Below are the most popular long Impairment by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Impairment poems by poem length and keyword.

Sorry if I Sound Desperate
I’m at the bar in Havasu
I thought I was through with you…
Guess I wasn’t after all
Lonely and wishing I could cuddle you wild
Sorry that I have been down and about 
I miss you tremendously no...

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Categories: impairment, i miss you, loneliness, longing,
Form: Free verse

Ten Percent Brain Myth
Medical and/or scientific experts
     doth now corroborate,
promulgate, validate...(wait
don't go there's much more)
     linkedin with falsehood
     that requires me to terminate,
an average dumb founded...

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Categories: impairment, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, meaningful,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Foolish Fish
On that night two foolish fish
Were found garnished on his dish
They’d dropped out of school
For playing the fool
Not to die had been their wish

Now they wound up on his plate
To be consumed by his date

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Categories: impairment, crazy, fish,
Form: Limerick
A Poet Cursed

It’s an enduring strain,
	and a constant fight,
to remain focussed,
	when failing sight,
defeats my writing
	of poetic lines!
Frustration oft rules,
	when I see few signs,
of what I’ve written,
	for all is blurred.
Then angst prevails,
	with curses heard,
as I look in vain

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Categories: impairment, health, stress,
Form: Narrative
On sudden impulse, his impairment is anguish 
as the deaf boy tries to speak 
while communicating with signs;
although his body is strong hopelessness weakens his flesh,
all the words he stutters are wasted thoughts that don't...

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Categories: impairment, blessing, hope, jesus, love,
Form: Rhyme

Yield not, but know
Ash - grey chemised
she shifts her shape
as silver flakes float coat
stripped naked places, 
sheath curves and angled spaces
Angry glitter tingle stings
thick earth skin with prickly flames
and rumble rise regurgitates
shimmy - shake shudders
in magma's deep thrombosis.


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Categories: impairment, natural disasters,
Form: Alliteration
Minority Not Nonentities

We're the minority not nonentities
We aren't helpless persons deserving of pity and charity
So Include us in the mainstream education and employment
We don't really need your sympathy
You will see the beauty of our lives...

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Categories: impairment, humanity,
Form: Free verse
The Underdog
The most disgusting thing of all the hair unkempt can be over looked the smell 
can be ignored but the alcoholic impairment the fumble with the fingers the look 
of concentration the attempts to...

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Categories: impairment, parody, people, satire, science fiction, social, sorry,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member TIME TO DO MORE
If I have the time to do more for God’s glory
I zoom toward faith-venture’s pleasure
Ministering with bliss, devoid of distress pressure
Sharing blessings, vanquishing selfishness’ misery.

By the Sovereign Lord’s prudent leadership
I’ll advocate for a peace-driven, loving...

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Categories: impairment, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, time,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Ruth wasn't more than seventeen,
the cutest girl I had ever seen;
a drunk driver collided head-on
with a Buick Regal at an excessive speed.
That intoxicated man had smoked weed...
he once was a clean, responsible son.

Yesterday her mom...

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Categories: impairment, daughter, death, loss, mother, sad, sympathy, upliftingcar,
Form: Rhyme
The Rejected Baby
It was my moral duty to operate and in many people's eyes, I was admired.
I did what needed to be done and because of that, I was fired.
Four years ago, a baby was born with...

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Categories: impairment, baby, judgement, parents,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mother Seen Embroidered

 * Depicting a young child or baby with sight impairment 

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Categories: impairment, baby, birthday, blessing, giving, mother, social,
Form: Quatrain
Back in My Little Town
You can see it so clearly today, unlike you could before
Mankind making its way unaware of what's in store
The stage is nearly set, but for God's Patient Hand
The One who paid your, debt so few...

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Categories: impairment, age, blessing, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
Don’t paralyze the ministry
Afflicting it through selfishness-injury
While compromising with worldliness’ infantry
Bringing forth anguish misery.

Ministry* is leading people to the Saviour
Guiding them with love’s fervor
For transformation toward godly behavior
Radiating heavenly light of divine favour.

Beware of sin...

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Categories: impairment, blessing, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Victim Or Survivor
Scars on your arms and legs
Like permanent tattoos
They never fade away
Long live the memories
You wish would disappear
Sink away into the past 
Turn into shadows
Follows you around
In the corner of your mind
Pushing you deeper into depression

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Categories: impairment, abuse, courage, feelings, identity, inspirational, judgement, violence,
Form: Free verse
Let us sing a song for a hero
The warrior from satiric battles so
With a well balanced ball-pointed sword
He became a victorious battle lord
St. Philip's Central School,...

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Categories: impairment, celebration, celebrity,
Form: Couplet

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Categories: impairment, age, death, suicide,
Form: Villanelle
In Plain Sight
I feel her svelte presence impinge upon 
my consciousness, is lurching 
with the shades of light 
upon the edge of falling night 
where she is searching, ever searching 
as time grows ever tight. 

and in...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: impairment, life, love, passion, teen,
Form: Verse
saw a demo for the glasses being 
developed by Google,
which will be the first step in
the direction of 
an “augmented reality”
that will be totally facilitated by
the glasses on your face &
while the Google Glass will...

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Categories: impairment, life,
Form: Free verse
clapping insanity
insanity clapping
just look
flapping ears
elephant wingd
wingding with
bam bam bam
bambooing beams
brilliantly bashing blue
berrys burning cruise
connecting cooperation doom
eons elation elevates emotion
fusion focuses firmly finding
grindind greetings global go
holding hopes hands hyme
indigenous impairment
impacting icicles
justified jews
knews know
knees kneel
love longs
mean meanings mostly...

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Categories: impairment, art,
Form: Free verse
For many years, you were our family's breadwinner.
Your money paid for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Because of my mental impairment, you continued to support me after I turned eighteen.
You could've outworked two twenty year olds,...

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Categories: impairment, anniversary, cancer, dad, death, dedication, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Free Speech
Hateful words ring out, attacking, 
Full of malice, piggybacking
On the wings of dire dogma that is narrow to the core.

And the people who are screeching
To the heavens, say their preaching
Is protected and reflected in the...

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Categories: impairment, freedom, racism,
Form: Verse
Written Word
Truth be known that most of us are able
to write and communicate, but
there seems to be speech impairment
for the species since the spoken word
never seems to provide the proper
cultivation of our emotions and meanings
which appear...

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Categories: impairment, on writing and words,
Form: Verse
Cloud of Impairment
See not through shaded sight,
Susceptible to shadows which weave intricately 'gainst what better left to the naked eye.

Remove such stiflings so that the stars might shine through the soul,
Seeping into mine own.

Oh vision, where do...

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Categories: impairment, introspection
Form: Free verse
The Welder
Blaring grinding blares thy engine
In mending together humanity’s ails,
Flickering light shines thy mender
In shining some light in humanity’s ails.

Sacrificial lamb in mending thy breaks
In little a price for sweats consumed,
Hearing impairment, a risk to come

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© Dowell Oba  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: impairment, on work and working, sadlight, light,
Form: Ode