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Long Hunkered Poems

Long Hunkered Poems. Below are the most popular long Hunkered by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Hunkered poems by poem length and keyword.

The Gospel According To The Bluesman
The Gospel according to The Bluesman
Gianni watched the clouds move in
Closed his window for the rain
It was spring and that meant
That it was gonna storm again

He looked out at the street outside
He saw a man...

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Categories: hunkered, 7th grade, america, gospel,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member A View From A Window
The dawn unfolds beyond my fractured windowpane
and breezes tease while drapes, like serpents, slip aside
exposing worlds that race and run aground, insane,
displaying scenes obscene that savants strive to mask and hide.

Outside, the streets are stark...

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Categories: hunkered, society,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Little Fir Tree
There was a plantation of fir trees
for some unknown reason, most of them
were three to four years old but one,
it was only in its first year of growth.

When Christmas drew near, the loggers came
and started...

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Categories: hunkered, christmas, tree,
Form: Epic
memories of a Green Beret
Memories of a Green Beret

“Where have all the soldiers gone, Long time passing,
Where have all the soldiers gone, Long long time ago,
Where have all the soldiers gone,
Gone to graveyards, every one.
When will they ever learn?

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Categories: hunkered, history, nostalgia, veterans day, violence,
Form: I do not know?
Ability to defecate wildly swings both ways
Ability to defecate wildly swings (both ways)...
between incontinence and constipation

Irritable bowel syndrome i.e.
the former excretory bout I address
the above (polite way to phrase diarrhea)
and avoid moon efficient cheekiness,
yours truly doth buttress,
a literal warranted pain in...

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Categories: hunkered, 12th grade, adventure, desire, health, imagery, recovery
Form: Free verse

Six Men Dead - Part 2
© 2011 (by Jim Sularz)
(The true story of Frank Eaton – AKA “Pistol Pete”)

There’s a saying out West, know by gunslingers best,
that’ll deep six you in a knotty pine casket.
One you should never forget, lest...

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© Jim Sularz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hunkered, history,
Form: Ballad
On Monmouth's Fields, Part II
...He reformed the routing patriots,
formed a line atop a rise, Perrine’s Hill,
brought in General Knox and the artillery,
commanding the mass through sheer force of will.

He needed to buy time for the main force
to march on...

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Categories: hunkered, america, conflict, confusion, england, history, usa, war,
Form: Epic
Halloween Eyes
Elegant in burnt orange afterglow, 
sparkling starlight opens the show.
Neighbors and strangers appear all aroun’, 
porch lights and car lights enlighten the town.

They arrive afoot and atop handlebars.
Tots wave from strollers like famed movie stars.

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Categories: hunkered, candy, children, halloween, holiday, humorous, kid,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Seeking Ghosts
I drove down the boulevard as I did a thousand other times
Passing by the aged blue-gray house - the bachelor's pad across the street
Hunkered down like storm clouds in a mist of yesterday's legacy 

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Categories: hunkered, allegory, celebrity, character, destiny, memory,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Mighty Eye in a Brief Eclipse of Time - Part 2
 Continued from Part 1

The trees, they hang in time and space around me –
trees, which in time before had swayed,
so gently tugged by ocean breezes,
trees, which in time before were lightly lit
with emerald tinted...

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Categories: hunkered, nature, space, time,
Form: I do not know?
Once i stood at the peak of mount 
Observing the red sun and dry winds 
of the Vulcan homeworld
Surveying the vast desert land in a 
cloud of dust
Silently wishing in my heart that it 

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Categories: hunkered, courage
Form: Free verse
Homage to a Soldier

Across the sea in a far off land,
Hunkered down in a bombed out farmhouse, a soldier makes his final stand.
Seriously wounded, but no fear does he show,
As the enemy approaches, he’s locked and...

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Categories: hunkered, devotion, recovery from..., warwife, home, home, may,
Form: Verse
Once i stood at the peak of 
mount seleya
Observing the red sun and dry 
winds of the Vulcan homeworld
Surveying the vast desert land 
in a cloud of dust
Silently wishing in my heart 
that it would...

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Categories: hunkered, science fiction
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cowboy and Aliens
Out on the range and hunkered down
Been out here for a week
The morning cold the range is brown
Mist rising from the creek

A deep roaring sound behind me
I spin around in fear
What I see does astound...

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Categories: hunkered, fantasy,
Form: Ballad
Whoops Yours truly almost ditched the missus
Whoops! Yours truly almost ditched the missus...

Who nearly knocked me upside noggin
property of self anointed Unitarian sheikh
yea... of course by accident, 
nor lame excuse accepted
playing spontaneous hide-and-seek
game, and not exactly romantic technique

to allow, enable and...

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Categories: hunkered, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Two little girls on their way home
One got caught by a grin
The rejected, walked home, alone
While pretty and fast entered sin

A father and son sit at a table
Son is drinking his steal
When confronted with the...

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Categories: hunkered, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Chicago Land- In the Belly of the Beast
                           Chicago Land- In the Belly of the Beast


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© Steve Zak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hunkered, chicago, city, culture, death, murder, poems,
Form: Verse
Ol' Blue
One eye was brown, the other blue,
Australian Shepard his breed-
a workin' dog with one heck of a nip
to the heels a cattle an' steed.

Just a little fur ball when I got him,
but I well remember...

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Categories: hunkered, cowboy-western, loss, pets, dog, blue, blue, dog,
Form: Cowboy
Bedlam Tits and Chinese Takeout

beware the enemy who can
fart your national anthem
it was a mob scene at the microphone
kill him kill him they laughed
nobody wanted to miss the show
a perfect blend of pandemonium and bliss
sound bites took their ears...

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Categories: hunkered, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
My Christmas Tree
As I gaze upon my Christmas tree with the ornaments, glitter, tinsel and snow, I see the many presents scattered around. The shiny star on top catches my eye and I cant help but to...

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Categories: hunkered, blessing, christmas, love,
Form: Prose
Premium Member A Day At The Beach
His day began with "Reveille" blaring from within the bowels of the ship.
Sergeants yelled, "Up and at 'em lads!   We're takin' a little trip!"
He wearily arose from his bunk to don the accoutrements...

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Categories: hunkered, warday, prayer, boat, day, men,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Look! Up In The Sky!
Nothin' should surprise the citizenry in the news reports anymore.
The latest puzzlin' saga occurred today off the California shore!
Look! Up in the sky!  Is it Peter Pan, Superman or a UFO?
Strange that the generals...

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Categories: hunkered, funny
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Tortured Soul
Life was hard and he had lost all that mattered
first his mother who was murdered on her way home.
He watched his Dad unable to cope with her loss
fade away to skin and bones a relief...

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Categories: hunkered, death, drink, health, suicide,
Form: Verse
Spectacular resounding meteorological phenomena
Brilliant light and sound show
not disappointing forecasters promised
outstandingly uproarious performance
powerful winds rage
against the machine
embark to score prestigious

chart chopping hit
pliancy of heavy
boughs sorely tested
ear splitting cacophony
presaged coming fury
within safe shelter of B44,

I hunkered down
analogous to brave...

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Categories: hunkered, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beautiful,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Country Store
Yesterday, I happened upon a quaint, old-time country store.
I felt I was reliving my youth as I trod its squeaky wooden floor!
The sights and smells were familiar when I entered the door.
Memories flooded my soul...

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Categories: hunkered, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme