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Long Hoodoo Poems

Long Hoodoo Poems. Below are the most popular long Hoodoo by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Hoodoo poems by poem length and keyword.

The Obeah Woman
The Obeah Woman

Heavy musty air reeks with the Obeah Woman’s pungent perfume, 
sweat, burnt incense, bitter roots, and swirling black smoke,
dim light from a waning moon streams into the shadowy room;
and mirrors crack as restless...

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Categories: hoodoo, magic, mystery,
Form: Rhyme

Dont Make Me Use Voodoo on You
Well you better treat me good or I will
throw out an ancient Voodoo spell on you
dead men tell no tells especially when
at the bottom of a black water bayou
so you better treat me good, I’m...

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© Bo Lanier  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, magic, moon, relationship,
Form: Free verse
The Woods
No one dare set foot in those woods there 
is evil far beyond our imagination and it's usually
up to no good. Some may call it pure fairy fable but it's
only because they haven't seen but...

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© Cole Beck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, mystery, people, old, may, old,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Clowning Around-..NOT!
The boy was only four years old
but he’d watched Scoobey Doo
Seen them chase many a monsters
who’d escaped at the zoo.

The October sun was soon down.
His parents day was through.
His Mom had hand sewn his costume

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Categories: hoodoo, adventure, childhood, funny
Form: Ballad
Tropical Depresion 12
I can recall that night,
so vividly, still...

The salty ocean air on the 
tip of my tongue
as Atlantic winds blew her
ever closer to me;

and her scent-
a blend of seaweed and sand,
it whispered secrets to me 

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Categories: hoodoo, natural disasters, loss, nature, water, fish, me,
Form: Free verse

Want Black Magic?
Who knew I could do hoodoo?
I been doing voodoo since I was a kid in my room, dude,
Club Metz played with dolls, bruh,
Excentrix loves this nostalgia,
CrashTheGame may have caused these problems,
I don't know...

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Categories: hoodoo, hip hop, imagination, inspirational, magic, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Terrestrial Journals VII
Wearisomes travelers; who is blind and I Am not blind?!

Passing through gildeds secular anathemas open markets 
With countless sonorous voices calling from their ravens, hoodoo booths

Wishing to sell everyone these worldly visions amid obscures


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Categories: hoodoo, hope, life, love,
Form: I do not know?
When the West Was Legend
Few now look back on those times that are gone
When Hoodoo and Rudebaugh rode rough stock;
When Clantons and Cowboys carved out Tombstone
And the West was legend with Wyatt and Doc.

There's Jesse amd Frank and Youngers...

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© Glen Enloe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, nostalgia, remember, , western,
Form: Cowboy
Love Spell
Love Spell.        

By Pippa Gray 

He's the soul for which I wait.
I'll feed him darkest sabre grapes
and lead him to a bed of moss,
with velvet spread and moonstained...

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© Pippa Gray  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Alone Among The Hoodoos
Wandering through the badlands
of the great south western plains
I happen upon a great assembly of
fairy spires, other worldly
wonders of rocky pinnacles
that dot the high desert landscape.

Strange oddities, these creatures
with their solemn, stony faces
staring toward the...

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Categories: hoodoo, anxiety, fear, travel, , western,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hoodoo Sea
Capt'n Jack ‘ere and dead I be
drowned in the Hoodoo Sea.
Fire lit the sky as we sailed by
not far from Bim’ni.

Dey say ders nothin’ strange out der
off de coast of Bim’ni.
But dey’v naught seen de...

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Categories: hoodoo, adventure, fantasy, imagination, mystery
Form: Ballad
21st century Hoodoo man
( to the novelist Arthur Flowers)

Ripened dreadlocks twisted of hope & filth
Ancient crevices trickle through brims of his glasses 
While his callused hands hold mystery & misery,
Any eye could see he’s a man of power

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Categories: hoodoo, hope,
Form: Free verse
Credit Card Hoodoo
Your new bank card is on the way,
praise god for all his/her ways
if you can't beat 'em join 'em (I say)
Oh lord have mercy on me.

Relax  you've got mastercard,
New fan dangles is your fate.

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Categories: hoodoo, abuse, cry, culture, dark, november, silly,
Form: Kyrielle
Out Of Sorts, The Heathen
A wandering heathen
compelled to wander and wonder,
clinging to the subjective notions
and half-baked personal philosophies
that evolve with each new day
and whisper with each pale night.
Away from the Kingdom Hall,
past temples more austere
and churchyards more severe
and cemeteries...

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Categories: hoodoo, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ebenezer's Stone Statues
Who knew that "Hoodoos" were here
Where 50 million year old totems appear?
An 1875 find by Ebenezer Bryce,
Sandstone spires that engage and entice.
Human shaped pinnacles of sediment stone
Ascending from canyon floors, standing alone.
Paiute powers may stir...

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, change, devotion, imagery, inspirational, nature, spiritual, word
Form: Couplet
Total abandonment of better understanding, unspoken fear and
wild eyed in disbelief, shadows in the cemetery, a lovers grief like the image in a broken mirror like a black cat crossing your path, blood stained tears...

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© Bo Lanier  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hoodoo, cat, fear, old,
Form: Free verse