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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boy boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child child abuse
childhood children
chocolate christian
christmas cinco de mayo
cinderella city
class clothes
color columbus day
community computer
confidence conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad daffodils
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
drug earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
endurance engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion fate
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good friday
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
independence day innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational integrity
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor metrical tale
middle school military
miracle mirror
miss you missing
missing you mom
money moon
morning mother
mother daughter mother son
mothers day motivation
mountains moving on
mum murder
muse music
my child my children
mystery myth
mythology name
native american natural disasters
nature new year
new years day new york
nice niece
night nonsense
nostalgia november
nursery rhyme obituary
ocean october
old onomatopoeia
pain paradise
parents paris
parody pashto
passion patriotic
peace people
perspective pets
philosophy places
planet poems
poetess poetry
poets political
pollution poverty
power prayer
prejudice preschool
presidents day pride
princess prison
proposal psychological
purple quinceanera
race racism
rain rainbow
rainforest rap
raven recovery from
red relationship
religion religious
remember remembrance day
repetition retirement
riddle rights
river romance
romantic rose
roses are red rude
sad sad love
satire scary
school science
science fiction sea
seasons self
senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
sky slam
slavery sleep
smart smile
snow soccer
social society
softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
space spanish
spiritual spoken word
sports spring
star stars
storm strength
stress student
success suicide
summer sun
sunset sunshine
surreal sweet
symbolism sympathy
tamil teacher
teachers day technology
teen teenage
thank you thanks
thanksgiving thanksgiving day
tiger time
today together
travel tree
tribute true love
trust truth
universe uplifting
urban urdu
usa vacation
valentines day vanity
veterans day violence
visionary vogon
voice volleyball
voyage war
water weather
wedding wife
wind wine
winter wisdom
woman women
word play words
work world
world war i world war ii
write writing
yellow youth

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Long Poems
Long poem by Michelle Waters | Details

The Outlander

I am an Outlander
Who lives on a high hill
Overlooking a man-made lake
That once was a rapidly rushing river
Along whose banks the Ozarks Bluff Dwellers and the Osage and then Delaware
Hunted, fished, and created shelter
For their families
Where their children ran freely
While red-tailed foxes sneaked softly
Through the forests and the
Wise Night Owl chatted with the
Whispering Whippoorwill.
I am a child of Outlanders
Who came from the North
To live along the banks of the man-made lake
Where a small fishing resort, built by my father,
Nestled at the base of yet another high hill, and from the crest of that hill
The southern arm of the lake could be viewed unhindered.
Miles of blue and white water danced in the afternoon sun.
Between Table Rock Dam on my right and Long Creek Bridge on my left,
The main channel branched off- broke loose- and formed the cove
Which we shared with Dan and Cuba Norris at their dude ranch
Located by the side of the Devil’s Pool-
That ancient, sacred, cleansing spring of the Osage men.
The back waters of the cove edged our front yard.
The steep, timber and rock strewn slopes cloaked the sides and back of the 80 acres that
Mr. Curbow sold to my father shortly before the dam’s completion.
Perched between the wooded areas, and the cedar glade,
A ledge rock served as my look-out, like
A sentinel standing guard over acres of scrubby plants and limestone that my father
Transformed into grassy green patches and rocked-up retaining walls,
Laboring as the pioneer settlers had a century before-
He and my mother, pioneers themselves, carved out a home where
Dogwood and redbud trees scattered themselves amid the cedar.
In the spring, they checkered the hills in pink and white and green. 
Later, verbena, black-eyed Susan, coneflower, milkweed, and Indian paint-brush
Fashioned a palette of ever-changing tones and hues.
I am an Outlander
Who went to school in a small town that
Once was a humming railroad station where
Farmers marketed fruits and vegetables and wild game,
Shipping their goods out of the land from that
Tiny railroad town, snuggly fit among limestone bluffs, the White River, and Turkey Creek.
They tell me, long years ago,
There by the creek, an old woman lived
Who washed her clothes on a rock each Monday,
While her boy played contentedly in the deeper water nearby.
Generations of children splashed gleefully
In that once glistening, iridescent Granny Hole.
I am an Outlander who continues to live in a growing town whose people
Once, only provisionally, greeted the laughter of holiday makers- those
Wealthy sportsmen and their wives
Who stepped off the train
From far off cities
To camp along the water’s edge or
To lazily float the river with Jim Owen in locally crafted Jon boats
Or, having read Mr. Wright’s celebrated novel,
Trekked the rough and rocky roads in search of
Old Matt and Aunt Molly and the shepherd of the hills.
City-dwellers came to embrace, for a time, the goodness of a fading life-style
When native hill folk families gathered neighborly to
Fill the valleys with songs of long ago troubadours.
Outlanders came, time and time again,
To find balance in themselves within the exquisite Ozark hills, and
As did my parents, and those before them,
Many returned to stay.
Pioneers and Transplanted Outlanders
Forging common values and visions for the future
Mutual conservers of the land
I am an Outlander’s daughter who looks out over
These hills and hollows now choked with highway billboard signs, half-empty theatres,
go-cart tracks, and flashing neon lights,
I find myself mourning deeply the invasion of
Greed-driven, treasure-seeking speculators, whose
Coaxing with cunning words triggered an invasion of outsiders
Seemingly unconcerned about preserving the natural or cultural landscape
I watch family farms transform into cheaply-built, cookie-cutter housing hubs- and
I grieve the loss of the quiet, family-owned fishing resorts.
Time-share vacation condos, signature golf courses, and shopping malls have
Swallowed up centuries -old oak trees
 Today’s visitors, looking for faster-paced amusements and thrills,
Arrive in the “Land of a Million Smiles”
Hell-bent on having manufactured family fun and patriotic fervor.
They rush from venue to venue and shop to shop, then
Leave without ever questioning the cost.
Progress rides across the landscape as did the
Bushwhackers and Baldknobbers of old
Assaulting the environment,
Usurping the ambiance, 
Eroding the ecosystem
Deaf- deaf to the living symphony of nature floating softly in the evening sunset.
I am an Outlander who has lived upon these high hills
For more than a half century
Admittedly sharing in the alteration of the environment, regretfully-
But mindful of the historical richness of the land, the need to preserve its character
As does the doe who brings her speckled twins to the clearing in June and the
Turkey hen her brood of bobbing-headed babies marching in single file across my yard.
I watch my grandchildren
Run and laugh and chase fireflies on this ancient slope.
They swim and fish the same waters that shaped the adjacent hillsides eons ago.
Yes, I am an Outlander who lives on a high hill
Overlooking a man-made lake
That may, in time, again become a rapidly rushing river
Along whose banks other Outlanders may come to
Hunt, fish, and seek shelter
For their families.
Hopefully, their children will run freely
While red-tailed foxes sneak softly
Through the forests and the
Wise Night Owl chats with the
Whispering Whippoorwill.
©2010 Michelle Waters

Copyright © Michelle Waters | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Jana Ross | Details

Kitchens are Dirty

It was dark out. The stars shone dimly, and the horizon blushed faintly as the birds sang, too cheery for the hour. A chill swept the edges of all the outside world: not cold enough to be truly considered cold, but far from anything to be called “warm.”
	I turned my key quietly, so as not the wake the absence inside—lest I disturb its slumber, which ever wakes. The light over the stove was still on, as I left it every night when I walked out the door. It gave light to the entire room by it, starting from the kitchen and illuminating all the way to me.
	This shabby little place had not quite taken on its role of being a home yet. I moved in about two years ago, but still have not had time to decorate it more than a picture or centerpiece here and there; though that is not what truly makes a home anyway.
No, this is not a home, because I am alone. Homes are made up of more than one. The dwelling of a singular individual is lacking. Say what you like to disagree, but ‘tis true.  My kitchen sink is far too vacant to truly be a home.
	When I left my Mama’s home, she told me three things to remember: “Love God,” “Don’t marry the man if he drinks,” and “Kitchens are dirty: clean them.” I laughed when she told me that, because our sink was always full of dishes, our countertops perpetuated clutter, and the floors always wanted sweeping. I laughed because I knew there would only be me to clean up after, which wouldn’t be hard, and I found it silly of her to tell me such parting words: “clean the kitchen.” 
There isn’t much to clean now. I wash my dishes after I use them generally. There are times, however, that I will long for a sinkful and either leave my dishes a couple days, or else clean every dish I own…it isn’t the same though, cleaning up after no one else. 
As I wash them, I know every meal that was upon them, how every bite tasted. And no meal stretches further than one plate or bowl, and perhaps a cup. I wash the dishes of ghosts—dishes only dined upon by absence and sometimes dust. I could wash dishes and never have to change the water, because the dishes were empty to begin with, most of them. I don’t even have need to fill the sink, really. It uses more water to do so, than to just soap and rinse my meager usage.

At Mama’s, I always had to wash to dishes, it seemed. Or perhaps it was just that my turn always seemed to come again so soon. For hours, I stood in the kitchen, my belly pressed against the wet countertop and my arms up to the elbows wet, itchy, and covered with suds. 
It took what seemed like all night long to wash the dishes for our whole family, and all the while, it seemed they kept coming. Every few minutes, one of the other children would come in with an empty cup or bowl they’d been using at some point that day, and set it on my counter. Oftentimes, I would stare at them in disbelief as they entered the room to perform this heinous act, knowing I was expected to clean that too. They just looked at me, set down the object of crime, and left, usually some part of them laughing on the inside, because they too, knew the feeling that I was experiencing from this slight interruption, because they’d had the same treatment when it was their turn.

But not to worry (no, no, never worry), there shall be someone someday to come into my life. We shall have dishes for the two of us. Yes, and maybe even a small bowl too after a while, and another, and another. Maybe. But what if this shan’t ever come? I suppose I shouldn’t know the difference really, seeing I’ve never had it, and so should not concern myself with its absence, nor dare even to consider the feeling of a loss. No, I suppose I ought to just continue to wash my dishes and not wish for too much, because wishing is dangerous.
I tried wishing before. When I was a small girl, I used to lie awake for hours, wishing to not hear the things I heard in the night, or seeing the things I saw, or crying the tears I cried. The cries from the other side of the wall, my mother in her ache of this life. The shadows moving across my room as they played out scenes of my demise and the villains who would perform them. Every saline ocean of the floods of the depth of my soul, staining my cheeks and swelling my face for the following days. 
Yes, wishing is dangerous. It fills up the soul with some kind of hope that doesn’t seem to ever come. It strengthens the heart with faith, that is forever in peril of being strangled, shriveled, left to decompose on a sweltering sidewalk, in the middle of August (Ah, but the heat does feel nice; just to lie in the sun and feel the tingling all over my body—that could be nice right now). But wishes want for fruition, and fruit does not always come, no, not for a tree like me.

So, I eat my food, and I wash my plate, and I turn out the light, and I go to sleep.

Copyright © Jana Ross | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Life's Midway Ride

Our body is only a cloak;
seek the one who has dressed you,
heed not the dress.
Midway means nothing to infinity.

When totally immersed in pursuits that you love,
illness and pain won't distract you.
Midway means nothing to infinity.

I wonder why when a bird 
clearly sees the trap laid out for her,
she's still drawn to fly straight in!
Midway means nothing to infinity.
Rumi (M Mafi translation)

Midway means everything present to binomial time,
captured between a polynomial past and  not-so-unpredictably resolving,
resonantly revolutionary,
mutually redemptive (co-arising) future,
where science religions polycultural metrics of infinitely wise and lovely bodies
discovering Interior Landscape's analogical ecology of evolution v. revolution,
competitive Yang v. cooperative YinYin,
diastatically co-arising compost 
mirroring and absorbing Earth's nutrient streams and flows,
functions and (0)-core frequencies 
of energy as life,
development within design,
decomposition implying regenesis,
organically fertile farming
Prime Relationships of loving peace-filled fairness
in and among Beloved Climax Communities.

Space means nothing to Time, as
Midway means nothing to Infinity,
half of timelessness means nothing to eternity,
as Midway equals Polynomial +Left-Deductive
reiteratively dancing with(-)(-)Polynomial (-)Right-Inductive,
as Yang-convex + Yin-concave = [(0)logic Tao]
balances Infinity's Prime Relationship
between Here and Now  cooperative economic ecologic,
meeting Economic Design CQI,
Globally Synergetic Optimization,
Natural System Development Standards
of ecotherapeutic orthopraxis
thermodynamic balance
and electromagnetic 4-equivalent dimensional spacetime Commons function.

Adults grow from children
deep learning prime relationship
between isolating comedic ridicule
and mutually humored information
emerging from both self and other,
confluently sometimes,
while other times only through sustained cognitive dissonance,
hard birthing events,
yet both confluent Yang/Yin harmony
and dissonant Yang-dominance
unveil redemptive merit
for polyparadigmatic comprehension of other complex
discontented love relationships.

Shared joy and beauty and goodness and wisdom
multisystemically regenerate
when polyculturally analyzed and decomposed
discussed and discerned
remembered and reconnected and religioned
reflected and redeemed
with karmic grace intent,
grateful noticing as-is here and now,
cooperatively redemptive practice,
mutually mentoring synergetic design,
incarnating Bodhisattva Messiahs and Prophets,
Teachers who are first EcoTherapeutic Listeners,
thus permaculturing orthopraxisizers.

Zero Space is Infinite Time
at Her best
wisely resonant Beauty
YangBeing what we are YinBecoming-Balanced
diastatically enculturing internal Climax Communities,
both YangJustStrength and YinOrganicBeauty EcoTherapists
enjoying our ride,
avoiding "I am Ego-Special" feelings
if only because catastrophic paranoia and megalomania both grow contagiously sad and angry,
co-falling dusk 
returning to a self-regenerating dream of
Beloved Community Teleology and Orthopraxis
of active peace absorbing issues of lack-of-time fears
such as mortality and death and climatic survival
as something darker than a shadow chasing Infinite Light
and Midway as something other than this revolving ride between
our SuperEco One,
our Love,
our Contentment,
our being and belonging
where Here greets Now greets Here
eternal cooperative economic ecotherapeutic information
redundantly  and inclusively unfolding
binomial/binary un-double-knotting systemic QBit string
of prime fractal-tel-ec(o)metric Beloved Community.

Midway is nothing to Infinity
as (-)(-) balancing information-bits grow everytimely
ecotherapeutic (+) prime Eulerian relationship function,
(0) Core Vector/Vortex Fullerian crystal-fractal spacetime.

Id is nothing to SuperEco
as ego-centrism confluently optimizes resonance
with Right-brained eco-natural systemic encoded DNA/RNA
SuperEco Metric Regenerative Optimization Systems,
both thermodynamic and electromagnetic
co-arising gravity.

Here is nothing to Now
as Now is Comprehensive Co-incident Intelligence
regenerating SuperEco Tao as Western eco-logical Time.

Fear is nothing to Love
as Love loses everything to Fear of Time's Unresolved Absence,
as Absence of Fear encultures
Beloved Communities,
Exterior/Interior Prime (0)-sum Balancing Cooperative Landscapes.

Here means everything to Now
as Midway means nothing to Infinity
unfolding permaculturing past
enfolding polycultural future promise.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Scribbler Of Verses | Details

A Story My Mother Told Me

someone always told me this with tears in her eyes...

(for Lata Sethi's late-mother, who was my mother’s ‘sister’ and who took us all into her heart, and for Lata and Ravi Sethi of Defence Colony, New Delhi)

a wife left South Africa in the 1960’s to join her husband 
who was in exile at the time...

in 1970 the husband was sent by the African National Congress to India to be its representative there...

the husband and wife spent two years in Bombay...

one afternoon the husband fell and broke his leg...

the wife knocked on their neighbour’s door, in an apartment complex in Bombay

the neighbour was an old Punjabi lady...

the wife asked the neighbour for a doctor to see to the injured husband...

a Parsi ‘Bone-Setter’ was promptly summoned...

the husband still recalls his anxiety of seeing ‘Bone-Setter’ written on the Parsi gentleman’s bag...

by the way, the ‘Bone-Setter’ worked his ancient craft and surprisingly for the husband, his broken leg healed quite soon...

but still on that day, while the ‘Bone-Setter’ was seeing to the husband...

the wife and the old Punjabi lady from next door got to talking about this and that and where these new Indian-looking wife and husband were from as their accents were clearly not local...

the wife told the elderly Punjabi lady that the husband worked for the African National Congress of South Africa and had left to serve the ANC from exile...

and that they had left their two children behind in South Africa and that they were now essentially political refugees...

the Punjabi lady broke down and wept uncontrollably...

she told the foreign woman that she too had had to leave her home in Lahore in 1947 and flee to India with only the clothes on her back when the partition of the subcontinent took place and Pakistan was formed and at a time when Hindus from Pakistan fled to India and vice versa...

the Punjabi lady then asked the foreign woman her name...

‘Zubeida’, but you can call me ‘Zubie’...

the Punjabi woman hugged Zubie some more, and the two women, seperated by age and geography, wept, sharing a shared pain...

the Punjabi woman told Zubie that she was her ‘sister’ from that day on, and that she felt that pain of exile and forced migration and what being a refugee felt like...

Zubie and her husband Mosie became the closest of friends with the Hindu Punjabi neighbours who were kicked out of Pakistan by Muslims...

then came the time for Mosie and Zubie to leave for Delhi where the African National Congress office was based...

the elderly Punjabi lady and Mosie and Zubie said their goodbyes...

a year or two later, the elderly Punjabi lady’s daughter Lata married Ravi Sethi and the couple moved to Delhi...

the elderly Punjabi lady called Zubie and told her that her daughter was coming to Delhi to live and that she had told Lata, her daughter that she had a ‘sister’ in Delhi...

Lata and Ravi Sethi then moved to Delhi...

This was in the mid-1970’s...

Lata and Zubie became the closest of friends and that bond stayed true, and stays true till today, though Zubie is no more, and the elderly Punjabi lady is no more...

the son and the husband still have a bond with Lata and Ravi Sethi...

a bond that was forged between Hindu and Muslim and between two continents across the barriers of creed and time...

a bond strong and resilient, forged by the pain and trauma of a shared experience...

and that is why, and I shall never stop believing this, that hope shines still, for with all the talk of this and of that, and of that and of this, there will always be a simple woman, somewhere, anywhere, who would take the ‘other’ in as a sister, a fellow human...

and that is why there will always be hope...
hope in the midst of this and of that and of that and of this...


(for Lata Sethi's late-mother, who was my mother’s ‘sister’ and who took us all into her heart, and for Lata and Ravi Sethi of Defence Colony, New Delhi)

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by Sarah Bryant | Details

Tavira, Algarve, my home town


Tavira is my town
The place I call my home
Rich in history
Much like me
Many secrets does it hold
Ancient times still apparent
Different people now
A different time

How many footsteps have trodden the cobbled streets?
With donkeys or on foot
How many couples once kissed on the seven arch bridge?
Warm tender embraces
How many photographs posed for?
From dawn through till night
Memories locked safe
To reflect, to smile
Making a history of your own

From medieval times to modern day
The river flows silently towards the Oceans mouth
Two rivers twine, the Gilão and the Sequa  
No one knows why it has two names
Another secret never to be told
Tavira is a town to find yourself
To discover, to explore
To sit beside the river
Peaceful and serene
Enjoy an expresso in the brilliant sunshine
Or relax in the shadow
And dream

My town has many churches
37 so I hear
Glorious magnificence on display
The carvings of another life on the walls
Depicting the life of Jesus for us to see
The Igreja da Misericórdia
Said to be the best
But there are many to admire for sure
Structures centuries old
A place of prayer
A holy site 
Speak to God in his own home
Feel welcomed, arms embrace

Walk up worn steps to the top of the town 
Draw pure fresh air down into your lungs
“The view of Tavira” awaits silently
For that first gasp as you see what it hides 
Visit the restaurant of the same name
“A Ver Tavira” for that special treat
Magnificent views of the river and town displayed below
Whilst you wine and dine your loved ones 
Romantic and inspirational
Feel the tranquillity
Feel vigorous and strong
The world is out there waiting to be grasped
Reach out your hands and touch it
It’s there

Nearby we are proud of our castle
Tavira boasts one of its own
With a gate fit for a king
King Manuel I was the first to walk through
In the 13th century, long ago
Preserved and protected
On display for us to admire
Take a step back in history
Feel the ambience, feel alive

Ilha da Tavira, the island of golden sands
Lining the glistening ocean
The gentle waves lapping your feet
Inviting into its swell
A scene of pure sanctity
What better place to contemplate
To dream, be yourself
Make castles in the sand

Tavira has plenty of seating
Benches are dotted around the town
Socialising a way of life here
Happy faces, laughter
Affectionate greetings, emotional goodbyes
Families visiting relatives
Holidaymakers enjoying the atmosphere
Tavira staying in their hearts forever

Restaurants are full
Serving local cuisine
Octopus the speciality here
Not to all tastes I admit
But the choices are plenty
Fish freshly caught is a must
As is medronho, or firewater as it is known
One quick shot, straight down in one
Warms your heart in a different way

Small cafes are thriving too
Tables filled with wine, beer and coffee
Outside the streets are flourishing
Musicians presenting their talent
Stalls line the streets in the summer
Selling trinkets and local goods
If shopping’s your thing you’re in luck
There are many to choose from here
From jewels of the finest kind
Or an ashtray as a souvenir 

Turtles guard the bandstand
Silently they watch
This bustling town full of people
Its history never forgotten
Many statues stand proud and tall
The monument in Praça da Republica
Remembering the First World War
A permanent legacy to them
And to others who fought and returned

With Cabanas to the east
Santa Luzia to the west 
Tavira sits in the middle
A secret uncovered
It surrounds you like the biggest hug
A town where hopes and dreams are achieved 
Memories made and kept forever

The secrets I will keep safe
Make my own history and recreate
In the heart of the Algarve is Tavira
In my heart it will stay
A special place
Much like me
Tavira is the place to be
Tavira is my home

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Briana Lynn Minard-Adler | Details

Bradlee Joe Rasmussen

Bradlee Joe is mine, he's always been mine,
The younger brother of David Authur Rasmussen Jr.,
Those gorgeous brown eyes staring at me, natural hair color,
That's brown; just like his brothers, but he dyed it blonde.<3
That gorgeous angel face, I think of him everyday all day, think of,
Those memories, that smile, that laugh, that voice, those strong arms,
The strong arms that hold me, just like his brother used to.
The sweet things he says to me, those precious eyes look into,
Into mine, the way he runs his fingers through my hair, the way he tickles me,
The way we play wrestle, the way we talk, the way we look at each other.
Eyes full of wonder, wonder how long we'll stay together, then he says,
He says "Baby we'll stay forever", and I believe every word he says,
My God if he only knew, knew how he makes my heart pound, the way,
The way it's just so easy to talk to him, man I can tell him anything, and I know,
I know that he'll keep it a secret, that's why I trust him with everything,
Everything inside of me. Everytime he asks me if I wanna start,
Start over with him, I always say yes, because I love him!!
No matter how much he hurts, I'll always love him, I do, because,
Because I know it's real, I love him with everything inside of me,
I want to wake up next to him everymorning and fall asleep,
Fall asleep in his arms everynight, say "I do" to him, have his,
Have his children, be in love forever, my God I've never felt this way before.
I fell for him the first moment I saw his gorgeous smile light,
Up that dark lunch room, the way you hugged me tight, exchanged,
Exchanged numbers with each other, and the way we talked on the phone for hours on end,
Oh how I wished for you to be mine, How I still wish to change,
Change my name to Briana Lynn Rasmussen.
Babe I can't inagine a world where you don't exsist, babe without you,
Without you I'd honestly die.
The son of David Authur Rasmussen Sr. and Sandi Rasmussen,
The brother of David Authur Rasmussen Jr, and Cheyeene Rasmussen,
The cousin of Kenneth Michael Hampton, better known as Mikey :) You have
Have a older bro, a younger sister & brother, and you have you,
Father's eyes, your brother's strength, your mother's beauty, and your crazy,
Crazy sense of humor.
With you I can't stop smiling, laughing and giggling.
Babe I am finally home, it's been a long time, and I am glad you kept the bed warm for me,
My home is with you, it's the only place where I belong, and babe I am so glad to be home.
I love your curly hair, I love the way you hold me, the way you kiss me, the way yoy,
You love me.
I love everything you do, and everything about you,
Babe I really do hope that day comes where we say "I do."
Hell I'd do it right now if I could, if you wanted me the same.
I want to be the mother of your children, I want to be the on;y woman you come home to,
Come home to after work, the one you give sweet kisses to, and the one you tell,
Tell me about your day, the one who wants to fall asleep in your arms, and 
Wake up in your arms with my head on your chest, see your sweet smile everyday,
Hear the words "Good Morning Baby, how'd you sleep?"
I'd reply sleepily "Great, how bout you Angel?" I love everything about you, everything
Everything you say, babe I love the fire in your eyes, the way you are protective over me,
The way you fight for me.
Babe I just wanna be your forever, and when we die baby,
I want to be laidto rest next to you, or with you in the same casket, because,
Because I'm only me when I'm with you, you are the only one who keeps me warm, The only one
Only one who makes me feel like I am home, like I'm finally alive,
Like I'm finally me, babe you are my better half and really honestly,
I've been so lost without you, and I am so glad to be back home.

Copyright © Briana Lynn Minard-Adler | Year Posted 2012

Long poem by Cindi Rockwell | Details


My parents had both passed and I felt orphaned, alone --
Although I was married and lived hours away with a family of my own.
And today was a day I had dreaded for months
Silently traveling the green miles leading to my childhood home.

Time to clear out the house, and put "some lipstick on the pig."
As we pulled up my husband just groaned
"Lawn's shaggy, paint's peeling, one shutter is gone . . ."
His voice faded out as my thirsty heart drank this portrait of home.

Suddenly, I was five again. The grass was being cut by my dad using a mechanical push mower. It was high from all the rain that week -- bad for him but good for me as my bare feet enthusiastically stomped through every lukewarm puddle left on the driveway.

He'd cheer up from one of the mud pies I fashioned
And baked on the scalding blacktop in the afternoon heat
While I played "statue" on the front lawn
Trying to stay perfectly still in a pose that would convince passing traffic I was lawn art.

"C'mon, let's get this over with." 
My husband's sweet invitation to enter the house brought me back quickly to the task at hand. 
The peeling paint let patches of long dated color show through,
all the way back to the fire-engine red I picked myself.

The door crashed to the floor as the last hinge gave way and my husband muttered an expletive, but I didn't hear it.
I was already turning around in front of the ornate gold- framed mirror in the hallway.
Each turn a different look --Homecoming, Prom, Wedding --
no occasion was complete without a once-over in the mirror.

I followed my husband down the hall to the den, he noticed the stench of old cigars and bourbon.
I, however, heard my dad screaming at the TV, reading the Sunday paper, and telling a giggly me, hiding behind the curtains in my best Nancy Drew impression, that he did it with a candlestick in the library.
Silly daddy! We don't have a library! 
Then he would laugh; deep, hearty laughter worthy of an ancient god.

Smiling, I stepped into the kitchen. Linoleum worn at the stove and at the sink, since momma spent most hours there.
Her huge apron collection hung limply on pegs along the wall. 
Funny how I always thought they were so bright and lively and fun, but without her, they were just rags. 
The table was set for four -- not because four were coming but because there was always room if they did.

I was in my head smelling momma's chicken and crust
And trying not to smell her creamed corn -- which I detested.
My brother would grab a spoonful from my plate when my parents weren't looking making us chuckle,
and his attempt not to sent creamy corn shooting out his nose.

I was quietly laughing with tears streaming down my face.
My husband walked up, wrapped his arms around me, and told me he knew it was hard.
He said the house was old and ugly, wallpaper everywhere
(The pink roses in my old room I picked out when I was 10.)

"Every floor, every wall, the roof, the foundation; all need to be replaced or repaired.
I suggest we just demolish it and get rid of this ugly eyesore before the city does it for us."
I looked at him with the last droplets of moisture still clinging to my eyes.
"Demolish it, honey. But know that this, right here, will always be the most beautiful palace on earth."

"But, having married a prince from another town, I was happy to move, and still am.
I pray that the prince and princess we have raised will always feel the same about their "home" castle.
Because it's not the condition of the lawn, the sagging doors or outdated wallpaper that make a house a home -- they are but a disguise.
It is the quality of the love that holds a home together that is the real beauty contained in any four walls, my love."


Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Keith Trestrail | Details

Ballad of Trinidad

 Remember when days were long
   and all de children do is play:
 or how de burnin sun hot like fire
   and snow cone ice melt away,
 when I was a wee lad in Trinidad

 And licks fuh so in de bam bam
   if I do or say I right when I wrong!
 Playin cricket in de front yard
   in ragged shirt and watchicong,
 wit my bat and pad in Trinidad

 Hear de dogs of Independence,
  "masser's day has come" dey bark,
 and snarl "now we in charge!"
   But all dey do is fete and skylark,
 dats why tings bad in Trinidad

 Den me faddah "really speakin"...
   and me muddah, how she grieve:
"aye yah yie, it time to vamoose...
   oh crime...it time to leave",
 dat all hell gone mad in Trinidad

 I say to she "yuh makin joke!
   Mummy, what is dis tomfoolery?"
 Man, next ting I know I on a boat
   past de Bocas headin out to sea,
 and I was sad to leave Trinidad

 Dey get vex and riot in de street,
   trow stick, pelt stone, and cuss;
 shout "Black Power...Malcolm X..."
   PNM say "why all yuh makin fuss?"
 But tings get real bad in Trinidad

 Trinis start to swell up dey face
   and ax demself "is all yuh fuh real?"
 Criminals was skinnin dey teet
   burnin and lootin lookin to steal -
 destroyin what we had in Trinidad

 But I would from my exile return
   de land of rapso, kaiso, and calypso!
 Where de panman play, "padna"
   and de Cahneeval jumpin fuh so,
 den I was glad to see Trinidad

 Back to limin on sandy beach
   wit buss-up and shark 'n bake...
 drinkin rum, Carib, and Stag spyin
   all de girls backside shake!
 Girls sweet too bad in Trinidad

 If yuh see party fuh so in East
   or fete in de village dong Sout;
 and Jouvay dawn at Pelican Inn
   till Road March jump and shout,
 dis is de lime I had in Trinidad

 Me faddah, he like de ole talk,
   de ghost of Jumbie Bridge in he head.
"Murder!" He laugh at all dem Trinis
   and how dey all "fraid de dead!"
 in Big Bertha clad from Trinidad

 He tink of tings back home like
   when de plum and de mango ripe;
"jeez-an-wrinkles!" He bol face say
   how "crapo smoke yuh pipe!"
 God bless my dad from Trinidad

 Man, he steups so and he say "boy,
   Trinidad full of ba'john and ole tief!
 Riddled wit crime and corruption...
   warahouns in charge, good grief!"
 And for all dis I sad for Trinidad

 Me muddah too, she say to me
  "hold strain and calm yuhself chile!"
 She say "son, doh be a saga boy,
   doh flash and doh make style"
 lest you be a cad from Trinidad

 Man, de whole place gone to hell
   and dey doh know how to fix she;
 all de younger generation fuhget 
   what it mean to be a Trini -
 to be proud and glad in Trinidad

 Now dey pull out cutlass and gun
   if on dey tail yuh lash out and cuff!
 Man, dese days no-one safe at all,
   Trins fed-up and had enough!
 How tings get so mad in Trinidad

 All yuh in T 'n T so blasted vex
   at de government and Manning,
 but in trute yuh still like to fete
   and drink and lime and ting,
 den bawl bobbol bad in Trinidad

 It jus like back in de Canboulay
   when de lawless slaves run wild,
 or in de dark days of rebellion
   and uprisin when I was a child,
 when tings went rad in Trinidad

 A pelau or buljol in yuh mout -
   sorrel, mauby, or a ginger beers;
 gimme pastelle and ponchecrema 
   from Christmas to Ole Years!
 Dis is de taste I had of Trinidad

 De Spanish come, de French too -
   boy, de British dey bring a queen:
 dat was way back when dis island
   was de jewel of de Caribbean,
 way before I was a lad in Trinidad


              January 2009


Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

Long poem by Richard Lamoureux | Details

A Man and the Moon Prose Version

Sebastian looked at the moon, the source of his inspiration. When the Moon appeared in its silvery glory, he was profoundly moved to write. Sadly he could only write during a full moon. This was a problem which perplexed him. He had waited many days for the full Moon to appear so that he could put his plan into action.

When Sebastian would write a poem during the full Moon his readers would be moved to tears. His prose had wooed many a young heart, his songs had been sung to princesses. Countless women had named their children in honor of him. His words were distilled romance with power beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. The problem however was that Sebastian was unable to meet the demand. Strong men would beg for but a few lines to capture their true loves heart. Without the Moon, when Sebastian would try to write it felt like his tongue was wrapped around his hand. Nothing flowed little made sense, he was like an inexperienced teen unfamiliar with the ways of love. How Sebastian longed for the Moon during those long nights.

So here he was with his enchanted pen in hand, at the end of the pen was a golden strand. Sebastian went out to capture the Moon. He swung the pen in large loops over his head releasing it with tremendous force. The pen hurtled towards its target the tip of the fountain pen struck the centre of the Moon sinking deep into its surface. Sebastian pulled with all his might each movement of his hand brought his prize closer and closer. As the moon came closer there was no evidence it was increasing in size. Once the moon was in hand it fit perfectly in his pocket. Sebastian felt gleeful as he carried the Moon into his home, everything was going according to his plan.

Once inside he removed the Moon from his pocket and bathed in it's other worldly light. As Sebastian dislodged his pen from the surface it began to drip with the Moon's tears. Magnificent lines beyond anything he had ever hoped. Songs, poems, prose, the mysteries of the ages flowing onto his pages day after day year after year. His home overflowed with his treasures, the realization of his poetic dreams.

Still he had no joy, no one knocked on his door. Lovers could not walk in the Moonlight, wolves couldn't bay at the Moon. Romance was no longer in the air. The night was a thing to be feared. Sailors could not find their ways home, if they did their lovers no longer waited for their return. Some refer to this as the Dark Ages. Art creativity had all but dissapeared. The Oceans stood still with no Moon to guide the tides. Meanwhile Sebastian continued to write.

The Moon asked to see the Ocean so Sebastian took it for a walk. As they walked along a lonely secluded beach the Moon began to increase in size. The Moon summoned the Ocean to it's rescue. A huge wave came up on shore plucking the moon from Sebastian's hand. As the Moon was floating out to Sea Sebastian swam out to reclaim his treasure. Sebastian jumped on the Moon as a gigantic hand like wave tossed the Moon back into space. As the moon traveled back to its home it became larger and larger brightening the nights sky. Lovers came out to kiss captivated by the silvery glow.  If they look close they can see a man with a fountain pen held in his hand. Wolves cry for him as they bay at the moon.

On the Moon Sebastian sits all alone with his fountain pen in hand, he fills the pen with his tears. He longs to write the words trapped in his heart yet there is not a page in site. Even if there was there is no one to read his words or to sing his songs. The Moon was once his Muse and then his greatest prize. Now it is his prison for the rest of time.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by John Hamilton | Details

Formula one poetry

Formula One Poetry

Adverbs on your Mark!

Nouns get ready!

Verbs and prepositions get set!

There's the green light and they're off!

All words accelerating at an astonishing speed!

the crowd goes wild 

at the roar of the sound

of accelerating words. 

Nouns and adverbs and verbs

advancing with prepositions 

following closely behind.

Hold on to your hats, 

and fasten your seat belts, folks,

this is going to be one long sentence, 

a wild race to the finished line.

Three words pull away from the pack 

and the clear leader

is Jim, followed closely by 

House in 2nd place,

they are moving at an amazing speed

now moving up into 3rd is Buys an

Buys an, Buys an, accelerating making a

bold move on House, on a hair pin turn,


cuts in front of House, 

House has to slam

on the brakes to avoid 

a collision of words...

House is obviously infuriated 

with Buys an,

as he interjected between Jim, and House

in such a reckless manner.

And so we have our top 3 leaders

Jim in 1st place,

Buys an, in 2nd place 

and following closely 

waiting to make his move is House

in 3rd place.

Wow! We can see 

this sentence coming together

as we start the 3rd lap...

what spectacular action folks, 

who knows how this sentence 

will end at the finished line!!

Now look who appears on the scene!

it's Better, Better now moves

into 4th place, behind House

House sees him coming 

looking over his shoulder

anticipating his move

but looks like House 

has some trouble keeping the pace 

as Better, accelerates and 

makes his move

and has no problem

in passing House.

Looks like House, is having 

some kind of mechanical trouble

but is holding on.

So we have our leaders:

Jim is in 1st, Buys an, is in 2nd

Better, has now moved into 3rd

with House trailing in 4th position.

After 4 laps the sentence is taking shape

with Jim securing his lead, 

and setting a blisteringly fast pace 

with no rival to usurp

his position.

Now look who appears in 5th place 

challenging House, it's Even,

Even is moving at an incredible speed

Even passes House with ease 

and now looks to challenge

Better, Better, better watch out!

Even, pulls even with Better, 

but Better...

thinks he's better, 

and won't quit.

Even has even more power 

and surpasses 

even better than Better.

Wow what a race! 

As words jockey for position,

there is a bitter rivalry between

Even, and Better, however this time

Even has gained the upper hand.

So our leader is still Jim in 1st

Buys an, is comfortably in 2nd,

Even, moves into 3rd, 

and Better slides back into 4th

with House following in 5th place,

but who knows if House can hold on
as we now see smoke billowing out

from the back of House.

Who knows how long House will last

or even if it will make it to the finished line.

Now look who appears as we enter the 5th lap!

it's Than, and Than is closely followed by Bob.

Than and Bob accelerating,

pursuing the pack,

and catching up to the leaders 

as we head to the final stretch

heading to the finished line.

No one can catch Jim 

as his noun is just too powerful 

on this day!

And there you have it folks 

the checkered flag 

and the winners in order are

1. Jim
2. Buys an
3. Even
4. Better
5. House
6. Than
7. Bob

What a competition! And the race goes on!
What will Bob do now!

John Derek Hamilton
August 2, 2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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