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Long Gar Poems

Long Gar Poems. Below are the most popular long Gar by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Gar poems by poem length and keyword.

Adieu Dental Floss And Toothbrush
(21st century pearly white prosthetics,
restored jaw bar wah key) 

Aye noel hunger bristle,
and when false teeth soak at night 
     in tandem with stubby facial gristle
har reckon noah kisses

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Categories: gar, 11th grade, 12th grade, farewell, grief, hyperbole,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Premium Member ECCENTRIC MINTS - 150 varieties
1.	Abolish Mints
2.	Abut Mints
3.	Accomplish Mints
4.	Accouter Mints
5.	Acknowledge Mints
6.	Ada Mints
7.	Adjust Mints
8.	Admonish Mints
9.	Adorn Mints
10.	Advance Mints
11.	Advertise Mints
12.	Agree Mints
13.	Ail Mints
14.	Align Mints
15.	Announce Mints
16.	Annul Mints
17.	Apart Mints
18.	Appease Mints 
19.	Appoint Mints
20.	Arma Mints
21.	Argu Mints
22.	Arrange Mints
23.	Assess Mints
24.	Astonish Mints
25.	Atone Mints
26.	Attain Mints
27.	Banish Mints
28.	Battle Mints
29.	Befuddle Mints
30.	Bereve Mints
31.	Better Mints
32.	Bewilder Mints
33.	Blandish Mints
34.	Command...

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Categories: gar, humor, word play,
Form: List
Premium Member O Witless Quill

"O Witless Quill"

O witless quill
sharply dipped in smiles leering
joust they your words
on their egos competing
galloping black stallions, see them fall
shiny armour felled knights
and petulant proud Queens now all shiny amour, in their saddles riding

Merry rogers

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Categories: gar, dark, imagery, journey, light, mystery, psychological, word
Form: Free verse
Charlexes Fabels
A Mexican sweat is just a teepee with a fire made hotter and a rock placed where 
you can pour the water on the hot rock to make some steam come up and they...

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Categories: gar, on work and working, people, places, science
Form: Prose Poetry
The Bayou

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Categories: gar, beauty, endurance, nature,
Form: Free verse

Trying To Access Mine Excel Lent
Trying To Access Mine Excel Lent...
Pow War Full Pointed Outlook

As I ponder what to write
today august thirtieth
      two thousand eighteen,
     thy ploy doth in vite
a gamut...

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Categories: gar, 11th grade, 9th grade, hello, integrity, introspection,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
"I come to the gar~den...alone...
While the dew is still...on the...roses.."
    ...did that rose just move???
"And the voice I hear...
.....WHAT was that???


"Whose there?
Now I know you're there
I don't easily scare
Jesus is least...

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Categories: gar, fear, love,
Form: Free verse
My Hindi Song- The Tune Which You Are Listening

My Hindi Song in Hindi & in English

Title- The Tune Which You Are Listening

In Hindi-
ye jo dhun tum sun rahe, 
ye bun degee sapane, 
saare ke saare tumhaare.
In English-
The tune, which you are listening
Would weave,

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Categories: gar, inspirational, song,
Form: Free verse
Shayad Usko Bhi Mujhse Mohabaat Hai
Ek ajeeb si khushi hai aaj dil mein,
Mudaton baad itna sukun mila hai,
Har baat pe hasne ko jee chahta hai,
Shayad usko bhi mujhse mohabaat hai.

Sab k ghunaho ko maaf kiya,
Jisne b di thi takleefein, unko...

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Categories: gar, emotions, fantasy, fate, feelings, first love, i
Form: ABC
I thought for this'n I be a dodger,
But the Cap'n told me to hoist the Jolly Roger.

Skull 'n Bones on Black in the air,
Ye know, matey, that I be thar.

Me peg leg be a clompin'...

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Categories: gar, adventure, imagination, introspection, peopleme, me,
Form: Couplet
Nina Parmenter, In An Arp Me Tern
I'm flattered by Nina but need to take her to the cleaners,
and splat her inbetweeners with fluid from wieners.
Don't mock or beat down Bath when you're Bristolian,
you were all conceived in a seat in the...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gar, humorous, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Nostalgia For Yesteryear Of Boyhood
(alternately titled: whipping and pommel ling 
das soar addle brain) 

My most recent deuce score 
     plus three bajillion ban
an nah ram ma orbitz
 squared bob sponge pants 

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Categories: gar, 10th grade, 12th grade, humor, inspirational, muse,
Form: Free verse
What Happened To My Sex Drive
(sung – in a round pussy willow warble - to the tune of -- 
Oh Where Oh Where has my little dog gone)

With a flam boy hunt deft jais nais sais quois 
firm lickey split...

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Categories: gar, age, appreciation, blessing, color, emotions, fate, irony,
Form: I do not know?
Key Knees Zion Echo Gnome Mix
(lesson taught during the foggy night
of December 29th, 2018)

Right there on the driver side
front seat of locked car
(2009 Hyundai Sonata
if that adds mar
soup pea el uber lyft, heft,
distraction, et cetera),

but may as well
bajillion miles afar

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Categories: gar, anger, endurance, fate, grief, hero, mentor, self,
Form: Free verse
Godzilla's Rippa Summer
Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE

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© Thomas Hsi  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gar, allah, best friend, boyfriend, celebrity, sea,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Killifish
I've got a dish of killifish
I wish to eat that silly fish
Baked, or fried in peanut oil
Roasted, dried, or let to boil.

Make me a star-gazy pie
Take me to the Catfish Fry
Lead me to the China...

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Categories: gar, animal, fish, fishing, food, funny, sea, word
Form: Rhyme
Rukna bhi zaroori hai
Chalna fitrat me h tumhari
Chalna shayad tumhara shauk hai
Par chalte chalte jab wo nazuk se pair  thak jate hai
Tab na Jane kyun rukne ka tumhe khauf hai.

Shayad tum ghabrate ho,
Ki agar aj me ruk...

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Categories: gar, devotion, faith, hindi, hope,
Form: Rhyme
on global extinction of the species part 2

and since we are sailing in formation, to the same destination
i wonder if, perchance, we could get together kind of soon
for an oiled, and friendly conversation
'bout what we'd like to be, someday, say by..... about...

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Categories: gar, political
Form: Prose Poetry




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Categories: gar, mother,
Form: I do not know?
ye kaisi kashmakash
Door tujh se reh nahi sakti
paas tere aa nahi sakti
mohabbat tuujh se karni thi muqaddar mei
par teri mohabbat mai paa nahi sakti

tera har shikwa har shikayat
mujhe sab manzoor hai
jaa keh de zamane se ki

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Categories: gar, hindi, i miss you, loneliness, urdu,
Form: Nazm
Premium Member Allitabecedimericks
An amateur archer, Antoine,
Bodaciously bragged beastly brawn.
Crushed counterparts,
Dispatched deadly darts,
Electrified everyone!

Fly fisherman Freddy flung far.
Gadzooks! Great gobbling gar!
He hooked half-heartedly,
Inverted inartfully,
Jettisoned jumbled jig jar!

Kenneth keeps kitchen knives keen
Love’s labors leave lanky, lean
Mills metal mightily
Nibbles Nightly

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: gar, silly,
Form: Abecedarian
Ek haseen jhieel, Jhieel Saif-ul-Mulook poetry by Rabia Iqbal Rabi
Ek haseen jhieel, jhieel saif-ul-mulook,ik muraqqae husn-o-jamal
khubsurat wadyoon ke darmeeyan,jari hae ik silsila-e-rang-o-noor
dhekhye aur dekhte reh jaeye,gherey nele panioon main phela hai
had-e-nazar, pur sokoon se jhieel pe jhilmelata aks-e-aasman
lagta hae jesey kise shaer ka ho...

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Categories: gar, beauty,
Form: Nazm
Dil bardashta hoye hum to
Dil bardaashta hoye hum to koi mazaa nahi hai jeenay me,
Sabhi kamaan liye phirtey hain teer pewast hoye hain seenay me,

Dam ba dam barhte hoye becheni ajab toofan ki se khamoshee,
Abhi gardaab me bhi phaasna...

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Categories: gar, dark, sorrow,
Form: Ghazal
Aj Kal
Be matlab kon pyar jatata hai aj kal,
Har koi waqti sath nibhata hai aj kal,

Bhaatke ho'on ko raah dikhane ke aarh me,
Har koi raah apni banata hai aj kal,

Miltay hain sabhi pyar se gar waqt...

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Categories: gar, sad, society,
Form: Ghazal
Qeyamat hai bahaar ab ke baras apne gulistaan ki
Qeyamat hai bahaar ab ke baras apne gulistaan ki
Gulon mein kaifiyat paida hui khaar-e-bayabaan ki
Jo baham andaleeban-e-chaman dast-o-gareeban hain
To aisi kashmakash mein fikr hai kisko gulistaan ki
Raha ab aur kya baaqi zawaal-e-admiyyat mein
Ki teenat ho...

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Categories: gar, urdu,
Form: Ghazal