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Long Father daughter Poems

Long Father daughter Poems. Below are the most popular long Father daughter by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Father daughter poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Night I Grew Up
Dad, I remember well the night I grew up. 
I know you remember that night too...
   I know you never forgot this happening:
It was 1966, an early Fall night, around 10:30...

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Categories: 9th grade, brother, confusion, father daughter, father
Form: Bio

Love, Death, and Rebirth
The signs started in December
When she started waking up in tears each night
She was a normal girl with dark brown hair and darker brown eyes
She had plenty of friends and a loving family with just...

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Categories: father daughter, angst, beautiful, beauty, child, cry, dad, daughter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member WHY ALZHEIMER S
Why Alzheimer's

Sitting blank with nothing to think on my mind
Feels like a dry well in my head.
Nothing old or new under my sun.
Thirsty for knowledge of anykind;
I keep Pumping until there is a drip,
I stick...

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Categories: anger, daughter, evil, farewell, father daughter, judgement,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Hope-and a father is could be
Hope and…a father is could be 

Against all odds and expectations
so many rules and norms and
clever theories society’s demands
cultures and conventions there is
no magic wand no miracle solution

I throw you high up in the air

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Categories: childhood, fantasy, father daughter, father son,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Forever Tracey-She Never Stopped Loving Me
I was born before her-
but she existed 
long before my life's debut.
Ancient Spirit.......
Old Soul!....Really Old Soul!
The "Great I AM"
knows her as "Tracey, You AM!"
As a young girl she was giving advice
to adults.......
they would listen and...

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Categories: daughter, father daughter, god, growing up, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member This day is Bright Thoughts take Flight
This day is Bright ! 
Thoughts take Flight .

Music – the companion of my soul !
Books – the confidants to my mind !
Daughters – the reasons for life to know
more than experience has allowed me...

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Categories: father daughter, daughter,
Form: Rhyme
This Is Where The Money Is
I circled around the park three times and continue journeying towards the west
On my first cycle I met a couple sitting on the corner watching me like big brother
The young man shouted at me in...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, education, endurance, environment, father daughter,
Form: Narrative
The Window
She stares at the paper not a word comes to write
Surrounded by peace on a dark rainy night.
Like the page in her notebook her mind remains clear.
Not a word to be written, her pen she...

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Categories: childhood, father daughter, memory, together,
Form: Free verse
It was a bright sunny day, though mixed with scattered sprinkles of snow, 
The Lord had a special soul yet to be given a name this November morning and so…………..
Looking down upon his mother earth,

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Categories: father daughter, drug,
Form: Rhyme royal
Premium Member Megan's Hit
        MEGAN'S HIT
There on the deck, I took a practice swing
tormented in the possiblity--
then hope was dashed--I found no hope to bring
up to the plate, when Ump cried...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: father daughter, adventure, baseball, child, childhood, daughter, family, father
Form: Sonnet
Axeman Cometh
woo hoo. Donald Duck film at school today.
I'm so happy I'm five, cause now I get to do
all the fun things at school.

Donald showed me what to do if a fire comes to my house

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Categories: child abuse, father daughter, fear,
Form: Bio
A Game Of Thorns - Collaboration with Maurice Yvonne

i heard a...what do they say...a spine chilling scream that the saying?

a spine chilling scream
followed by

'he's dead, my G_d he's dead'

the phrase echoed 
inside the whole of me
like tennis balls bouncing between two parallel walls


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© Carol B.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, bereavement, body, boyfriend, father daughter, loss,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member To My Oldest Daughter On Her 36th Birthday
To My Dearest Daughter, Sommer ...

When I was growing up love seemed a very elusive and capricious thing, and I spent more time just trying to understand it than I did actually looking for it,...

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Categories: child, father daughter, love,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Approbation Deeded Gratuitously Just Because
Approbation Deeded Gratuitously Just Because...

(this endeavor more self directed to progeny,
whose psyche wounded, strafed, and nicked.)

Incumbent upon me own
     purring impetus, a sincere
desire arose NOT to ask

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Categories: 11th grade, farewell, father, father daughter, giving,
Form: Elegy

When I was just a little girl, I stared into my mother’s
eyes, and asked with a serious look, "What is Love" Much to my
mother’s surprise, I was only five, but she answered.

 Love is the
feeling that...

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Categories: faith, father daughter, love, poems, poetry,
Form: Sonnet
Oh my dog, another yesterday May 23rd 2020 spent inside
Oh my dog, another yesterday (May 23rd, 2020) spent inside

Anomalous earthling inhabited 
mancave quarantined
cocooned gamesomely 
knowingly protected travesty
impossible mission sidestepping, 
thwarting, zapping
eventuality, inevitability, 

opportunity utilitarian death
crowning glory fêted within 
netherlands immortality
granted courtesy biological 
proliferation offspring...

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Categories: adventure, celebration, father daughter, forgiveness, i miss
Form: Free verse
High School Sadness Sans Shana Aubrey Harris - part one half
Subtitled: A Quiz Sic Hull Emotionally Test Ting Senior Event
Valedictorian treads across makeshift platform 
   i.e. most likely auditorium stage
marked by pronounced hushed audience, 
   who exude a collective sigh...

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Categories: celebration, class, dedication, father daughter, february, freedom,
Form: Ballad
Steel Bars
Tried to trace this man, 
studied the case and had my plan, 
a soul is whispering from somewhere
asking for help, I said, back off !!!

But a call is a call
it searches my soul and being,...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, bullying, father daughter, freedom, grave,
Form: Narrative
My Ray of Sunshine
Its said that when we enter a calmer mindstate(mediatate),
We let all the positive energies penetrate ! 
Today i had few of such moments,
Where I had thought of myself in the current state,,,yeah it had relevance,

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Categories: cheer up, faith, father daughter, hero, how
Form: Lyric
The Babaji Wheelbarrow
It was a dry, dusty day when I saw the wheelbarrow, with long handles made of dark wood. 
The wheel is struggling as it carries its burden, but it manages the job that it should....

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Categories: bereavement, children, conflict, dad, father daughter, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Learning How To Live Courtesy
Learning  How To Live...Courtesy, 
Sans Priceless Paternal Experiences
Bequeathed To This Papa From Precious Progeny

The greatest gift cherished, garnered, lamented...,
yet simultaneously recognized as utmost prized
constitutes mine declaration, that both benevolent
daughters (now metaphorically inflight) took wing

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Categories: father daughter, absence, age, angel, anger, cry, daughter, father
Form: Ode
Premium Member The Drowning Machine

"The Drowning Machine"

Pulled from my mouth
a string of raw gold to build a tower
built from one understanding
a united ziggurat of words sucked
backwards played before broken mirrors
translated anti-clockwise slow speed all that babel
an alter laid down...

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Categories: father daughter, dark, psychological, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Santa Claus
Sitting in the back seat of the car,
buckled in, watching me,
I see the troubled look
in your beautiful golden eyes,
your moms eyes.
My little girl with her fiery red hair,
off to school, books beside you.
"Daddy," you say.

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Categories: christmas, daughter, father daughter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I was always looking over my shoulder at her baggage
I was always looking over my shoulder at her baggage

little did i know at the time 
but her baggage 
was within my sight
on our first few dates
what ever the circumstance 
she wasn't at liberty 

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Categories: father daughter, mystery, relationship, scary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter Dance

He told her “don't you worry”, but he'd be a little late.
He promised when he made it home he would take her on a date.
She squealed in her excitement, soon they would be...

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Categories: father daughter, absence, beautiful, dad, dance, daughter, death, heartbreak,
Form: Rhyme