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Long Art of writing Poems

Long Art of writing Poems. Below are the most popular long Art of writing by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Art of writing poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Teachers - XXI
Unquotable quotes: Teachers – XXI

The pupil, the bitch and the walnut tree, the more the teacher beats them, the better they be.
In the old days, teachers were born to the métier like poets; today softwares...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art of writing, children, humor, parents, student, teacher,
Form: Epigram

I Do Not Know The Secret
I Do Not Know The Secret...,
Asper Art Of Writing Acclaimed Poem...

Not purposeful intent,
when tasking self (Das Scribe)
a nondescript member of
Homo sapiens village people tribe
metaphorical spear in hand ready

to unbridal strong arm as vibe
resoundingly resonates, sans

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Categories: art of writing, america, creation, dedication, judgement, miracle, muse, perspective,
Form: Prose Poetry
Each of us has been given a special gift in life.
Part of being human is we make mistakes.
Yet we don't let the mistakes dictate the path that we are to tread upon
Poetic free verse provides...

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Categories: art of writing, art,
Form: Free verse
My Words
As I lay on my words
I ponder…
My words! My words!
My sweet pillow of comfort
A cushion of lyrics
Showcasing my thoughts
My secrets
My pain
My words speak tales
My experiences…they spice my words
Like meat in a pot, I cook my...

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Categories: art of writing, life, poems, poetry, words, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member AGE

Horatio Hornblower adored her,
from the first time he saw her.
her hair all amiss.
tatterdemalion jeans
kissed her, before his lips touched hers.
the nose ring would adorn her
before his diamond would cruise

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Categories: art of writing, age, love,
Form: Free verse

You can criticize me with your blank thought or expression that has no meaning or negative effect that attempts to change my emotional vision.  I’ve seen this so clear, I’m steaming with corrective insights...

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Categories: art of writing, social, me, art, art, life, me,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Ars Poetica
Ars Poetica
Horace circa 19 BC gave some sound advice to
poets on the art of writing poetry and drama.

The following thoughts may echo in our minds,
most likely, the intent of what he may have meant...

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Categories: art of writing, character, courage, emotions, encouraging, feelings, imagination, literature,
Form: Couplet
Being absent even for an hour, day or week,
and not write and post anything...can make days look bleak,
some find worthiness in words and challenge themselves
to confront fears and doubts, or share their joys with new-found...

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Categories: art of writing, dedication, faith, father, friendship, hope, on writing
Form: Rhyme
Mr&mrs pen&pad
I use to think that pen and paper would be married forever. 
Computers took away what was ment to stay together. 
I use to say, me not writing is like a pen with no...

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Categories: art of writing, art, change, corruption, creation, cute love, deep,
Form: ABC
The Art of Writing a Poem Everyone Will Read
First come up with a catchy title
One that will draw the crowds
Throw in a bit of Mojo
A little pizzazz, a lot of Wow

Give it a twinge of what people want
A slight tweak of what people...

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Categories: art of writing, funny, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member ''Lover of Writing Life''
I am a sage and savant of sweet poetry,
  Especially my own sad, dark ramblings;
Assessing the new for ageing potential,
  I can tell with my soul if a poem weeps.

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Categories: art of writing, writing,
Form: Verse
William Blake the scientist of art
A scientist is suppose to do 
A scientific work 
And develops science 
For the betterment of mankind 

His contribution is treasured 
And venerated by all 
As he pushes up our knowledge 
On matter and life...

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Categories: art of writing, art,
Form: Free verse
The Art of Writing
Pieces of what I know sparkle like glass,
refusing to coalesce into concrete thoughts
My fingers reach the words, but fail
to download them into that place we call the brain

Cerebral gnats tickle the edge of my creativity

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Categories: art of writing, wisdom, words, writing,
Form: Blank verse
on writing
Writing a poem
You can read hundreds of books by famous writer
and learn of their stories how to write.
You can read other poets work and learn the craft
 of poetry, there are so many styles,...

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© jan hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art of writing, age, angst, dream,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member On a Page
I love researching the poet's of old,
their immortal and everlasting words;
where graceful and emotional-   unfold,
and STILL, their poetic words fly like birds.

The art of writing poems is chosen,
it takes a poet...

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Categories: art of writing, poets,
Form: Rhyme
The art of writing pooetry for John lawless

I never know when I’ll write poo-etry
So I keep a pen and paper with me
If inspired when I sit on the loo
Toilet roll can prove so handy too!


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Categories: art of writing, humorous, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Burns and Returns
Burns and Returns

(Aha. George Burns and Gracie Allen
again I presume.)

What causes trumpets to toot and a heart that burns
Is when we will hear about Trumpet's tax returns
On us Trumpet is seriously starting to grow and grow

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art of writing, age, allegory, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Limerick