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Long Alan Poems

Long Alan Poems. Below are the most popular long Alan by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Alan poems by poem length and keyword.

America Wasn't So Bad Back Then
We have something in common, a fellow I talk to now and then. We’re about the same age and perhaps the only ones in the diner who think our past lives are interesting. So when...

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Categories: alan, america,
Form: Prose

Premium Member Translation of THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND by T Wignesan
Translation of Les Moulins de mon Cœur-THE WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND by T. Wignesan

(For the orignal text in French by Eddy MARNAY : see here below. The English version by Marilyn and Alan BERGMAN differs...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, autumn, destiny, heartbroken, lost love, poetry, solitude,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Film Noir
Film Noir

By the lampost at night
with the pale moon shining bright
but obscured by the fog
I saw her in the harbor
standing where my boat lay moored
but she knew that
her azure eyes beckoned me to come
smoke from...

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Categories: alan, remember,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Fr Time's Ambiguous Content
Fr. Time, are you a monopolistic universalist?

Yes, but an integratively polycultural universalist.

Are you a Yangian outgoing kinda guy?

Yes, but in an internally YinYin balancing
kind of a moderately outgoing nutritionally healthy communicator
Easy to share Life's co-operative...

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Categories: alan, destiny, earth, humor, identity, nature, political, time,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Why MultiCultural Education Matters
The Twelfth Principle

Cooperatively adopt
and responsively adapt
for creolizing acclimation,
best climate and landscape health practices.

The U.S. today
reweaves two points of national nurturing departure,
both taught in schools
and history books
and multicultural sciences
and scents
and sounds.

LeftBrain dominance,
here in post-millennial enculturing lands,

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Categories: alan, caregiving, forgiveness, health, history, native american, patriotic,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member GrimFree

Dear Chris,

I could go into souls as mindbody identities with interdependently co-arising individuation, also known as living, and incarnation, but my gut says to go to your 4-soul prototype that has been useful in your...

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Categories: alan, birth, creation, culture, deep, destiny, happiness, health,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Routine Rituals
New Year
yet the same ritualistic routines,
absent their blissfully celebrating roots
buried in more fertile loves and hope-filled times
and might have beens
if not for this today
with these people
on this sacred nurturing Goddess Earth,

Still making more or less...

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Categories: alan, blessing, earth, health, myth, nature, new year,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Professor Watts' Resurrection
Double-binding Win-Win
nondual manifest destiny of health
as wealth of eco-consciousness,
like double-transparency of ecologic's Yang,
with eco-normic YinYin-square-rooted
c-squared = e-squared = Language-squared,
Positive OVER AND WITH double-negative
subjective/objective Time's decomposing binomials.

"Instead of giving our children
clear and explicit explanations
of the game-rules...

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Categories: alan, culture, environment, math, philosophy, political, psychological, science,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Integrity's Dialects
There is only integrity,
and therefore we are,
and therefore I am

There is only integrity
of and in and for each moment's potential,
so only integrity as eternal potential,
self-other perpetual regeneration.

There is only ecopolitical integrity for human nature,
so there...

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Categories: alan, beauty, culture, health, language, light, trust, truth,
Form: Prose Poetry
cockney geezer
I was born within the sound of Bow bells in the east end of London, this makes me a true cockney, I own a cock and sparrow down by the shake and shiver, I sell...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, england, humor, identity, london,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Letter to a New Poet
Dear Aspiring Poet,
   My name is Gershon Wolf.  I am a member of this wonderful club called "Poetry Soup."  Here are my views on the subject of poetry.

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Categories: alan, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Prose
Hide the Details

Everybody got a Hollywood life story
to tell
More meat on the bone
give juicier bites 
to sell
Nobody ever turns in a tarnished silver screenplay
Those warts and mistakes
get Photoshop casting couch edited away
Baby Jane rude attitude don’t make...

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Categories: alan, allegory, fun, metaphor, word play,
Form: Vogon
Premium Member Action Packed
Long, long ago, in times now centuries old,
Action and adventure at all times held sway,
There was never a knight not described as "bold,"
Rescuing maidens back in that yesterday,
Armour-clad knights who were gallant and courteous,
Sweet distressed...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, adventure, allusion, character, courage, drink, girl,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Racing with the Sun
Identifying as a Taoist-Christian hybrid,
a polypath feasting on root systems
of East meets West
Right greets Left
Yin embraces Yang
does not make me a good Christian
or a good Taoist.

However, these permaculturing designs
on polyculturing polypathic sensory-neural healthy outcomes
do seem...

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Categories: alan, dance, health, humor, myth, race, religion, science,
Form: Prose Poetry
David, Mum, what time's tea ready
Mum, when I say so, why
David, can I play out 'til you shout me then
Mum, yes but don't go past the corner
David, I promise.
Mum, you better had I'll not come...

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Categories: alan, missing, mystery, scary, mum,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member The Promises of Praying the Rosary
The following promises were given of the Blessed Mother to Saint Dominic and Blessed Alan in the twelfth century
These promises are fifteen in number
and are for Christians who recite the Rosary.  
The Blessed Mother...

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Categories: alan, christian, community, faith, hope, mother, people, woman,
Form: List
FREE COURSE: unThinking Skills and Lateral Thought during COVID19
I Babies Had IT
Before the tomb, we must understand the WOMB
Where as babies we are ONE with our environment
It took time to assert, "Me and mine," creating "others"
Sadly, babies had no power, or voice, to...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, 12th grade, atheist, baby, bible, jesus, meaningful,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Unconditional Love
What condition is my condition in?
said Yang to Yin.

Unconditional love of enemies,
annoying pests with equally annoying ideas 
of their own
about how you should be and become right now,
requires more than non-violent listening,
although this is a...

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Categories: alan, environment, fear, identity, life, lonely, love, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Healthy Wealth of PrickleGoo
Alan as Buckminster
delivers Fuller Watts.

Left-Brain partisans of deductive "prickles"
and Right-Brain partisans of inductive "goo"
have reduced their mutually antagonistic arguments
into something resembling a pile of boorish poo.

Prickly Republicans are tough-minded,
rigorous competitors,
precise calculators of economic wealth priorities.


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Categories: alan, culture, nature, philosophy, political,
Form: Free verse
Jessica McCord: Selfish Assassin
It was February 2002 (WWF Raw, WWF SmackDown!, and WWF No Way Out), that Jessica McCord and her then-husband, Jeff, killed Alan Bates and his new wife, Terra. Before their deaths, Alan "A.B." was in...

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Categories: alan, daughter, death, father, funeral, husband, mother, on
Form: Bio
Statutory Rape 101
Everybody knows that it's against the law for grown men and grown women to date all of the underage boys and girls,. let alone a 14-year-old boy or a 15-year-old girl. The law also states...

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Categories: alan, daughter, father, mother, on writing and words,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Not like a figwort
Not like a figwort but not an aster, either. Could he be a buttercup
with sepals, no petals, but sepals like petals? Alan is a bluebeech,
an ash if his books sell. Quick shake hands. Zach's bald...

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Categories: alan, blue, books, flower, fruit, life, rose, tree,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Partitioned Wailing Wall - Part One
         for Alan Painter

I have put into many ports

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, war,
Form: Free verse
THE INNER VOICE OF MARK BIRROS: Excerpt from epic poem.

With that invisibilty of age
I can fly my life like a kite !
Uninvited and unseen,
albescent, grey, you know what I mean,
( not the first flush of youth or strong,
the young forget that we were...

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© roy austin  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alan, introspection, life, love, mystery, nature, philosophy, sea,
Form: Epic
Activity time out
One fine, hot, summer day
My brother Scotty and I, were held back, from play
Angered mother
She sent us, to our room, bothered
In our opinions
It wasn’t the best decision
Immaturely actively singing a song, that was seemingly, very,...

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Categories: alan, humor,
Form: Rhyme