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Lonely Lay Poems

These Lonely Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Lonely. These are the best examples of Lay Lonely poems written by international poets.

Premium Member She Made A Home CL
She made a home in half a day
from lonely walls and dusty air.
She added books and pens, a spray 
of scent, a bed, some tableware,

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Categories: home,

Now I lay me down to sleep
In my home that's really sweet
Had three large meals and a snack
There wasn't a hint of any lack
Comfortable shoes...

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© Lyric Man  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, 7th grade, africa, angst,

Premium Member Where I Lay My Head
I'm a rambler, I'm a rover,
Yonder's where I long to be.
Where living's leaner, senses keener,
Grass is greener's
Home to me.

Tumbleweeds are my companions,
True vagabonds make best...

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Categories: lay, moving on,

It Was About You
It was about you, you and no one else,
Without the wind there are no moving leaves.
No one else only you, deep in the ground
The roots...

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Categories: art, poetry,

Premium Member God Gave Me You You Lay Dormant
As I awaken you lay dormant beside me
God gave me you your beautiful
Before breakfast a short prayer
And a minimum three chapter bible reading
God gave me...

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Categories: lay, absence, appreciation, blessing, celebration,

Premium Member Jean-Louis Barrault As I lay dying
Heavy storm was sweeping dark Paris streets
Lit with dim lights that dreary November night 
With ghostly shadows lurking in the corners
Cold wind dancing with dirty...

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Categories: lay, allusion, art, death, french,

She Would Lay in the Wind
Shadows fell softly
on her velvety kiss.
My first memory of 
this evening...

This troubling illusion
keeps tricking my mind.
Yet, all alone is where I find me.

I remember her...

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Categories: lay, lonely,

Premium Member A Heart Lay Broken
A spirit flies alone there's no love true without saying goodbye 
soul searching deeply without sacrifice your gone 
walking golden sands inside the heart all...

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Categories: lay, dream, emotions, feelings, heart,

How could I forget your tender touch, my sweet love of spring?
Twilight stars that bring in night, such lonely nights of musing.
Songs I sing to...

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Categories: happiness, love, night, spring,

Walking Shadows
I am but a
Walking shadow.
When I hurt
You don’t feel it.

We are but 
Walking shadows
When I talk to you
You don’t hear me.

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Categories: best friend, boyfriend, butterfly,

I lay sleeping
I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with...

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Categories: lay, absence, beautiful, beauty, blue,

As i lay here on my bed
As i lay here onn my bed
Im thinking only of you Fred
As i lay here on my bed
when i wish to be with you instead

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Categories: lay,

May I Lay My Head Upon Your Shoulder
May I Lay My Head
Upon Your Shoulder?
Just For A Moment
and Not A Minute-Longer?

When Hurt’s Too Heavy
The Weight of The World
Gets To Be Too Much
For This...

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Categories: lay, life, lonely,

Premium Member Way out over Copland's Appalachian Springs
We dragged the slopes to our feet.
On the summit, we burnt our clothes
for wood and there shuffled our feet
in the hush of the falling...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: inspirational, fire, fire,

Winds of a Changing Way
	I see darkness; coldness; an abyss. I feel cold; lonely; and fear. I know not of how I am able to change my current course...

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost

makers upon makers
makers upon makers

On swings the pendulum after countless ticks and tocks 
Singing the glorious requiem for its dying brethren clocks  
It taps the world...

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Categories: mother

Look In The Mirror
Look in the mirror, what do you see?
Did you ever dream of a "Woman" quite like me?
Look in the mirror, what do you see?
I see...

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Categories: hope, inspirational, life, lost,

The Gypsy Man
The gypsy man went down the lane
In sunshine and in rain
Singing his melodious song
All the weary day long
Along with his sweet bell 
And the music...

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Categories: peoplesweet, music, music, sweet,

The thunderous thunder

Came thundering in a turmoiled town

Timing my timeless time,

June, you played a fowl gain

You can’t spare us even for once

That we may eat...

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Categories: confusionmay,

His Second Home
In days of old, when temperaments were weak,
And daily struggles drove sad souls to hell.
There lived a child with spirit shy and meek.
Who practiced smiles,...

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Categories: animals, friendship, natureheart, child,