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Snow Kyrielle Poems

These Snow Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Snow poems written by international poets.

God's grace
The earth proclaims His majesty
From mountain peaks to deepest sea.
God sends us rain, the flowers grow
And His abundant mercies show.

Our very breath He doth sustain

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Categories: christian, god, thanksgiving,

Katarina Cries
Where shall I go to embrace your heat?
...where the waves upon the sand beat,
and the palms in answer sway …
O Sun, to Karina, sweep me...

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Categories: allah,

Town Children

Nature waits with pristine beauty
to paint landscape pictures dainty,
but canvas remains blank hidden
like white faces of town children.

Winter comes on wings of north wind,
dazzle of...

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Categories: analogy, children, nature,

Premium Member Summer Snow Storm
Beside a stream, there was a strand
of pretty trees. There chanced to blow
a heavy wind across the land.
That early summer I saw snow!

Cold weather came...

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member Spring Is In the Air

Take off your woolen scarf and coat.
Your hood conceals your pretty hair!
Now chance for snow grows more remote!
Breathe easy. Spring is in the air.

The flu;...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member I Was Born in a Winter Storm
I began as a mother's dream,
who gave birth to me with a scream;
outside there was a howling wind,
and snow and me have always twined.

All the...

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Categories: childhood, family,

Premium Member The Sojourn of Winter
Winter has come without an end,
Pushing away what does suspend:
Springtime does not cease to linger,
Untouched by my reaching fingers.

Return to us the warmth of day,

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Categories: day, nature, night, seasons,

Premium Member Each Day We Have a New Page to Write
Each Day We've a New Page to Write
(Soup does not allow ' in title line above)

Endless is childhood’s sweet story.
Its climax seems far from our...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member The Winter of My Tears
"Alas! The lessening light, the worsening my plight-
My face- a somber expression..." excerpt  from 
*a poem by Just That Archaic Poet

The summer of my...

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Categories: sad, seasons,


Came then the snow
When winter made its way to woe
Came then...

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Categories: lost love, me, winter,

Premium Member Winter Solstice
Have you ever wondered where it all began
The rituals marked among the Celtic clans?
Look into the past and they are found
This day is when the...

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Categories: seasons, winter, day, winter,

Premium Member A Christmas Season Souvenir
Taking our sleds down hills of snow;
Ice skating though cold winds might blow.
Those days of beauty crisp and clear -
A winter’s treasured souvenir.

Exchanging gifts with...

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Categories: holiday,

Christmas Me Dear Mandurah
Mandurah, cruises, jingle bells,
The lake house splendor in shooting stars dwell,
Tremendous Christmas without snow, implicitly the stunner glide,
Black phantom unveil the cloak of his clandestine...

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Categories: holiday, nostalgia, christmas, christmas,

Premium Member Indian-American Holiday-W
Sleigh bells ring, do finish shopping, the countdown is on, 
Be kind enough to spare your precious hours two or more 
Being Indians, we’re quite...

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Categories: holiday, time,

Premium Member This Special Time of Year
We may not have a "White Christmas", yet joy remains the same
I find delight in viewing candles reflected on frosted panes
They remind me to be...

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Categories: holiday, lifechristmas, time, home,

Premium Member Please Come In, Dear Friend
Fashion a memory, with our bright winter scene
The morning brought snow, fresh fallen and clean
Find a snug shelter, from the sharp frigid air
Welcome to my...

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Categories: holidaytime, holiday, time,

The days are cold and the nights get colder
Each of us finds ourselves another year older.
As Winter's snow will soon appear
Welcome to my "Holiday home'...

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Categories: holiday, life, people, socialtime,

Premium Member Blossoms on the Snow
(A Kyrielle Sonnet)

The tree stood trembling; red drops spilled
one Christmas day where one was killed.
Sweet daughter they would not see grow
left crimson blossoms on the...

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Categories: christmas, red, tree,

Nippy air bites the skin, sunlight trails off in a sky so morose;  
bare trees contemplate the yellow grass below mourning their lost splendor;

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Categories: history, holiday, inspirational, love,

In a dark, uncaring world such as ours,
there must me a steady light at all times:
bring your candles and your Christmas's carol books without being...

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Categories: death, faith, father, forgiveness,