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Summer Imagism Poems

These Summer Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Imagism Summer poems written by international poets.

Premium Member wrap
slim porcelain toes

noon sun beach blanket peek

                teasing perfection


Beach girl...

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Categories: beach, dream,

Premium Member country magic
whisper of lilac in the summer’s day
variety of flowery fragrances wafting
streaming sunbeams warming gray striped tabby
mums and petunias decorating wrap-around porch
wasps and bees collecting butterflies...

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Categories: flower, garden,

Premium Member Seasons Mirror

Spring bring forth the LIFE
Summer living the BREATH
Autumn dying near STRIFE
Winter raptures our DEATH

2019 September 09


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Categories: autumn, life, mirror, nature,

Summer of regret
I thought I was okay.
Yet my body quivered impulsively.
Eyes red and sore, cheeks stained with yesterdays tears.
Of a silky moonlit night i'd rather forget.
My mind...

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Categories: feelings, heartbreak, night, sorrow,

Premium Member Sleepy red eyelid
The sun peeps out over the horizon
   Sleepy red eyelid, un-java-nated...
Fiery streaks soon emblazon the sky
   Caffeine's supreme

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Categories: color, summer, sun,

Premium Member Summer Completion
lavender ideas
gentling summer’s gentle rain

baby blue feelings
wafting into dreams of hope

soft baby pink 
showing her power

lightest green moth
floating on a faerie’s wing

sunlight yellow
completing the rainbow


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Categories: magic, summer,

Premium Member Eternal Gold Sunset
Eternal gold sunset 
Nearer to heaven than the flowers
Buds rising, trying to get there

A temperate complexion
the untrimmed garden
faeries have taken possession

Will they lease 
Or are...

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member I Love You, Friday
I Love You, Friday

This is one of God’s exquisite days,
Like a spilled bag of twinkling pastel jewels,
A sweet breeze as if from a child blowing...

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Categories: appreciation, imagery, summer,

Premium Member Wonderful Napping Weather
Falling asleep softly
On a mellow summers day
My eyes flutter open at rooster’s crow
I sit in my porch chair listening to the gentle hum,
Softly serenading me...

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Categories: sleep, summer,

Premium Member Nature's Gifts
A rippled breath of calm comes across the tidelands
      Rain clouds fold themselves into the rim of the horizon

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Categories: ocean, sunset,

Premium Member If Summer Were a Color
If Summer were a color
Then it might be yellow-green—
Turned amber by the breath of fall,
Of the seasons in between.

And if Autumn were a color 

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member Slumber stalks him
His head droops
listless mid-day
Waves of heat
Collar damp
shirt clings
Seconds drag
Minutes, eternities
Knees rain perspiration
Rivulets of sweat 
in between the lines
His pen, heavy
ink drains
eyelids heavy
slumber stalks him

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Categories: onomatopoeia, sleep, summer, writing,

Premium Member Enjoying a Summer's Eve
Scrambling through the bramble bushes of life
I wonder what is my mission?
Who has the answer? Is it in the cosmos? I look up and smile.

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Categories: summer,

Premium Member I Live in a Magical Garden
I live in a magical forest
Tall ferns greet me on the east
Along with frothy Queen Anne’s lace
And a purple lilac tree with dainty blossoms

I live...

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Categories: garden, nature,

Premium Member Peaceful Meadow Dreamscape
Peaceful meadow felt like consecrated ground.
Barely a noise, one songbird’s tweets.
Lovelier on this summer morning than I could have imagined.
I reposed in the grass, smelling...

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Categories: imagery, nature,

Premium Member Mistress of the Meadow Maybe
I am the sorcerer of nothing
The master of no one
The author of an imaginary missive still in the bowels of non-existence

I am the queen of...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member Perennials In Their Seasons
Winter perennials lavished with hope
under layers of crisp snow
waiting their turn 

Spring perennials hope to be noticed
duller than annuals
but more dependable and loyal

Summer perennials outlasting...

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Categories: flower, garden,

Shirts And Summers
Shirts and Summers. 
Walks post beers. 
Just another day. 
Just another way to say; I miss the old 'us' - 
oh it rusts. 
And I...

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Categories: absence, beautiful, girlfriend, lost

Premium Member Santas Secrets
There are many secrets tucked
Carefully away at the North Pole;
Santa hides them on purpose, so 
You’ll never find them.

Things like the special camera 
He uses...

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Categories: celebration, childhood, christmas, december,

Three days of summer rain thunder past, on noisy tracks. You smell it, and feel its sprays, from the safety of Grandma’s screened porch. Crickets...

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Categories: age, august, beautiful, beauty,