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Sea Imagism Poems

These Sea Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Imagism Sea poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Glitz The Glamour The Frost
The whiteness is blue, and wet, and fluffy to the eye,
Even when it is not.
It brings hot sweet cocoa and warm mittens into the memory,

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Ocular Shapes

Have i not intervened with the shape of the sea
Or vision vivid mountains with fish jumps
So pure the look like their soft skin
Forming shapes' never...

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Categories: sensual,


From Black Forest’s leafy velvet
Breathing fresh air over the land;
From the fertile earth of the sheltered Rhine,
Or where Goethe and Handel wrote their elegies;

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Categories: culture, death, history, murder,

Axe the old Don, a trump peter n piper
   of incredulous hellish crud - be gone
ha air brushed pompous arse

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Categories: 12th grade, abuse, anger,

Biological clock patented before Seth Thomas Design
fertilization upon ovule 
   via spermatozoa automatically 
   gearing linkedin anticipated birth 
especially upon confirmation conception 
   did sex...

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Categories: abortion, destiny, identity, memory,

Raining Eyes

Eyes that kept awake together,
And had dreams at night;
Are now crying tears like river,
Risked to lose their sight.

Eyes that looked you beautiful:
An Angel from the...

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Categories: break up,

In Love with a Strange Woman
In love with a strange woman 
Hope it won't make me inhuman 
With a lustful glare
I can bare her bountiful bare 

Quickened like a tornado...

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Categories: adventure, christian, desire, heaven,

From out of dark of Africa
and from the central plain
beyond the Nile, in just a while
black gold,...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, black african american,

Premium Member Moonlit Hammock
As I slightly swiveled my feet
It's as if my being sunk into the smooth wet sand
Spanning look out  nearly 180 degrees complete
Hmm how each...

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Categories: ocean,

Premium Member IN THE BEGINNING an image
Images blur my mind
A lavaform of thoughts flow,
As rivers carved through fields,
That meander to the sea-
Ebb,then flow,as flotsam lie,
Filtered on my page....

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Categories: image, imagery, poetry,

Sea is a Monster
The Sea is a monster
do you know how many things
it is digesting in its stomach,
without any constipation?

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Categories: character, metaphor,

It is its duty
to break, roll and rock
to toss ships in the sea
to cause terror in minds
to make the clever dull
and the organized scattered
frenzy, angry and violent
is the...

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Categories: leadership, satire,

Eternal Whispers
Eternal whispers of the sea,
Cry out to me;
Lively gusts of music,
Flowing through the conch.

The conch shell,
It reverberates
Every feeling that it has felt
All over;
They come to...

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© Pin Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imagination, me, memory, music,

Defunctive smoke
From the brain
Rankles the soul:
An eternity of ignorance.

There are no marrams for skin.

Marquetry of bones
Intricacy assumes
Hoodwinking eyes
That see only nudes.

Whining gin.

Phthisic mind
Transhumanizes darkness
Swaddling rain

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© Pin Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allusion, dark, horror, philosophy,


Mist holds the river in grey wreaths soft,
Longboat grounded and men wade.
Into  the dull white nothing aloft 
Half the sail...

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Categories: sea, wife,

procrastination realization
I've got this involuntary fascination with procrastination

The coop I file claim to for keeping my record an all time high for being poster child of...

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Categories: nonsense, self,

Later, when the supermoon rises
And the air cools and empties

The darkened beach,

Like Edward Storer, the poet,

One would toss away all one's poetry as failure,

As no rival for Her pale...

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Categories: longing,

Premium Member A whale's view of the ocean
Oh graceful enchanting Ocean!
Your brilliant mesmerising waves
captivated my heart,
I can hear them calling to me,
can feel them
embracing me gently
As you summon them back and forth,

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© Jamie Pan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, animal, ocean, sea,


Along a summer street crammed to bursting  point
By an indifference of brick walls  -
I come across a suddenness of dandelions
On a bulding site...

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Categories: imagery,

Take Me
Take me up

High above the velvet sky

Where I could see the mountain top

Where I could feel like flying high.

Then take me down

Into the deep blue...

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Categories: beauty, imagination,