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Nostalgia Imagism Poems

These Nostalgia Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Nostalgia. These are the best examples of Imagism Nostalgia poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I Long to Walk a Desert Path
I long to walk a desert path,
Where stunning violet shadows lie,
And high-flying eagles circle my way,
Curious about what creature am I.

Silhouetted in a streak of...

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Categories: imagery, nostalgia,

the aromas of yesterday...

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Categories: imagery, nostalgia,

Footprints In The Sand
Sunshine -
on a desolate beach
an old sailor marooned
trapped between
the ebb and flow
of distant tides...

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Categories: loneliness, longing, lost love,

The Morning Dawn of Afternoon
silent with no sound
lie objects quiet near
exposed beneath billowed clouds painted white 
in skies of listless blue 
where thoughts rumble loud but silent through
the morning...

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Categories: allusion, beautiful, dream, introspection,

You're My Nature
You're My Nature

On all the things that caught my eyes
You're the perfect paragon of Paradise
When I think of a place that grows the seeds of...

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Categories: beauty, desire, environment, motivation,

Eternal Whispers
Eternal whispers of the sea,
Cry out to me;
Lively gusts of music,
Flowing through the conch.

The conch shell,
It reverberates
Every feeling that it has felt
All over;
They come to...

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© Pin Dew  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: imagination, me, memory, music,

Gossamer Labyrinths' Agone Opulence
       Once agone moments in time
        she was poetry in motion,

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, dance, destiny, memory,

Premium Member Silver Lake
Silver Lake  

My lake shows its silver lights
And ruffled green, 
And white-capped eves,
On Silver Lake.  

In summertime away ago, 
Picnics were packed, 

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Categories: appreciation, nostalgia,

Summer Clouds
Summer clouds
cross blue skies
Slow, like the armadas
of days gone by...

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Categories: nostalgia,

You said you saw the pastor
You said you saw the pastor
hiding in the corner of the shabby church
smoking, and looks worried

That Windmill turns no more, quietly stands 
Silently prays and...

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© James Hou  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, deep, faith, nostalgia,

The Old Cathedral
Violet light filters through cracks in the stained glass florets,
shining in broken segments over the ashen pews;
shadows dance to and fro across the altar.
A beauty...

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Categories: beauty, imagery, light, nostalgia,

Under The Stars
Red beams and blue lights

Swinging in plain sight

Lips dripping lime sipping

Tastes of warmth on a cold night

Humidity is a breeze

Freezing with a knot

The air is...

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Categories: fantasy, imagery, lust, mystery,


Owning up to his shortfalls may be his most difficult task.
Tomorrow mirrors that reflection.
In thought, he...

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Categories: change, character, irony, metaphor,

(Advanced people Living In an Enigmatic world under a Nation with a Stentorian voice.)

Hear me, as I roar.
Hear me, as I walk on two than...

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Categories: dream, nostalgia, visionary, wisdom,

Parallel love
From afar I watch the sun 
That's setting in your eyes..
Shades of green melt into tangerine..
But I'm just a different hue 
From violet to pink...

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Categories: color, feelings, first love,

His eyes in the light of the moon shined like no other
His tears dripped down his face more than I had ever seen
His breaths in...

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Categories: lost love, love, nostalgia,

Roast Beef and Yorkie Puds

Each street sounded of
Lawn mowers, laughter, bicycles and bells
The odd car being revved up
And oh my! The heavenly smells
Each towns aroma was roast beef
Gravy and...

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Categories: childhood, nostalgia,

Upon our Lake
Petroleum translucent wings wave upon a sage green moss
Whilst vibrating webs in fevered mood delight a flies flight loss
Tinkering thoughts they travel over a calming...

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Categories: love, nature, nostalgia, travel,

Bear and Salmon

stone clad shores
welt beneath your warmth
fir lined trees
stand silent in your presence
misted waters raise to greet a vibrant sky in jubilation

as salmon fight ferocious rapids

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Categories: nature, nostalgia,

70s Kids
our young faces
left sepia stains
on ivory paper
there were no flaws nor lines to draw
attention nor depress

just shiney rose hued cheeks which glowed
and purple garish dress


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Categories: nostalgia,