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Nature Imagism Poems

These Nature Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Imagism Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member picnic

blackbird squats 
terra cotta eaves
brunch morsel 
treats espied
           old tom does the same


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Categories: bird, life, nature,

Premium Member Stairway to Wise Woman Faerie Cottage
Stairway to Wise Woman Faerie Cottage
I found it when I was eight
Spent many an hour inside
Learning the wizen ways of a sorceress

Wise Woman confided she...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member In Gods Country
The leaves crunch under my feet as I walk.
Admiring my forest for the hundredth time.
Loving it that deer bound away flashing me with their tails.

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Categories: nature,

It happened that time
it happened that time
the sun lost its path
inside cotton wool of the sky
and it never rose again
the moon drowned
into the abyss of the pacific
and it...

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Categories: irony, mystery, nature,

Premium Member Delicate Pink Clouds
Cathartic pinkness on wings of angel’s feet
Bring a lightness to the lake 
She has never before felt.
Peppermint magic
Soft purple touches

Spiritual awakening
Heaven’s magic
Sky floods the lake...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Who are you
On a rainy evening walking through the rain
I have lost my soul on a rivers bank
It float around and finally bend with you
My despair drowned...

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Categories: image,

Premium Member New Dawn
I love sweet morning melodies,
a wild stream bubbling along;
horses grazing in a meadow,
a forest echoing my name;
the murmur of leaves rustling,
and the hum of...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member A Lonely Girl

I wandered the forest alone -
the cool my cloak,
with touch the sky trees my cathedral and haven.
and birds singing a symphony.
The forest was full of...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member Arts and crafts from grains of sand
Life is a smile of a newborn in mother's arms

Arts and crafts of stained glass from grains of sand

Freedom of a chick on its very...

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Categories: life, metaphor,

Premium Member Yard is Pregnant with Life
darting and chirping
songbirds and crickets
flitting and flirting
butterflies and wasps
honey bees and faeries
yard is pregnant with life
meadow forest jive
peaceful ambiance
straight out of an angel’s blueprint

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Seasons Mirror

Spring bring forth the LIFE
Summer living the BREATH
Autumn dying near STRIFE
Winter raptures our DEATH

2019 September 09


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Categories: autumn, life, mirror, nature,


The ebb tide's 
     rhythmic swishing,
     as it leaves the soft, 

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, nature,


White waves roll, 
      frolic and cavort 
      across bluish space

where Sea and Sky 

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Categories: appreciation, nature,


Chilly afternoon breeze,

       feathery on the skin.

       Sacred mountain breathes, 


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Categories: appreciation, beauty, nature,

Premium Member The Sun Beats Down
The sun beats down on my garden's back --
Looking up, I squeeze my eyes tightly
Seeking a cloud that will let down
Her skirts...
I mumble a prayer...

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Categories: animal, nature, rain, sun,

Premium Member Creation onto her Creature Self
Azure skies with periwinkle glitters.
Saturate unforeseen element
Changing the forest into something all-knowing.
An entity of her own making.
Creation onto her creature self.
Howling approval begins
In the form...

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Categories: nature, storm, wind,

Premium Member Under A Weeping Willow
           She sits beneath a weeping willow


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Categories: imagery, nature, peace, woman,

Premium Member By the Millpond, Musing
Beside the millpond, musing,
Of another day and time—
At times my mind confusing 
Both reality, and rhyme.

It is an easy thing to do, you see,
With the...

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Categories: imagery, imagination, muse, nature,

Premium Member Nature's Gifts
A rippled breath of calm comes across the tidelands
      Rain clouds fold themselves into the rim of the horizon

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Categories: ocean, sunset,

Premium Member As Her Artistry Prevails
Nature does a landscape well,
And in vivid hues, the sea—
Capturing each wave and swell,
Or as perfectly, a tree!

Even as she smiling toils,
Till her artistry prevails—

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Categories: art, color, image, imagery,