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Mystery Imagism Poems

These Mystery Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Imagism Mystery poems written by international poets.

An angel
I confused with my fragile soul 
To looking into your eyes
There I found a real mystery
I am trying to find a word
To choose different paths...

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Categories: 4th grade,



In the eyes of dim light,
She blankly stares in plight,
As she ties her crimson wings,
The broken soundbox slowly sings,
Frozen symphonies melt in her numb ears,

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© Awsaaf Ali  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, love, pride, sad,

Into The Darkness
He held his detached face in his hand                 ...

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Categories: anger,

Inner core still intact
Every day I wake up with my inner core still intact,
And that is an established fact, 
So, I seldom worry about that 
Even when I...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, character, cool,

The Mystery of Life
                "The Mystery  of Life"

Living in this world is...

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Categories: 2nd grade, confusion, emotions,

Dancing hall
Standing at the window I watch with amazement
One dancer whips the air fiercely with her bottom
Another writes something in air with pointed fingers
Both seemed lost...

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Categories: life, metaphor, philosophy,

Dazzling at the gong square, 
In the heavenly rhythmical waves.
All eyes await to see the wonders
Just like okoto the movement was
That led to the raining...

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Categories: christian, dedication, faith, imagery,

I once spent the winter 
Near the town willow creek.
It wasn't adventure 
I attempted to seek.
The cabin elevation 
Was 5000 foot.
My goal that winter 

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Categories: fun, humor, humorous, imagery,

Dark Nightmares
Haunted and motionless sounds. 
Creaking sounds of the wooden door, 
Howling of the wolf's 
Haunted sounds of mysterious creatures 
Dry and thirsty for human blood...

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Categories: dark, fear, halloween, mystery,

Ground Edges
Ground edges the rim of her lipstick stained coffee mug.
Sharp eclipsed moons shine upon endless day's everlasting nights'.
Butterfly eye bandages uphold bloodshot remembers that these...

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Categories: adventure, crazy, creation, fantasy,

Premium Member Sardines
Through the water they glide, 
an immense mosaic of millions of silvery fish 
on their migratory run, 
obeying a call immemorial, 
a mystery of aquatic...

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Categories: fish, imagery, journey, life,

You're My Nature
You're My Nature

On all the things that caught my eyes
You're the perfect paragon of Paradise
When I think of a place that grows the seeds of...

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Categories: beauty, desire, environment, motivation,

Premium Member TO WRITE POETRY

As midnight bursts  like stardust on a cobblestone
My raw  vision carries me beyond earth’s  floor,
Where marbles  with painted dots turn into...

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Categories: adventure, mystery, writing,

Premium Member A Mountain Road
A Mountain Road

I stood upon a mountain road,
So high engulfed in clouds,
Gazing into a tiny valley,
A thousand or more feet down.

There were patches of green,

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Categories: beautiful, environment,

Miss First January

Miss First January canoed from the clouds
And anchored right beside Mr. Midnight
Red flower on the right, a book on the left
Traveling bag strapped on her...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, destiny, humanity,

Sun kissed and Star Dusted Air Castles
She is whimsical midst-escaping
 blackness & beige stagnation,
reverberant betwixt musicality &
 fictitious paisley fabrications,
recognizes the actuality of her
 enigmatic spirit's frivolity,
well-defined by her quirky 

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, allegory, environment, imagery,


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Categories: emotions, feelings, heartbreak, imagination,

Premium Member A Woman With A Cheshire Cat Smile
Just an arbitrary woman 
On the street, walking past me
Our eyes meet as she approaches
Nearer, nearer, nearer...

She projects a giraffe-grace
With her gait. I greet her...

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Categories: beautiful, imagery, memory, morning,

Never understood,
Never cared for,
Unloved feels like a homeless person,
with no home of love.
In your mind, it’s like sleeping on park benches,
not knowing what the...

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© vani Gopal  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions,

I dont click photographs
Cause they bring back memories
And I have nothing 
Nothing I wanna remember

From the past, a vision of present
But no memories to preserve

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Categories: absence, adventure, birth, childhood,