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A Hybronnet poem is a type of poetry that attributes its origin to the Sonnet poem and the name of which is borrowed from Hybrid and Sonnet. 

The Sonnet poem is a form where the idea or the thought is expressed in fourteen lines where every line has a length composed of ten syllables. Just like the Sonnet; a Hybronnet poem is composed of octosyllabics lines. Additionally, the lines must be fourteen in total. 

The Hybronnet poem does not necessarily need to be iambic but can be of the poet desires to make it so. Having such a structure, the Hybronnet gives room for the design of rhyme scheme that is variable. The rhyme scheme ranges from a couplet rhyme scheme, ABABCDCDEFEFGG, or other forms of rhyme schemes the poet may desire to use. At such a point, the poet is given liberty to choose how to structure the rhyme of the Hybronnet poem into a combination of rhymes be it slant, feminine, masculine, etc. or apply it in any design deemed appropriate. 

The form name is derived from hybrid and sonnet.
This form is an offspring of a sonnet; that is to say that it must consist of fourteen lines; each line must be octal syllabic, does not necessarily have to be iambic although it can be if desired, and the rhyme scheme can be ABABCDCDEFEFGG, couplet rhyme, or other acceptable schemes, allowing the poet more latitude to work with, and finally, the end rhyme can be a combination of rhymes (masculine, feminine, slant, etc.) or used anyway the poet deems appropriate.


Whispering Wind Standing amid the forest trees I feel so insignificant. Small and unimportant can be Very humbling among the plants And underbrush that are dwarfed by The regal, deciduous trees. Quiet is defined by the sigh Of the wind breathing through the leaves And serenity thrives beneath This lushest leaf-green canopy. I walk along an ancient path Once tread by aborigines. Then, out of the blue, the soft wind Whispered,” you're home again my friend.”

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