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Long Hybronnet Poems

Long Hybronnet Poems. Below are the most popular long Hybronnet by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Hybronnet poems by poem length and keyword.

Touching Story
I watched the video on a facebook page about an African Philanthropist and Orphanage Owner. He went abroad for a year and just returned back home. There was a joyful moody by his children at...

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Categories: appreciation, character, children,
Form: Hybronnet

Distantly connections seemed like there have been interruptions
The changing of tides seas storms com busting
Be honest tell the truth it really is okay
To let go of what is bothering you today

I am here 
I will...

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Categories: blessing, courage, encouraging, friend,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Jubilee of Roses
Neither puppy love nor lust, each insists
in its imperfect play. Their hearts resist
both by clinging in its barbaric way.
Youth forgiven. The wolf begs her to stay. 
But a commitment is made in marriage. 
It is...

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Categories: age, love,
Form: Hybronnet
My Dearly Beloved
I recall, as I stare at you
Of the first time I noticed you.
I was far too young and naive 
To notice what was underneath your weave. 

Your dance, your shifts, your sway,
Came to my sight...

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Categories: analogy, beauty, deep, fantasy, innocence, moon, soulmate,
Form: Hybronnet
Free Cee Are There Caribou In Malibou

The frail I fail to reach
The elderly with so much to teach
Those older whose shoulder brushes mine
And yet each and every eye still to shine
Those tangled up by values and vine

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Categories: angst, , cute,
Form: Hybronnet

Blushing Rose
Hi guys, please go through my poem wrote by Mrs.Madhavi about imperial and blushing rose..

Blushing Rose 

Glowing in the early dawn,
Hey my beautiful rose..
Your aromatic fragrance has touched my soul..
Each and every united petals of...

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© Madhavi Sp  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, lost, lost love, love, lust,
Form: Hybronnet
Rivers of Love
red is like the petal of a flower
like rain on a sunny day small areas of showers
red is like pillow stuffed feathers to complete
the texture too soft and plain to see

red is like a tear...

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Categories: metaphor,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Mischief Known By God
Quirky tricks of my special child are amusing…
But vexing when they turn to be mischievous acts
Exposing follies in the guise of innocence;
Thus, I respond with love-filled correction-dealings.
My child’s mischief reminds me actually of mine

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Categories: character, child, faith, forgiveness, god, spiritual, truth,
Form: Hybronnet
I won't leave you again to ruin,
The pagearity of my soul shall grace you.
Once I left you moulded black,
Now I won't leave you again to rot.

Let my words germinate in your palms,
In vain vanities have...

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Categories: africa,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Masquerade - Sensual Contest
Pretending can be a bold form of experimentation
and inventiveness. In pretending joy or happiness,
we may discover or enhance our capacity for it.

Harriet Lerner

Lord Leofric:  The waging of war is man’s affair
Lady Godiva: Then wage...

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Categories: imagery, sensual,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Mom's Delight
Basking in mirth’s pleasure from seizure’s test 
striving boy blends well with Mom’s crooning voice
outgrowing not delights of lullabies 
wafting joyous bonding blest wonderment.

Around gracious love-sealed partnership-zest
so oblivious of burdensome noise
candid son shows secrets, devoid...

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Categories: blessing, christian, god, inspirational, jesus, mother son,
Form: Hybronnet
Faded Life

Stuck in a situation,
Not knowing what to do?
Blocked from all directions,
Tired of being sick, throwing and feeling weak,
The people I thought I can trust walked away,
I am tired of selfish people,
I am tired of being...

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Categories: absence, angst, care, change, confusion, depression, dream,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Luxe
And all the world is aglitter,

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, desire, fashion, money, society, vanity,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Shine On
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16 of the King James Bible

Shimmering with wondrous truth’s radiance
Honest trust...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member God Reached Down To Me
In my wretchedness, so miserable
God compassionately reached down to me;
Offered me His precious love, valuable…  
He paid by His blood* of sacrifice-fee.

From heaven, He came to give me freedom
To unshackle me from sins’ bondage-chain;

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god, inspirational, spiritual, thanksgiving,
Form: Hybronnet
His Hands
Rising early to seek the Lord, while he may be found
I take a breath to cleanse my heart while the world keeps spinning ‘round
As the sun peaks o’er the edge to wake from thoughtful sleep

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Categories: christian, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Beyond My Window
There is a silence beyond my window;
though the wind is a low desolate moan;
with dark clouds heavy with ominous rain;
and now there is a howl like a voice forlorn.

~ My purple curtains flutter and billow;

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Categories: how i feel,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Through the Dark Night
Times may come when words will utterly fail
Emotions run high, bitter tears prevail,
After struggling with a profound heartache
Sometimes our reliable bonds will break
For people we trusted may turn their back
A friend we loved may suddenly...

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Categories: anti bullying, encouraging, heartbreak, perspective,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Overwhelming
“Wondrously overwhelming is God’s goodness that leads recipient toward wondrous good works.” By the Poet

God’s overwhelming love prevails
Freeing heart from sin-chaining pain
Since blest compassion never fails
Offering life eternal gain.

Christ’s overwhelming saving light
Always glows midst radiant...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Hybronnet
Vineyard's Lifecycle
We've grown from the same root

We stick together

like a grape bunch.

Until a final decision is made

Stay in our bunch and enjoy our company.

Grow older, you can become finer

A Chardonnay or Sauvignon?

A finer wine

Made from the...

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Categories: life,
Form: Hybronnet
Unimaginable Truth
The nation is controlled by Corrupt individuals,

the inability to control it drives us insane. 

We sit alone brooding the old--grasping the new, 

Eager to make it's value more than what it's worth. 

We try to...

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Categories: america, emotions, humanity,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup
Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Sad knowing thy heart was so bruised
Seeing deep pain in such blue eyes
Tragic, such kind heart thus abused
By deadly slashes in dark lies

Pray I, for soul's quickest healing
With a true...

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Categories: art, betrayal, creation, hope, imagery, lost love,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member Ornamental Witness
Wondrous family bond’s tenacity
Bracing love-anchored parental duty
There children enjoy great security…
Sweet home I witness as hedge of beauty.

Lovers’ lane welcomes couple’s engagement
Delighting in grand magical moment
Near water garden brings me fulfillment
Since I’m park showcase with...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, family, god, meaningful, uplifting,
Form: Hybronnet
How Do Real Men Die
Blink the eye once,
And many will have died,
with every inhaling and exhaling,

Issues arise daily,
comprising danger than peace,
If only we knew,
'How do real men die?'

is the question at hand,


Privacy is paramount in our day to...

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© Lord James  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: africa, caregiving, devotion, feelings, i am,
Form: Hybronnet
Premium Member A Peaceful Somewhere
As children we revelled in nature’s playground
Lying in cool grass watching clouds sail by
Sharing with playmates ‘treasures’ we’d found
Caterpillars, beetles - a dead dragonfly
Jars of black tadpoles sprouting from frogs’ eggs
Gathered near cattails - a...

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Categories: childhood, encouraging, growing up, insect,
Form: Hybronnet