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Kids Humorous Poems

These Kids Humorous poems are examples of Humorous poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Humorous Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Gossip
Oh gossip where is your sting,
you are here today and hurting others for days to come.
Oh gossip how shy you are,
pretending to say nothing to...

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Categories: humorous, hurt, today, words,

Premium Member Butterflies Around
Butterflies around,                       ...

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Categories: humorous, angel, blue, flying,

Premium Member The Day My Life Changed
The day my life changed when I was seventeen,                ...

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Categories: humorous, dad, food, friend, hurt,

Wahoo Wiz Bang Roadside Dining
A fuzzy friend has lost the race
daddy’s “Cadi” decides the pace.
if what you need cheap and tasty
safari for asphalt pasty.
Those hors d'oeuvres for the...

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Categories: funny, humorous,

Premium Member Finding A Treasure In The Sand
As I walk the sandy beach,                   ...

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Categories: humorous, beach, blue, daughter, me,

Premium Member You Ask What Matters Most
I hear them say,                     ...

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Categories: humorous, old, today, youth,

Premium Member A Dream
A dream of a sweet soft kitten,
a cuddly kitten to hold and love,
daily friendship and fun.

A dream of the morning daybreak,
bright colors now appearing,
sun coming...

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Categories: humorous, anger, cute, day, dream,

Premium Member Break My Heart
Why do you feel the need to take my life way,              ...

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Categories: humorous, hate, heart, love,

Premium Member Glass Half Full Glass Half Empty
Take a glass and fill it half full of water.
We have often heard by some the glass is half full,
by others the glass is half...

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Categories: humorous, books, day, games,

Premium Member My Carousel Horse
When I was three I loved riding my wooden horse,               ...

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Categories: humorous, children, fun, horse,

Premium Member The Bears
As a child I loved playing with teddy bears,                ...

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Categories: humorous, child, love, sky,

Premium Member Happy Tears Or Sad Tears
Hey little guy how are you this sunny day?
I am OK,
I am sitting on this rock watching tears coming down the little girl's face.
What are...

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Categories: humorous, angel, flower, girl,

Premium Member The Age of Indolence
Being a household hero
and laying in my hammock,
is the only reason.
Summer in my backyard,
is my favorite season.
I love a soft warm southern breeze.
As I lay...

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Categories: change, fantasy, humor, humorous,

Premium Member The Crazy Neighbor
The neighbor down the street from me,                  ...

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Categories: humorous, color, crazy, music,

Premium Member The Lady Down the Lane
I loved your garden and wanted some pictures.
One day I stopped by to introduce myself.
After taking my pictures you said, let's sit and talk for...

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Categories: humorous, friend, fun, travel,

Premium Member In A World That Has Gone Mad
We are living in a world that has gone mad,
a world that is now filled with fear.
Love is now been replaced with me,
I must get...

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Categories: humorous, fear, sick, world,

Premium Member A Parent's Lament
I have two teens, a boy and girl
    put here to cause me pain.
They fight like cats with their only goal

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Categories: children, funny, humorous,

Premium Member The Virus Coronavirus COVID 19
"V"irus now controlling the world.
"I"n every home changes are coming.
"R"un to the store to get what you need.
"U"se peace not fear to escape the stress.

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Categories: humorous, death, prayer, world,

Premium Member Many Friends
In life we have many friends.                   ...

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Categories: humorous, friend,

Premium Member Just Today
How great thou art to me

I want to hear you more

I want to see you more

I want to understand you more

Hearing and listening are not...

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Categories: humorous, today, wisdom,