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Short Hamd Poems

Short Hamd Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Hamd poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Hamd poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Glorifying 'Hamd'
Oh thee creator
I bestow thy Holy name
Ye unique kind-fold....

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Categories: hamd, depression, religious, thank you,
Form: Haiku

The sky was a Gray
And yet a Thunder did roll.
Add Wind Rain and Hail....

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© Wm Paul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: winter,
Form: Hamd
Premium Member to the show
And so
I can’t go
To the show
No no no
Locked in a cage
Can’t they see
My rage

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© cs parker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america,
Form: Hamd
Praise be to Allah
Lord of the Worlds
For all that blessings
He has given us
The ability to see, 
Hear, see, walk, talk,  
much more to list

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Categories: appreciation,
Form: Hamd
People of the Book
White hands, faces, minds, hearts, and souls
My love my lifetime!
You and all good people worldwide
For all that blessings and grace,
One should be always thankful to God

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Categories: relationship,
Form: Hamd

Shouting your name does the trick
Echoing when the heart is empty
I lamented all the signs
Really ruining my fate.

Dropped repugnantly colonial
It spreads and hates changes.

Some remnants of nobility
Sort of pinnacle
All corrupted spelling in my prayer

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Categories: feelings,
Form: Hamd
With grateful heart, deep gratitude, and satisfactions,
All types of praise and thanks be to Allah
For the good things He has given
For keeping me healthy and wealthy
I am very thankful to Allah for all things,
I have had
I have heard
I have read
I have seen
All types of Hamd be to Allah 

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Categories: appreciation, life, love,
Form: Hamd
All glory is to one
Who's the creator
Of earth and sky,
Sun and moon,
Stars and galaxies

The creator of all
The mountains and peaks,
Hills and plateaus,
Rivers and seas,
Ponds and lakes

All the things,
Leaves and flowers,
Animals and plants
Are witnessing of Allah
The creator of everything...

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Categories: allah,
Form: Hamd
'O Oh! Hamd By the name of Allah God Allah Hamd, Hamd ~ Praise Allah, Allah Oh, I (we) shall All exclusively Praise Him Allah, Allah Hamd by the name of God ~ All praise all praise, praise Allah all praise to Allah Hamd by the name of God
Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2022 1/13/22 ...

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Categories: allah, devotion, god, inspirational, song,
Form: Hamd
Allah is the one
Allah is the one,
neither he is father nor he is son,

and the things get done,

Allah made the sky,
seems to like fly,

Allah made universe,

Allah gives anyone without reason,
Allah do not tired in any season,

Allah is everywhere,
nearer than your heart nears,

Allah is the one,
neither his father nor his son,


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© hamza abid  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, faith, religion, religious, universe,
Form: Hamd
Let Me
If there will be, let me have your time 
Let me hold your hand as you are mine
And I’ll let you marvel on me like masterpiece 
Take your chance to sculpt me like I'm made to be yours
Do not rush to pass every minutes that will be spend
Detailed, deep, and rave let me be my selfish me 
So I may perfectly surrender to selfless you
A queen to your empire’s enemy let me 
Then breathe with the greatness you shared with me.


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Categories: beauty, emotions, for him, freedom, love, romance,
Form: Hamd
Premium Member AUTUMN TREES

like some huge wild beast
this hollow tree, dead limbs spread
two children inside

three wolves in the snow
patiently look up the tree
some nut shells and tracks

hear their wild clucking
three ducks in the snow look up
strewn red berries, tracks

bare trees and lamp posts
this empty, snow covered bench
man with saxophone

branches split skyward
a few yet cling at the top
flock of geese fly south

Dave Austin


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Categories: nature,
Form: Hamd