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Dad Funeral Poems

These Dad Funeral poems are examples of Funeral poems about Dad. These are the best examples of Funeral Dad poems written by international poets.

If he still had a voice
The day the angels came, i didnt then know why,
Untill i saw my fathers eyes, as he began to cry,

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Categories: funeral, angel, bereavement, children, death,

Heaven's Light: A Loving Memory of my Uncle, Paul Murray
Heaven’s light shines brighter today
And its gates are opened extra wide
They’re preparing for another angel
To be seated by God’s side.
The trumpets blow louder
And the angel’s...

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Categories: angel, farewell, funeral, god,

Premium Member Viewing, Revisited
Thinly lined eyelids seal the window to his soul.
His cheeks sink in, countenance concealed and dull.
His still lips wrinkle down to a frown, without tone.

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Categories: funeral, confusion, dad, death, father,

Puff - for funeral service contest
We’re here to remember you, Tony McDuff
Though most of us here knew you better as ‘Puff’
You’d take any challenge, no matter how rough
Alas your last...

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Categories: funeral, cancer, death of a

Premium Member Seventeen Funeral Cards In His Pocket
Seventeen funeral cards in his breast coat suit pocket
Waiting to be discovered, after his death.
Filling it up, folded neatly, in a row, 
We could have...

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Categories: death, funeral, life,

To My Son
               To My Son
My Darling new baby You are perfect and...

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Categories: funeral, blessing, child, emotions, eulogy,


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Categories: funeral, bereavement, cancer, courage, dad,

Grandpa joined the Royal Navy as a cadet,
he adored life on the cerulean sea.
Often we’d talk until midnight,
his sapphire eyes twinkled as he told me...

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Categories: funeral, grandfather, i miss

Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing
The family was ten when I was a lad.
Six siblings, Mum, Dad & Granddad.
When Dad left, Granddad went as well
Mum with five kids,...

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Categories: angst, family, funeral, sad,

Premium Member DEAR GRAND DAD

When you died
     We wept and cried
So much you left
     Inside unsaid
Buried with

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Categories: death, devotion, funeral, goodbye,

Tic Tock
Tic tock it’s just a clock 
seemingly  it never stops
A pendulum that ever swings 
Every hour the chimes will ring 
Hypnotic dance , she...

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Categories: funeral, bereavement, caregiving, dad, death,

The Exorcism Of G-Bad pt4
My little bro has some news
He tells it real slow
Stage 4 in his lungs
Time left he doesn't know
My disbelief, denial, I couldn't face the fact

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Categories: funeral, anger, bereavement, brother, cancer,

RIP Kiwi
Pulling together the pieces
Our broken hearts lay bare
A needle and thread is what we need
To rescue what is left, we share 

The constant tears steam...

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Categories: funeral, absence, bereavement, dad, family,

Service of Song
At His Feet shall we meet
There we shall part no more
So they sang at his wake
His corpse now at stake
In a box he was placed

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Categories: character, death, farewell, funeral,

About Dad
They’re in the kitchen,
drinking coffee, the kids,
in their fifties now, 
figuring out what to do 
about Dad who’s 
in the parlor listening,
counting all the marbles

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Categories: funeral,

With Heavy Hearts
It's selfish to have missed you
When you were called back home
You left us here and made the journey
To Heavens gate alone

As you stood before your...

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Categories: eulogy, funeral, loss, missing

Premium Member Favorite Recurring Nightmares Part 1
Don't you think that this title is darkly divine?
But, of course, there will have to be weirdness that’s funny,
Though my nightmares are many and have...

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Categories: anxiety, crazy, fun, funeral,

Premium Member A Litany of Thanksgiving
The highway bridges
Remnants of conversation 
Clothed in ethereal blue.
Variform clouds
Stark white or gray
Bandage my heart.

Brother’s litany
Of thanksgiving
Floats above my head.
Mom and dad were
Good parents.
They worked...

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Categories: funeral, bereavement, brother, death, faith,

Another Bitter Ending
Another late night at work,
Another long night in a full house alone,
Another time with him at the bar,
Another early morning of drunk irrationality.
Our children grow...

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Categories: funeral, children, dad, dark, depression,

you cant help me
I am a demon  born from things you can not see 
I am the devil look deep inside of me 
this smile was born...

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Categories: funeral, abuse, america, anger, child,