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Drug Poems

Drug Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about drugs. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for drug.

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narcotic, stimulant, hallucinogen, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, meth, heroin

New Poems

Premium Member too comatose to see
is your appetency
for what you suspire

you feed on this drug
to make life passable
but by the same line
that educes endurance
it will transport
inevitable death

Dec 10. 2019
If you Live by the sword, you die by the sword poetry contest
Sponsored by Silent one...Read More
Categories: drug, addiction,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Do U DUI
Do U…
Yes, you do!

Celebrate with friends. 
Drinking laughing, 
and telling jokes. 
all is well. 

Merry Christmas, 
Happy New Year, 
I pray you see the first day, 
and not your last. 

It controls us, 
It always did, 
We were just...Read More
Categories: abuse, divorce, drink, drug, holiday, holocaust, humanity,
Form: Narrative
Where'd You Go Hunter
Where'd You Go, Hunter?

Were you being Earnest?
Or maybe, Kurt?
Took a bullet for your past
What caused the hurt?

You shouldn't have gone
You should have stayed here
But I guess you just had enough
Of the Kingdom of Fear

You had much more to offer man
But...Read More
Categories: drug, angst, death, deep, destiny,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
 And, behold, one of them which were with Jesus stretched out his hand, and drew his sword, and struck a servant of the high priest's, and smote off his ear.
Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword...Read More
Categories: death, drug, life,
Form: Rhyme
Morning Cigarette
I'm nothing special 
And I ain't unique
But I know 
You dont feel
The same as me

Darling don't you know

A question answered
Asks a thousand more
Maybe cause I'm
Only asking questions 
On the floor

When I wake up 
And the sun is down
And my heads
Still...Read More
Categories: absence, addiction, beautiful, beauty, courage, drug, poetry,
Form: Lyric

Haiku 157
Once sure now so lost
Starch and blood we crave
Quickly to the grave...Read More
Categories: black african american, dark, death, drug, health,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Who by Fire Ramblings
Who by fire
 watches the earth burn?

Who believes that matter
 is neither created nor destroyed?

Who burns their bridges behind them
 after walking across its form?

Who swims the water's edge
 treading through its unknown depths?

Who drowns his spirit
 in alcohol, drug,...Read More
Categories: drug, life,
Form: Couplet
Gone Like a Whisper
Oh isn't it unfair?
Right there
Gone like a whisper  .
For something to be 
To really be,
Specials only vanish

Let me grab it 
Let me hold it 
I'll be careful I promise

But an idea never tarnished,
Why so eager to rot?
Why these children
Without...Read More
Categories: betrayal, change, death, drug, endurance, introspection, nostalgia,
Form: Lyric
am i not
only going
to get up on
a soapbox and
tell you what you

will see be
hind the curtain
but certainly you'll
agree that the pittance
you paid will seem less then

the value
of what you
saw in second
thought after you
left leaving you with

like a drug
at...Read More
Categories: drug, muse,
Form: I do not know?
In the land of gods and demons 
I was an angel a beautiful innocent angel .....but I taste the evil 
Living in the garden of evil
Sins and curses are in charge in this life Shining like a beacon of fire...Read More
Categories: addiction, dark, drug, evil, fire, god, heaven,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Holy Spirit Moments

I’ve never experienced hallelujah or come-to -Jesus moments
like I’m sure many religious folks do.
I’ve never spoken in tongues (nor would I want to).
I don’t believe I was ever moved much by the Holy Spirit in church
although I have been moved...Read More
Categories: drug, god,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Rush Passed
Rush Passed

Don’t see
what is happening, 
keep moving. 
Don’t look, 
you will have to stop. 
You always do. 

I am not in a hurry, 
I want to see. 
what exactly the world
has done to me. 

I am homeless, 
but I had...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, abortion, addiction, courage, divorce, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hello Mrs Naive
( Hello Mrs. Naive )

Come follow me, I promise it wont hurt
Just stick me in your arm, slowly insert
All your pain will go away, but only for hours
Come insert me in the skin, only for cowards

Come puff on me, let...Read More
Categories: addiction, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Office
The Office

There are at least a dozen people waiting. 
They are in various degrees of need. 
Desperate for answers…
“They” will not receive here. 
But the very idea, 
of a cure, 
of something better. 
Draws them on. 

The woman at the...Read More
Categories: addiction, allah, america, death, drug, gothic, heaven,
Form: Free verse
The Dark Ones Are Coming
Out of the gloom the dark ones rise
Into our future we go,
We're just ourselves, don't you dare judge us
And we will be sure at sun rise
How we discovered the glow
Pride's on the shelf, have you not seen dust
Like glittering stars...Read More
Categories: allusion, anxiety, corruption, drug, horror, murder, violence,
Form: Free verse
Whose Sword Lands The Blow, Part II
His organization taken apart,
he found himself hiding in a safe house,
paranoid that Jones would learn he was there,
so crazed he made sure all the lights were doused,
he did not even bring along his spouse,
keeping a half-dozen armed me with him,
then...Read More
Categories: anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, drug, violence,
Form: Narrative
Whose Sword Lands The Blow, Part I
Mercury Delgado ruled as a drug lord,
a title that he had earned violently,
started as a dealer, worked his way up
by killing his foes mercilessly,
there was no end to his power and greed.
But a hero cop had him in his sights,
so...Read More
Categories: anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, drug, violence,
Form: Narrative
Grass Stained Heart
Sitting on the Field
Lights come up on stage
All we have is time
I don’t mind the wait
I looked at you
And you looked at me

I do know why
I found you
I wonder how
You found me too

So baby don’t tell me
Just give me your...Read More
Categories: beautiful, drug, green, happiness, love, music, simile,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member In Case You Didnt Know

I dont know if I ever told you, your the air that I breath
It doesn`t take long to miss you, the moment that you leave
You make my world complete, the centerpiece in the show
Your...Read More
Categories: drug, love, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Amsterdam
If you seek to fully understand
This complex human jam
You just need a ticket in hand 
To fly to Amsterdam!

History walks the streets here
In every pavement stone 
You find friendship and cheer
 On every face In town!

Watch the cyclist to the...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, drug, happy, prejudice, travel, urban,
Form: Rhyme
You only see me has a friend
I am with this curse of aver falling in love with an implosione It hurts because you will never know
destiny put me in your life to love you unconditionally and irremediably
You don't think of me as I would like
That is...Read More
Categories: drug, addiction, crush, depression, desire, fate, i love
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Insomnia's Dream
Insomnia’s Dream

A Poetic Expression by JC Hawkens

I reach for the walls
Blinded by the light 
I hear a voice call
With rhythm and rhyme 
Not a shadow in sight

Fear hangs as tension that mounts
My head is so empty 
It screams in my...Read More
Categories: drug, longing, mental illness, psychological, silence, sleep,
Form: Free verse
before i go
herei am
once again feeling lost 
missing you like crazy 
even today, yet i do not know why you left
oh baby, you are on my mind all day
evem on my hardest, darkest day on my mind its just you
your name shouting,...Read More
Categories: deep, depression, destiny, drug, men, true love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Lab Rat Race
Lab Rat Race - 

Well it’s a hard pill to swallow
that we aren’t promised tomorrow;
but the rent is still due today. 
Sure, you’re losing your mind
but you still made it to work on time;
That’s just the nature of the rat...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, drug, irony, lost, satire, society,
Form: Free verse
Crazy world
The world's gone mad
It's  driving me crazy
Is satan winning
Or has God got lazy

Fighter named jahadi Jack 
walks round  town with a bomb strapped to his back
He'd blow up the world if he was able
Made in Britain, wrote on his...Read More
Categories: drug, anger, society,
Form: ABC