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Nature Dramatic Monologue Poems

These Nature Dramatic Monologue poems are examples of Dramatic Monologue poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Dramatic Monologue Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member REFLECTIONS ON IMPORTANT THINGS ---My Spoken word
The most important thing in life is God the next important thing is our self not in pride the third most important thing is Love...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, caregiving, celebration,

Premium Member O the Sound of the Trees Walking My God is Talking to Me
 Dedicated to God is Speaking...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, devotion,

Premium Member WE ARE the LAMB of GOD
Divine life, divine love;
Father lead me, give me;
Teach me to love;
Energy actions showing invisibly sown from thee;
Visually actions born  from above;
The Father speaks life,...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, deep, devotion,

Premium Member The Last Organ Grinder
I can still remember visiting a small musical town,  
a young boy holding his hat and singing his heart out for money.  

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Categories: boy, dad, dog, music,

Premium Member Three Legged Table
As a child, 
I loved to watch Grandpa build. 
His basement workshop, 
was filled with tools. 
Tools hanging on every wall, 
wood neatly stacked in...

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Categories: child, fun, grandfather, love,

Premium Member A Price Too Great
I just don’t know…..and yet I am called by the dark void of emptiness before me which with returned piercing glare refuses to release me...

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member Sitting Swaying In a Swing At the Park- Thinkin Bout Those Joys In Mine Life
Father you whose am I HERE AM I 
Sitting here in the park 
in the light it's not dark
 it's a new day on the...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, deep, fantasy,

Premium Member Angelic
"We can all be an angel to someone." By Poet

I can still remember,
the days of years gone by.
We were so young and carefree,
time did not...

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Categories: angel, beauty, life, love,

Premium Member Bottomless Depth
After a much needed rainy night,                   ...

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Categories: dad, day, night, rain,

Premium Member The Joy of Watching Animals
This true story must be told,                                       ...

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Categories: dog, fun, prayer, smile,

Premium Member God
Does God have more than one name,
in the bible many names can be found.
In Exodus Moses said,
"The LORD Is My Banner."
Jehovah Shalom,
"The LORD our Peace."

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Categories: bible, faith, god, heaven,

Premium Member Don'T Fight It - Write It
I have a problem with public bathrooms,                  ...

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Categories: feelings, water,

Premium Member What's Love Got To Do With It
I started out life as Anna Mae Bullock,                 ...

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Categories: child, cry, hurt, music,

Premium Member Father Elohim So Speak Unto Me- My Spokenword
 FATHER so speak, Father ELOHIM speak unto me
There's a calm in the wind 
Yet it's halting 
It's early summer yet the breeze it is...

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Categories: addiction, appreciation, caregiving, creation,

Premium Member War and Police
It seems to be an ongoing epoch,
    With the trials of humanity.
        Where peaceful days...

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Categories: conflict, war,