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Friendship Dramatic Monologue Poems

These Friendship Dramatic Monologue poems are examples of Dramatic Monologue poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Dramatic Monologue Friendship poems written by international poets.

Premium Member To My First Dog
To My First Dog

Long asleep in your unknown grave,
My companion, loyal and beloved
Throughout my youth’s growing years,
You cannot know nor now see
How you do still...

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Categories: grief, imagery, peace, pets,

Premium Member The Last Organ Grinder
I can still remember visiting a small musical town,  
a young boy holding his hat and singing his heart out for money.  

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Categories: boy, dad, dog, music,

Premium Member Three Legged Table
As a child, 
I loved to watch Grandpa build. 
His basement workshop, 
was filled with tools. 
Tools hanging on every wall, 
wood neatly stacked in...

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Categories: child, fun, grandfather, love,

Soup of Colorful Delight
Satisfying soup of colorful veggie sight
surely offers hearty meal for great appetite
nurturing taste buds with red and green pepper bright
palatable midst yellow eggs' breakfast delight.


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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, food,

Premium Member Angelic
"We can all be an angel to someone." By Poet

I can still remember,
the days of years gone by.
We were so young and carefree,
time did not...

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Categories: angel, beauty, life, love,

Premium Member Bottomless Depth
After a much needed rainy night,                   ...

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Categories: dad, day, night, rain,

Premium Member The Joy of Watching Animals
This true story must be told,                                       ...

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Categories: dog, fun, prayer, smile,

Premium Member God
Does God have more than one name,
in the bible many names can be found.
In Exodus Moses said,
"The LORD Is My Banner."
Jehovah Shalom,
"The LORD our Peace."

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Categories: bible, faith, god, heaven,

Premium Member Don'T Fight It - Write It
I have a problem with public bathrooms,                  ...

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Categories: feelings, water,

Premium Member What's Love Got To Do With It
I started out life as Anna Mae Bullock,                 ...

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Categories: child, cry, hurt, music,

Premium Member Letter To My Mother
Dear Mommy,                       ...

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Categories: child, joy, life, love,

Premium Member If Only I Could
If only I could have the power,                  ...

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Categories: dream, life, love, people,

Premium Member My Pretty Colorful Rose Bouquet
The yellow rose is filled with sunshine and joy,  
she says welcome back or good luck.  

The red rose tells a story of...

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Categories: blue, green, happy, love,

Premium Member In the Grass
Walking in the grass,                     ...

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Categories: betrayal, cool, friend, green,

Premium Member Y'All Don'T Want It- My Spokenword
an be some people trying
To be them there denying me
As well then then their folks spyin me

Ya Don't  want IT


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Categories: analogy, blessing, encouraging, faith,