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Culture Poems

Culture Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about culture. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for culture.

New Poems

Meth Bomb, Homicide Village, 
Diverse Culture Site, Crown Town, 
Kendaltucky and Johnny Appleseed's Homestead; 
Tremendous and Troubling and Tortured, 
Town of the Long Face: 
They say you are explosive, and that is valid; I know of the white powdery crystallized...Read More
Categories: culture, absence, child, home, old,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Stuck in a Christmas Globe

The Elf on the Shelf is 
White Christmas is now
a “dog whistle”
no longer is Christmas embraced
in the soft fluffy down of the thistle
the greetings are muffled
no eye contact made
for everyone’s frightened
but no-one’s afraid
to challenge a word
a phrase or a sweater
no...Read More
Categories: christmas, culture, society,
Form: Free verse
We need to talk .......... about the gender of vermillion 
Lawyers fees and centipedes 
The Gospel Of Thomas 
Spherical entities that come through the walls
Divisions and their reality 
Edam ,  frostbite ,  hacksaws ,  and hollow hearts
Why...Read More
Categories: conflict, culture, future, humanity, humor, political, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
Three Greenbacks
There's three greenbacks in my pocket
Most I have had was ten
This cowboy's life don't make you rich
The green is pretty thin

Now I could take my three dollars -
An' that's the whole dang pot -
Then ride to town and have a...Read More
Categories: culture,
Form: Cowboy
roses are not blue
Roses are not blue

The world as one is a grey blanket of nothing
The same language the same culture (consumerism)
A haze foul of jollity and hollow laughter.
Lost minds save the elephant and waterholes

Life is a self-indulgent rush into the arms of...Read More
Categories: culture, cinderella, color, confidence, corruption,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Talking Racism
Why is racism
so difficult to own
and heal
for fragile western
and northern white people?

Why is patriarchalism
so difficult to own
and inclusively heal
for fragile ecofeminists
against narcissistic straight white males?

Why is nonbinary heterodoxuality
so difficult to orthodoxically own
and multiculturally heal
for fragile binary
straight monoculturalists
against LGBTQ unwhite
unpatriarchal rainbows
celebrating...Read More
Categories: community, culture, earth, integrity, passion, psychological, racism,
Form: Political Verse
The thunderstorms comes and goes
Although reality stays the same
The tears comes and goes
Although the endurance keeps on growing
Staring at the goal

What am I talking about
Let the foundation be laid properly
What am I indulging
Let it be build on the scarcity
Staring at...Read More
Categories: age, appreciation, blessing, change, courage, culture, future,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Holy Night
Holy Night

My dearest friend, 
I know we believe in the same God. 
He loves you, and your family. 
He loves me and mine. 
Let us agree together,
That we love Him. 

Jesus born, a baby in a manger. 
A single man,...Read More
Categories: allah, angel, children, christian, christmas, culture, jewish,
Form: Narrative
Cheap Ink Clots redux
( by Lingua Lacuna )

(  dedicated to 'Pussy Riot' and Vladimir Putin's merry men ( "Look at the decadence!!!"  ))

Cheap ink clots Dolla Sto™  pad snot-blots


The Fresh Mark æut™


I eat ripple-cut kettle-cooked gourmet potato-chips


white-chedder...Read More
Categories: culture, dedication, political,
Form: Burlesque
The smell of gentle rain in the court yard
The sound of the fog horn standing port guard
A taste of salt in the drops from my nose
All touch my soul as the life that I chose

I can smell the harbors I...Read More
Categories: culture, home,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Our Culture
Our Culture
Written: by Miracle Man

A culture of dependency is what we now face,
This kind of thinking should be a disgrace.

We look to big brother for the tiniest need,
Usually being fostered by laziness and greed.

Socialists are adamant about wealth redistribution,
They introduce...Read More
Categories: culture, destiny, leadership, power,
Form: Couplet
        ...Read More
Categories: body, business, career, celebrity, culture, love, song,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine 

When we were young and went out into  the world ,we chose to give in 
When we could no longer hold our own 
Though we knew better than to listen to 
The voice in the song...Read More
Categories: christian, culture, destiny, dream, faith, family, fate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member American Thanksgiving, 1621
American Thanksgiving (1621)

Passengers in England boarded the Mayflower
To cross the Atlantic for the New World.
To escape religious persecution
For worshipping God as they saw fit
With separation of Church and state, God and King.

They suffered hardship that first winter 
Off Plymouth Rock...Read More
Categories: america, autumn, culture, history, holiday, november, thanksgiving
Form: Verse
Premium Member Varsity Blues

A Tom Wright opinion
(Do the crime, do the time)

White collar crime,
such as “Varsity Blues.”
Perp’s haven’t spent a day,
in a poor man’s shoes.

Generally a judge admonishes,
with a slap on the wrist.
The Rich & Famous crimes,
will be nearly dismissed.

Oh, a judge will...Read More
Categories: corruption, culture,
Form: Lyric
Erotes Gerund
erotes might allow her to speak of you as her husband
might you meet the requirements of her conditions.
to become her husband she wishes these seven things.
then upon receiving these things she shall light
seven different candles
symbolizing each day.
he too wishes things...Read More
Categories: business, career, culture, future, guitar, marriage, money,
Form: Ballad
Half Empty, Half Full
How is this world
heavy pockets, empty soul
scent all over their body
but words are so foul...

Look how beautiful that
falling  leave  is
wow it's grace and lovely pave is
stones covered in those, such
that, like beard of man, before shave

Chirping birds, sounds...Read More
Categories: color, conflict, culture, dedication, environment, faith, youth,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member PermaCulture's ZeroZone Design
Permaculture Design
is the opposite of Agriculture Resigned
to unacceptable short-term financial risks
and long-term health and nutrition disasters.

Permaculture Design
is a hybrid of Agriculturally resilient health-climates
and Landscape Architecture,
Design and Engineering 
Planting and Harvesting economic cycles
to create not only beautifully interdependent properties
but also nutrition...Read More
Categories: caregiving, community, culture, emotions, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Water that’s red is water that’s dead
Wet with toxic incompossibility 
A sliding scale of hellish deliverance 
Attached to chemical destruction 
Gone forever to feverish ends
A definitive cocktail summoning the dark
Something that’s been taken through fate
Spat out by demons...Read More
Categories: culture, dark, destiny, horror, imagery, obituary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Graveyard Caste

Come quickly, let us tempt the fading mists
we ghostly shadows of a graveyard tryst
ashamed - not of our deed - but of our sin
fulfillment of the dream of now, not then.

And so among the silent headstone hush
we lie beneath the...Read More
Categories: culture, love, lust, society,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Appropriate Cultures
Cultural ownership,
disproportionately lavished upon kings,
the occasional ecopolitical queen,
white male Republican Senators,
elite corporate CEOs
overdriving inside monocultural management
feeding consumer acquisitive appetites

Leads to cultural entitlement

Elitely leads to cultural appropriation,
where I win appropriate proportions
at your loser disproportionate misfortune,

sometimes to multicultural creolization,
where everyone wins Golden...Read More
Categories: culture, health, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member King Of Kings - The Whitneys Kiss Style

~ King  Of  Kings ~
( Whitney's Kiss   )


Seek  His  Love 
You'll find His Grace
The whole  world
Proclaim His Glory 
Now  is  time
To  Praise  the  Lord
My heart for  Him...Read More
Categories: culture, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
The Untold Story of Africa part two
They are eating what's  inside the dust bin! Yuck! Duck! Plug! ....Pooh! Woo! Doo!
No ways l am going back ehlathini! Kanti nithini?

I am Zulu!
I am Sotho!
I am Tswana!
I am Pedi!
I am Shona!
I am Tsonga!
I am Afrikaner!
No l am biased!...Read More
Categories: culture, africa,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Family Thanks 1958
The feet of twenty cousins were trampling and pounding the floor
As my Aunt Pearl's house trembled and suddenly became smaller.
We were racing with the games of 'who could find who' behind the door
While munchkin toddlers all dressed up waddled or...Read More
Categories: culture, blessing, celebration, family, friendship love, happy,
Form: Rhyme

The majority of people 
On this beautiful planet,
All with their own lifestyles,
Culture, religion, 
History and tales!
When they see these,
Long white streaks,
In the sky,
They think 
Nothing of them
And call them 
Busy with their lives,
Busy in their actions!
Minds being taken over,
By one...Read More
Categories: culture, literature,
Form: Epic