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Meow Cat Poems

These Meow Cat poems are examples of Cat poems about Meow. These are the best examples of Cat Meow poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Wake, Pee, Meow, Eat, Sleep


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.Cat calls softly in the night.

What do they mean?

What do they say!

Sexy, warm meows, I overhear.


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Categories: cat, imagery, night, sound,

a nesting sparrow;
fell down from out of a tree;
onto his side now,
fell on the ground now;
sparrow has a broken wing;
can't fly away now;
there's danger afoot;

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Categories: adventure, analogy, bird, cat,

Premium Member Wake, Pee, Meow, Eat, Sleep

The life of a cat is pretty boring but sweet
Wake up, pee, meow, eat, sleep, then repeat
Much like us humanoids
Of direction they're void
Very dependent on...

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Premium Member Clever the Exotic Cat
Over in the corner of Grandma McDuck’s Farm House
Was the cutest little bunch of kittens, and a quite dead mouse.
We ran over to look and...

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Categories: cat, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member Hercules and Adonis Serenade Devout
Hercules was serenading his sweetie from a wobbly willow chair.
His melodic notes of love swoon floated mightily in the air.
His voice was on fire today,...

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Premium Member Frozen Mouse and Empty Paws

There was a mouse wanting out of the cold
Scurried up the lead pipe wrapped up in old
Blankets. Feeling safe and warm
Fell asleep whilst the ice...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cat,

Premium Member Trying to Not Think of Kittens
Jake was trying not to think of kittens, or fluffy tailed cats.
He’d been dreaming of them since he’d seen one in the salt flats.
His wife...

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Categories: cat, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Flying Munchkin My Cat
My flying Munchkin was such a fluffy sweet cat.
A baby in arms who grew quite wide and quite fat.
I was attending school and did not...

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Premium Member Cat Pharaoh Poser
She knew if she could pull this off, she would be the best
Pharaoh Ancient Egypt had ever seen, it was her utmost quest.
You need to...

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Fat Cat Pat
rat a tat rata tat a tat 
there was a fat cat named pat
who fell asleep on a mat
woke up to tat a tat tat...

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Categories: cat, repetition,

Premium Member Cat Confused and Distant-
A cat's meow distant,  a confused colorful cat sits and stare meow

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2021...

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Categories: analogy, cat, uplifting,

Premium Member Where is Poindexter
Could not find the kitty again; called her, she was too smart to meow.
At the top of the Christmas tree; dog told me with his...

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Categories: cat,

Escaping judgment
Whisked away from the judgment, those in who's eyes
The creator of this universe and humans I defy
My sin was to be trapped in this body...

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© Max Gren  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, cat, depression, emotions,

Premium Member Concrete Cat

O         I
am       so
sad     now
that  she...

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