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Burning Question Poems

Burning Question Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of burning question poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for burning question.

New Poems

Premium Member What Is Normal

My burning question is what is “normal”
Normal is unique with everyone, intrinsically moral
So how is it defined
It's defined by the mind
Of course, we have to deal with the creepy abnormal

...Read More
Categories: burning question, nostalgia,
Form: Limerick


What's UP
I'm tested and I am upset;
Cause I can't have my way;
This is some of the concerns of me as a, teen today...

AHH!!!  man my parents, don't think
They just don't understand;
Adults these days, just don't...Read More
Categories: burning question, addiction, analogy, anxiety, bullying, childhood, culture, teen,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Such a cliche
I'll drink to that, three sheets in the wind, the Booze cruise                        Drinking like a fish, kicking...Read More
Categories: burning question, funny, humor, irony, language, literature, word play,
Form: Free verse
The jewel in the crown
I really want to, but then I really don't
My mind says to stop, but somehow I just won't
The battle rages on, inside my head each day
Most times I never know, what I will do or say
And such is the life,...Read More
Categories: burning question, addiction,
Form: ABC
The Model
I decided today
To become a model outright
Not one that walks the runway
But one that walks through life

Someone that others can follow
Not a leader per sa
But one that sets higher standards 
Of morals along the way

One who is a prime example
In...Read More
Categories: burning question, life,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member LADY IN WAITING
A tale of a lady in waiting.....
Emily did speed dating,
For her swain she is waiting,
Emily, anticipating,
Hopes fantasising,
Are her nuptials nearing?
Is today that diamond appearing?
Shall she have a solitaire ring?
Preceding her white wedding?
Now her swain is appearing,
He has a burning question,
She...Read More
Categories: burning question, boyfriend, fantasy, girlfriend, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
So why do I do what I do?
Do I really have free choice
or am I the product
of social conditioning,
complying with the expected 
conventions and restrictions
placed upon me
by my peers and elders?

Do I live my own life
to my own tune
or am...Read More
Categories: burning question, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Tiger Butterfly's Dilemma

                                "The Tiger Butterfly's Dilemma"

    ...Read More
Categories: burning question, butterfly, destiny, dream, tiger,
Form: Rhyme
Mating Rituals
The warm evening breeze 
Caresses my skin as I sit 
Beneath the old garden elm. 

The chatter of birds echoes
 Through the trees as they perform 
Their spring mating ritual. 

Redbirds, mocking-jays, and hummers 
Scurry from limb to limb, jealously...Read More
Categories: burning question, bird, for him, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
Why exactly are we here - THE ANSWERS
Well, I'm sure you've asked the question:  “Why exactly are we here?"
Just stick with me and you will find the reasons all made clear.
You see, we're here to solve some problems that our makers can't explain,
Being used to finding...Read More
Categories: burning question, dream, heaven, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Day Two of NPM April is national poetry month
Day two of NPM

Day Two of NPM

April is national poetry month


why eye can't have a girlfriend

old age has crept upp on eye

because of my broken teeth

it is a health hazard to kiss

overall appearances

halitosis and local laws forbidding marriage

of the poor...Read More
Categories: burning question, best friend, boyfriend, heart, poetry,
Form: Prose
holy graphic
standards fall
infinite divisions
of a space call
for creations base

" eat me "
the waters taste
of completion

Aellopus delivers
a connection
and a field explodes
in subtle elation

an ocean
births a generation

" opposites attract "
a burning question

" and the beauty of a point "
the equation

it's the holy graphic
of...Read More
Categories: burning question, space,
Form: Rhyme
May I Lay My Head Upon Your Shoulder
May I Lay My Head
Upon Your Shoulder?
Just For A Moment
and Not A Minute-Longer?

When Hurt’s Too Heavy
The Weight of The World
Gets To Be Too Much
For This Lonely Girl

May I Lay My Head
Upon Your Shoulder?
So The World Won’t Seem
To Be Getting Colder...Read More
Categories: burning question, life, lonely,
Form: Light Verse
A tempting fabrication of imagination - not to be had
A simple answer to a burning question – not to be said
Through your eyes I see me as I want to be – not real
In my mind I see you as...Read More
Categories: burning question, love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member EASY WAY OUT AT 83

A burning question – 
Is it a sin to be rich? -
Yes if you are poor,
But not if you have a lot

How much is too much?
Another burning question
The poor would answer –
When you have more than...Read More
Categories: burning question, life,
Form: Free verse
                           This is a song by Rascal Flatts that I have requested to
 ...Read More
Categories: burning question, dedication, funeral, song-song, autumn, song,
Form: Lyric
The Interrogation of an Animation
Superman, Batman, and Spiderman 
you too. I have a burning question 
about what you guys do.

You save the world from evil am I 

And in doing so you've gained the 
worlds respect.

But that's not my question before 
you interject...

Its just...Read More
Categories: burning question, adventure
Form: Rhyme
Burning Question
Burning Question

A life of banging my head against the wall
Searching for answers
I am plagued by instant replays

Haunting me
Taunting me

Isolation has become my companion
Dark emotions has become my jailor
I am chained to my life of despair
I see no redemption ahead

Nothing seem...Read More
Categories: burning question, depression, life,
Form: I do not know?
The Weight of Angel Wings

The Weight of Angel Wings
By Rick Rucker

Whenever I see you,
Strange things happen, not a clue
About how they could be,
Far too magical to see!

When you walk down the street,
All the songbirds choose to tweet,
Could this be merely random,
Or a case of...Read More
Categories: burning question, inspirationalangel, angel, fear, me, planet,
Form: Quatrain
The Valley of Death - Cerulean Odyssey
Cerulean Odyssey, Vol.5, No.12
hollow grams of weightless chatter
boxes full of empty shells
the only seed worth saving
generations of a scarlet thread
I catch myself flying much too high
bleak the landscape of the forgotten
in another city full of silent bones
stacked and ready for...Read More
Categories: burning question, allegory, faith, inspirationalme,
Form: Epic
Burning Question
I have written of love and romance someone
passed a comment about being careful of
false idols. This left burning questions within
the mind and heart. Golden crucifixes, ornate
statues, papal rings to be kissed are not these
false idols, paintings adorn the walls, robes...Read More
Categories: burning question, faithme, life, love, me,
Form: I do not know?
And I Listen
My head on your chest
My ear to your heart
And it's all so right
I'm alright tonight
I've had this question 
On the tip of my tongue
For such a long time
A burning question
Wearing grooves in my mind
But you are my answer
I've found my...Read More
Categories: burning question,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Hourglass
In our youth the sand appeared always to creep,
But because we were young we scarcely paid heed.
It continuously drained in awake hours and sleep,
This unassuming hourglass was performing its deed.

In youth, why time crept was a burning question,
But by middle...Read More
Categories: burning question, life, time,
Form: Lyric
I remember.
Tell me mummy
may I play with 
baby brother today?
Not yet  honey
he's too small 
he  might fall.
Wait another day.

Comes another day.
Mummy may I play 
with baby brother today?
Stll too young babe
 maybe another day.

 And the next day came
...Read More
Categories: burning question, happiness, happy, baby, god, heart, brother, baby,
Form: Rhyme
Father, Mother, Destiny
I forgive you mother and father
For your mistakes
Will I be forgiven for mine? 
They say the sins of the parents
Shall be visited upon the children
So they have visited
And I embraced them 
In times of uncertainty
And ran from them in
In moments...Read More
Categories: burning question, forgiveness, inspirational, life, mother, me, water, love,
Form: Free verse