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Bridal Shower Poems

Bridal Shower Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about bridal showers. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bridal shower.

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wedding, bride, newlywed, party, gathering

New Poems

When then shall I hear?
Then when will you marry daughter dear?
When then some weight I must lose.
Then when is the latest date you can choose?

For  Jenish Somadas's contest
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Categories: angst, anxiety, bridal shower, mothers day,
Form: Verse

bllowing wind
The blowing winds

As the wind blows from the North Atlantic Ocean
We are in awe by its forces but also scared us
 Know in its power we are small dust particles.
Defeated, we stand and wait for its destruction.

Up and up the...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, butterfly, care, celebration, character,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Cake Walk
take a frosted walk
clad tip to heel in baked pumps
cupcakes for your feet...Read More
Categories: art, bridal shower, creation, fantasy, hip hop,
Form: Senryu
Wedding things
We need the help to convey
Our causes to masses of
Marriage is a community
Affair which means
People's throughout the
Church needs to know
What to say 
When people are looking for
Help in coming together
People respond others
In many different ways 
Cultural differences
Generational differences
Communicational differences
Economical differenaces
Socail...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, education, engagement, song, sound, wedding,
Form: Ballad
There You Go Again
There you go again,
sniping from the safety of the nursery slopes,
applauded by those whose skis never leave the white.
Dreaming that you might one day
seek the tantalizing dangers of off-piste.

You've removed your wearisome mask;
wiped away your wetness.
Now the snowy sun of...Read More
Categories: bridal shower,
Form: Chant Royal

                                       ...Read More
Categories: beauty, bridal shower, change, environment, heartbreak, poems,
Form: Free verse
heart surgery
The surgery
I’m waiting for a friend of mine
He is having heart surgery tomorrow
And it is lonely not having friends around
The day before a serious surgery
We’ll not talk about illnesses’ and other
Subject related to hospitals.
Not talking in hushed voices but...Read More
Categories: blue, boxing day , bridal shower, butterfly, care,
Form: Blank verse
Lover and them
the heavy voiced female manager).....look stogolle: we have twelve hours to get the order complete.
so we are gonna share the responsiblity of the chore.
one of us has got to go to the store and get these items, in order to...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, happiness, love, music,
Form: Classicism
Early registration! Determination in his eyes , off we go to the land of isolation and independence.

It is what l asked for all my young life , now that it is here....l can't take it , l was warned that...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, 11th grade, 12th grade, birth, blessing, blue,
Form: Free verse
April Showers
April sent forth a shower of riverside catkins,
In the rainy Southern town I
set sail among blooming seas of lotus deities.
Fell through the bamboo ceiling,
Calling out your archaic name,
On the cobblestones it echoed, I watched
Fallen dynasties, rising for that tragic destiny
Into...Read More
Categories: april, bridal shower, city, emo, farewell, longing,
Form: Free verse
Just told it
He became cold.

Advantageous amp.

...ready endearment. 

steady slow.

.storage hiatus. 

!styled simple storage study.

!=your inertia....Read More
Categories: bridal shower, 10th grade, 2nd grade, break up, bridal
Form: Bio
at the hospital
At the hospital

At the waiting sit my wife is in with her doctor
In front of me to comely women sit one wears
A big bun in the back of her hair, the other one
A smaller bun.
I speculate if this bun difference...Read More
Categories: beach, best friend, betrayal, bridal shower,
Form: Blank verse
Know Chained Haiku
Know (Chain Haiku)

One would think we'd know
Knowing, God, intimately
Gives understanding

Gains Loves true beauty
Life's expectant pregnancy
Carrying duty

Expectant, truly
Across the void's Great Divide
On the Greatest Horse

That Joseph could find
That Mary could whisper to
Ruach, be in thee

Give wings to the beast
This beast of...Read More
Categories: best friend, bridal shower, courage, dark, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bell

Little princess, 
baby flower…
“Ruler”, and “Monarch” of the ants! 

Fairy bug,
tiny lady, 
wee, small, and "magic" dancer,
hidden in the petals… 

Who would dare to look for you?
A wish, a kiss, a dream?

Laughter spreading,
at the wedding…
the dance of every queen....Read More
Categories: bridal shower, dance, hope, passion, sunshine, sweet,
Form: Free verse
Our Smile
It feels great among nice people
we smile, eat, smile
we shine on our way down the horizons,
two stars, blessed by the rest
to superintend flocks of the sky
from afar, we dim lights
do you see that soft amber?
that's how far we have come.
that...Read More
Categories: appreciation, bird, bridal shower, celebration, cheer up,
Form: Free verse
Dreams Part 1

liquid currency of purchasing. 
Selling us your wares as we wade in your maelstrom pool.
Accentuating my cares.
Weave for me-from your electric spool.
Your hourglass adbdomain spin(e)-dling, fondling, sifting, and gonduling me to my destination azul.

Capture us as we aspire.
Before you...Read More
Categories: beach, beautiful, bridal shower, butterfly, caregiving, color,
Form: Rhyme
The Wrinkled Face
O wrinkled face!
You tell the story more than an age,
You hold a story book,that's too long to narrate. 

O wrinkled face! 
You reveals every lost and gained pains;
And every cherishing and despairing remembrances. 

O wrinkled face! 
Your is the beauty...Read More
Categories: beautiful, birthday, blue, bridal shower, care, celebration,
Form: Blank verse
Thee Mister Re Spouse
Thee Mister Re: Spouse...

In summer re: aye cannot whet till
this husbandry season will become
fallow -  mare riddle status no longer
honeymoon bridal stage covenant,
nuttin boot lame game of worm aye
go win round robin, since empty nest

syndrome grounded, nee pulverized
papa's purposefulness...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, for her, girl, imagery, longing,
Form: Verse
Wasema subira yavuta kheri,
Kamba iliyovuta kheri yakatika,
Yakatika na Uzito wa huba, uliojawa na mahaba,
Na safari ya mapenzi, iliyojaza sheheni,
Kwake nimetia Nanga, sihitaji kivuko,
Nasema hivi, Nitaolewa kesho.
Haba na haba hujaza kibaba,
Kibaba kilichosheheni mapenzi ya Dhati,
Moyo ukafurika, kwa pepo za mapenzi yake,
Sihitaji...Read More
Categories: 8th grade, africa, bridal shower, confidence, cute
Form: Alexandrine
                 NEW SOCEITY
Categories: blessing, bridal shower, business, celebrity, clothes, creation,
Form: Ballade
Garland Bond
Embellished enchantress, cynosure bride
bubbled elixir of laughter in a frenetic tide.
Moonlight blushing, a bouquet on her face,
sequined new dress, bejeweled satin grace.
Silken rose jasmine, weaved in wedding wreath
beamed pink love, magnolia prism beneath.
Souls sipped wine, from golden pots of honey,
an...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, celebration, flower, marriage,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member curse of the polka dot dress
short polka dot dresses
don't belong here
amidst the predators
headless beer
dream benders 
vulva vampires
cheap shot dead enders
so willing to blow hell fire
from innocent embers

A dash of black out
sprinkled into your naïve drink
sticky dreams dying
in a puddle of sunrise piss
daddy always warned you
about...Read More
Categories: bridal shower,
Form: Free verse
A cup of coffee in my midsts
Keeps me fit
As I open up my box of chocolates
I am bestowed with accolades
Today I feel I must pray
And must obey
Gods sumptuous 
Plays!...Read More
Categories: america, arabic, basketball, beautiful, birthday, bridal shower,
Form: Choka
Thank You God
Thank you God 
For this glimmering snow
Please God 
Don't keep me slow
Increase my strength
Remove my laments
Undo my pain
Make me Young 
Again!...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, 8th grade, america, angel, anti bullying, arabic,
Form: Classicism
Premium Member IF YOU PULL A LONG FACE - Part XXIV

IF you pull that long martyred face
While brake-disks hiss howl metal-doors click-clutch-cluck on railway
No Tokyo masks nor hand darts to protect the homefront populace
Breeding grounds Underground cooking love-cold soup bacteriae

If you...Read More
Categories: bridal shower, crush, fun, health, paris, wind,
Form: Dramatic Monologue