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Boxed In Poems

Boxed In Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of boxed in poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for boxed in.

New Poems

Someone sleeps tonight in a cardboard box
midst the mocking frills of a light-bright city.
I saw him at noon on the corner with his sign,
“His problem,” I consoled myself, “is not one of mine.”

Someone sleeps tonight in a cardboard box.
He was...Read More
Categories: boxed in, humanity, perspective, society,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member GOING UNDER
Flies cascading from a buddha’s mouth
Disappearing into evening sun
Coming back and going under........

Silhouettes that can’t let go 
Mutter truths others dare not tell 
Stain walls and fragile hearts 
With moments where delusions gather easily 
And sharp metallic shards cut facts...Read More
Categories: boxed in, character, conflict, culture, dark, humanity, life, perspective,
Form: I do not know?
Salvation of a Formalist, an Ode to Entropy
Salvation of a Formalist, an Ode to Entropy
by Michael R. Burch

God's universal decree
That I get to be
My erstwhile boxed-in verse is free?
Wheeeeee!...Read More
Categories: boxed in, humor, humorous, light, nonsense, satire, write, writing,
Form: Light Verse
Christmas without your presence
I used to sit alone in my room wondering why I had to spend christmas without you
A children's home full of kids and staff, but I just wanted to be around you
My world felt so dark that I couldn't see...Read More
Categories: boxed in, christmas, deep, family, father, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: XLIX - Tongue Teasers

« Third Degree » is when you add « Insult to injury ».

If you take everything everybody says with a « pinch of salt », we’ll soon be able to drink ocean water free of charge...Read More
Categories: boxed in, humor, irony, race, word play,
Form: Epigram

Premium Member A BOXED-IN WORLD

Lots of boxes that separates our thoughts from emotions,
Where more is placed in one than the other making a paradox,
Best with less boxes for a better perspective of life.

Date: 06/12/2019...Read More
Categories: boxed in, analogy, inspirational, introspection, life, meaningful, moving on,
Form: Sijo
Premium Member The Treasure Chest
Tim looked at the strong box crafted in oaken wood saplings and reason

Inside a map of his world he had travelled with dreams gusto and passion

Far away seas crested in a whirl wind of passage collected within and

Not without a...Read More
Categories: boxed in, journey,
Form: Free verse
Tupac was my hero so here we go
to sleep to dream through steel unawares
the chosen vessel pressed through the climax of time
a vestibule toward a couple left long ago
barbed wire fences latent refusal of meager defenses
there's glory  in the escape

hearken the minutes the hours set in...Read More
Categories: boxed in, america, analogy, mother son, rap,
Form: Free verse
Woolly Wolf
Mixologist witch. You serve a drink but with a nasty twist. You said you despair, as you’ll so easily break a pair? Never a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, always a spoonful of saccharine to help...Read More
Categories: boxed in, anger, hate,
Form: Free verse
She followed love
To an unknown door
Having no idea
What she was there for

The answer to all
Unrelated to situation
Spoke the words
That rang the perfect vibration her soul

He sat in a cell
Boxed in by behavior
A cook in the kitchen
Treated him to a new...Read More
Categories: boxed in, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Dark Soulless Place
Poetry interested me
In the least yesterday.
I did not pick up a pen.
I thought I would finish
My paintings, but I did not
Go near them.

Did not answer the phone
Either. People tried all day.
I had a full mailbox and 162
Facebook messages.
People were concerned.
People...Read More
Categories: boxed in, anger, depression, drug, feelings, pain, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Held Powerless
It is 2:47 p.m.
The day has crawled.
I cleaned a kitchen table.
And I swept a floor.
The rest of the time I have
Been held hostage by my thoughts.

Not painting the wall
 I wanted painted
Because I did not
want the mess.
Not gardening 
because of...Read More
Categories: boxed in, depression, how i feel, introspection, woman, women,
Form: Free verse
Last Love Song
Tonight the sky that once
became a blackboard of my 
dream gradually loves the dark.

The vast black heaven in the
night of sorrow is the haven of 
the twinkling stars.

But their brightness is 

They somehow make my heart 
For I am made...Read More
Categories: boxed in, pain,
Form: Free verse
OLd Tom
Old Tom was wrinkled
His face full of care
A military blazer 
He'd always wear

Tom was a fighter
He'd boxed in the ring
He had gone to war
He'd fought for his King

His medals with pride 
He always wore
In the pub of an evening
He'd lay...Read More
Categories: boxed in, absence, age, death, goodbye, old, sad, soldier,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Boxed In
Riding the rail cargo
blue sky's virgin eyes
suddenly a ride on the wild side.
Consumed like a passionate love affair
first sneaking around then a box unbarred.
There were several more boxes growing inside
tranquil the rush rolled up on the cool side.
Should I count...Read More
Categories: boxed in, addiction, celebration, encouraging, freedom, goodbye,
Form: Prose
A Self-indulgent Rant
I'm getting frustrated, uneasy.
I'm losing a brain cell or two;
one naturally, the other donated.
Yet, what I've lost is nothing,
nothing at all in comparison.
But, something has gone,
and I can't get it back.
I can't find comfort with a pen;
I write, but the...Read More
Categories: boxed in, self,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Paper and Other Excesses
The corporate guys with gray flannel suits,
And brief cases swinging on arms to boot,
Came around to the conference room,
"Computers will bring paper to its future doom"

That was back in ‘84,
When a young apprentice stood in the door,
With a knowing smile,...Read More
Categories: boxed in, analogy, humorous, satire,
Form: Quatrain
Turtle Shell
Lyric Poem Parody - Turtle Shell

Poems come from deep within the soul,
To help everyone's story be told.
The words that are written help bring joy,
Purpose, and love to fill life’s void.

Or maybe they don’t, who's to tell?
What is really the point...Read More
Categories: boxed in, deep, parody,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Secret Lives of Shame
We could speak together,
Decry rabid violence of chronically stressed kids
and young adults acting like kids,
apparently regardless of income or race;
perhaps not of enculturation.

Feeling claustrophobic,
anxious about an unpromising competitive future,
drowning in inch-deep and narrow boxed-in mentoring relationships,
without broad therapeutic merit, or...Read More
Categories: boxed in, abortion, caregiving, earth, happiness, health, integrity, racism,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member A Poetry Collection


Sand falls
Through the glass
Love falls
Within the past
Memories dance
They never last
Head in my hands
As I stare overhead
At the hourglass

Falling Down Stairs

Stairs broken
Wheels unspoken
I fell
Grasping for air
Are you there?

Piano Keys

Playing me
Rhythms dancing free
Clouds in air
Notes tossed in despair
Are you there?


Broken wings
Wounded sparrows...Read More
Categories: boxed in, art, guitar, humanity, introspection, longing, music, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
The next door
The next door

Like a bird released, I am now flying free.
A wide open future, my eyes are at last able to see,
Beyond the horizon there are a million possibilities.
Destiny is beckoning, fate is silent and I am awakening.

No longer boxed...Read More
Categories: boxed in, happy, love, proposal, romance, sunshine, true love,
Form: Bio
Stopped by the Law
I am a Taxi Driver 
And just pulled up to collect a fare
A young guy came out his house and got in
As I drove off I seen a police car turn around the corner 
And after I turned down the...Read More
Categories: boxed in, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member pre97 3 poems

Roots and searching for answers
Tiny boxes music dancers
Small, petite, and slowly climbing
Slowly songs release, forever winding
Absent end one dive from death
And snow falls with releasing breath
Black Boxed in space sister son
Exhale, inhale   dancer sings
And down a path change...Read More
Categories: boxed in, beautiful, beauty, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Kim Kardashian
I'm tired of all the things we have to put up with
So let me express myself and then I'll shut up quick
I'm thinking outside of it, while I'm alive I refuse to be boxed in
The only time I'll be boxed...Read More
Categories: boxed in, conflict, courage, culture, immigration, inspiration, inspirational, international,
Form: Free verse
demon drivers
The radio controlled emotion of a steel framed explosion happens not once nor twice or three times. Several sharp impacts equals a scrambled surface. Where no glorification of swamp residue exists for it glows and glows and expands in luminesce...Read More
Categories: boxed in, abuse,
Form: I do not know?