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Sailors Follow

Those stars that sailors follow
Guiding less the sea to swallow

And the night seas black as tar
Beyond the wave a land afar

Halyards taught, blocks in tallow
Breezes fresh and salt swallow

Timbers creak, white horses foam
Callused hands and oceans comb

And the stars pull them forth
South, east, west and north

Cabin boy or salty jack
Afore the mast, bare their back

Seas of glass or howling gales
Stands his watch what ever ails

For them the ocean a magic place
For every dawn a changing face

The face of his one true love
The wind, stars, skies above

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2010

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The Blood Stained Bridge

Into the timeless wood he fled, running from the night
While demons of his past gave chase beneath the pale moonlight
The man dressed in soiled rags, filth of his own making
Had spent a life unto himself, all others there forsaking.

But in the night, as shadows came, though nothing made a sound
A voice there in the dark he heard, though no one was around
Calling out to him by name, “Go… seek the blood stained bridge
Its ageless timber, dogwood made, up on yon high ridge.”

Somehow, he knew the voice he heard while running from the night
Was not from friend or foe without, but came from deep inside
So run he did through elder wood, to find the yon high ridge
The Voice there still was guiding him to reach the fabled bridge.

In agony, all power spent, found he the edge of night
His demons dogged him all the way and pressed him for a fight
The host advanced and pushed him back, back toward yon high ridge
But, when he turned to his dismay, he found no “saving” bridge.

He questioned if the voice he heard and trusted in the night
Was naught but wishful thinking; a last ditch hope-filled lie
In anguish and frustration there, he stood in fear and pain
And cursed his stubborn nature that kept him bound in shame.

Despairing for the life he’d lived, in fear of coming death
He fell there on the shifting sand and cried with his last breath
“I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and regret the life I’ve led”
He turned then to accept his fate, but there appeared the bridge instead.

The shadows all began to fade, his soul started to mend
As he took the first step ‘cross that bridge, the night came to an end
Waiting on the other side, the risen sun in brilliant light
The Voice within him beckoned, “Come,” then freed him from the night.

                                                                 ~Christopher Thor Britt

Copyright © Christopher Thor Britt | Year Posted 2013

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WRITTEN IN THE SAND The Big Five—Africa’s pride in the vast open wild Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Leopard and Lion Their prey—scattered Impala, Kudu and Waterbuck On hardened dust… their footprints prevail and stand WRITTEN IN THE SAND The proposal day--- carefully planned- a beautiful beach Red Roses, a Picnic, Sunrise and Diamond ring The petals—scattered on the soft damp sea tabloid Lover’s plea….a stick his pen, “Marry me—take my hand” WRITTEN IN THE SAND Early one morning--- He entered the dusty temple to teach Scribes and Pharisees brought her in—an adulterous Large stones…scattered for all to throw and accuse Jesus bent down… wrote with His finger on condemning land What was His message…..? WRITTEN IN THE SAND

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

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Necromancer (The Haunting Continues...)

In the cemetery I walk, so dark it is this night.
 Hoping that the Ghouls won't start to bite.
I feel the tug of the dead, as each grave I pass.
 Thankful this nervous tension won't last.

Armed with my Animation supplies,
 I stare out at all the green glowing eyes.
A chicken for my blood sacrifice,
 Raising the dead, there's always a price.

The salt keeps the dead inside.
 Using the machete our magic, we'll ride.
Salt is for everybody's protection.
 Cold steal seals out any deception.

To prime the earth so the dead will rise,
 cast the blood and create our ties.
Focus my energy and the ground starts to shake.
 Winds whip through the area and the on-lookers quake.

I command all that is at least 3 days dead.
 Just enough time for the soul to move ahead.
Born with this power as a Necromancer,
 When I will my power all the dead have to answer.

I look to Sandra Hudson, who hired me,
 to raise the dead and hear their screams.
I call Illyanna De La Keur from her deep, dark grave.
 Her words are scary so be very, very brave.

For John Loving III's "Haunted Poets Society"

Copyright © Aleera De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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The Sea In Her Heart

Her heart sailed away from me into the sea,
Her love for me is just a fading memory.
I think of her love and faint to pray,
I trust in my God to show me the way.

Come back to me my love in the moon light night,
Embrace me once again for my heart to delight.
Come like the sea birds flying over the sea,
Come kiss me again for my heart to be free.

You are the young sunlight rising in the morning,
You are the brilliant full moon O my immortal darling!
I see you like the sea waves on the shores of our hearts,
Don't leave me and go for our souls to depart.

You shall be my eternal destiny until the end of time,
You are my divine inspiration in my sweet love rhyme.
Live in my heart and return to me once again,
Give me your sweet kiss to heal my heart's pain.

Let your love grow like a tree planted by the sea,
Fly away like the sea birds but come back to me.
Let your soul be join to mine as my everlasting token,
Kiss me forever more for our hearts never to be broken.

By:Gideon Cecil

Copyright © Gideon Cecil | Year Posted 2012

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Looking back to memories bright,
I remember she’d teach me wrong from right.
“Clean your plate.  There are others who have none.”
“Do your homework, and let me know when you’re done.”
“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Save your money for a rainy day.”
“It’s beautiful outside, so go out and play.”
“Let me show you how to clean and cook.”
“If you’re really bored, you can read a good book.”
“Don’t you know that I was young once, too?”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Take some time to read this book, son.
I think it’s time you know where they come from.”
“Girls are spice and everything nice.”
“If you’re smart, you’ll take my advice.”
“You don’t have to do as others do.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“My grandfather gave us all we would need.
When spring rolled around he would plant seed.
He shot game and lived off the land.
He wasn’t afraid to make a stand.
You could learn a few things from him, too.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“I used to walk a mile to school.
It won’t hurt you to walk a little, too.”
“Do your chores and be nice to your sister.”
“Address adults as Misses or Mister.”
“Do you know that I love you?”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Why do you want to be in a rock and roll band?”
“Be a leader.  Lend a helping hand.”
“How old is she?  What is her name?
Do you care for her deeply?  Does she feel the same?”
“Where have you been?  I was worried about you!”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“How many hours?  How much does it pay?
Think of your future.  In school you should stay.”
“Do you have food?  You’ve lost a lot of weight.”
“Be on time.  You shouldn’t be late.”
“Did you get the letter that I sent you?”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“You’re too young to get married.  Won’t you wait till later?
Yes, I think she’s nice.  No, I don’t hate her.”
“You need a good job.  Where will you live?”
“How much do you need?  How much can I give?”
“Isn’t life great when love is new?”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“I’m going to be a grandma?!!  You must be joking!”
“How’s the job going?  Are you still smoking?”
“We’re all fine.  How is she?
I was foolish to think she’d replace me.
Tell her that I’m thinking of her, too.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“You sound funny.  Are they all right?
How long was she in labor?  Was it a long night?
She’ll be okay.  She just needs time to heal.
You’ll be a good father.  When was your last meal?
Give her my love, and to the baby, too.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Tell her not to fuss.  I won’t be a bother.
I remember a few things.  You were once a toddler.
The living room is fine.  You sleep in your own room.
I’ll get her some groceries.  Where does she keep her broom?
It was nice seeing you.  I’ll miss you, too.
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“They’re growing like weeds.
I wish you weren’t so far away.”
“Pay attention to your wife . . .
A good husband doesn’t stray.”
“Call me if you need someone to talk to.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Get you some stocks, bonds, or an IRA.
If you stuff it under the mattress, that’ll be okay.
You must think of their future . . . and yours and hers, too.
It’ll take planning to see it all through.
Don’t worry about me, son.  I’ve planned some, too.”
Yes, Mother . . . I hear you.

“Are you happy, boy?  It’s important that you are.
There’s more to life than a career or a new car.”
“I’m proud of you and of who you’ve become.
You’re all that I dreamed of and even more, son.
But tell me the truth.  Did I ever get through?
Did you ever listen when I was talking to you?”

Yes, Mother . . . I listened.  I even took your advice.
In many of my choices, I didn’t have to think twice.
I haven’t always been as good as I could be.
There were times that I was glad you weren’t there to see.
Of one thing I’m certain . . . you passed a lot on.
You taught me to be caring, happy, and strong.
Your thoughts are with me in all that I do.
Yes, Mother . . . I heard you.

Copyright © Mike Shoemaker | Year Posted 2016

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Perfect winter night

This is a perfect winter night to tandem thyself with my sizzling nerves 
Candle light stuns thy hips moving in wine-red skirt, penning killer curves
O’ watch our bed rose’s flame in moonlight, instating a scene of heaven 
Bewitch all my hormones with your fervent lips, sipping glimpses of Champaign

Not the dressing but only the undressing would unveil the unanimous pleasure 
Writing a simile is impossible to explicate the true sense of rubbing thou bare 
Gripping my hands to thy hips, pinning thy legs, should it get thee so helpless?
Slow like a tide while I move in thee, thou woo me with thy yearning murmurs

Wine in your eyes sets the blaze in my rise, what else on earth is wise than this libido
Dun no why, while I race my insane moves unto thy pulses, thou ever gave a “Go”!
Cruising my fingers down across thy necklace, should it get thee so restless?
Like a roll of wheels, I keep banging with no pauses hoping something clueless

Is this a mission of flooding bliss unto the myriad nerves, in an act of gleeful fission?
I fall on thou with a feel of ousting a “Niagara”; thou hugged me with none between
O’ what a wonder, I am alive though, after halting my heart & glancing the heaven
Beheld I am mesmerized between your pleasing eyes sinking in the ocean of ******

Copyright © chandru ganesh S | Year Posted 2009

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Crying in the rain

                         Crying in the Rain
Lurking behind the curtain of world war ;
You cheer to a Monday Night Raw;
Dancing to the melody of anarchy;
You close your senses to impending waterloo,

Completely deaf to the screams of mother earth 
Who is subdued by industrial rape; she echoes dearth...

Forlorn sky weeps on; threatening oxygen depletion at the detriment of ocean life.
Father sun rages on; amidst earth's strife...

Refugee camps replace loving homes;
And mats replace comforting foams

Chibok continues to wail for her missing daughters;
As valiant khakis rummage the forest of Sambisa...

The mantra of change echoes on amidst chains:
As a fraction of the world cry in the rain...

Flora and fauna looks on in docility,
As humanity continue to dance to the melodies of calamity.

Copyright © Ad. Andrew Joseph | Year Posted 2016

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Zephyr's Magic

Zephyr’s Magic

I feel the delight of Zephyr’s Magic,
As I walk in nighttime mist majestic.  

This West wind caresses my very soul,
As I walk earful of a faint bell toll.

This West wind is so warm and compelling;
It envelopes me whole now—so telling.

Zephyr enchants my slumber on the beach,
Charming me to dream of love past my reach.

With Zephyr’s spell I dreamt so deep and well, 
Of that lost love missed—I shan’t ever tell!  

Zephyr’s wind touches and warms well my face,
As I sigh and look on in endless space.

Walking home Zephyr’s Magic I feel more,
Enchanting me ‘til I walked thru the door!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
(May 6, 2015) (Heroic Couplet)

*Originally released in my new book on February 15, 2015.

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Stronger Than She Thinks.....

She is a loving mother, 
 her pain is like no other.
Kids taken all at once away.
 A price too steep to have to pay.

Holds her head up high, 
 when all she wants to do is die.
She thinks her pain is masked, 
 but as you see, its no easy task.

She's strong and still fights, 
 even when they say she has no rights.
She dreams of seeing her kids, 
 trying hard to keep the pain hid.

She goes to court and really fights, 
 only to come home alone and cry at night.
Still, she continues this uphill battle.
 Her confidence, they constantly rattle.

Goes to work and tries to smile, 
 as her heart is breaking all the while.
Wish I was a much better sister, 
 who called and let her know I missed her.

I had my own tumultuous issues, 
 it was she who really needed the tissues.
I just had a crappy, low life man.
 By her side her family should stand.

Instead they all give her grief.
 Do they not see her pain will never be brief?
No, they all say they are sorry, but they're full of lies.
 Didn't they know it was her LIFE in demise?

A better sister, I'll try to be.
 Her back she never turned to me.
I hope she knows she's loved and cared for.
 Her smile I'd like to see more.

I know that's no easy task.
 But that I will still ask.
As they push her to the brink,
 She's stronger than she ever thinks.

A combined effort for Kristy.....

Copyright © Aleera De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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Abomination is my name.
There is no passion I've not felt.
Yearning pens attempt at fame
Dare each relationship to melt.

There is no struggle that I scorn.
There is no flame without scorched taste.
When blaze-bloom fires are born--
My inner soul consumes the waste.

Now , Sweet-- bamboozle me with joy.
Affection tender has its place.
Love's tempting comforts, please employ--
Make me cherish your sweet face.

V. Anderson-Throop

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Saint Blackheart

Saint Blackheart walks the Autumn streets and smiles with diamond eyes;
   She's well-aware of what you think, but listens to your lies.
Confess your deepest fantasies or never look her way --
   She's free with random kindness, though she won't have much to say.

Saint Blackheart seeks the shadows for the secrets they impart.
   Her life's a patchwork puzzle made with jagged shards of art --
Impressionistic paintings on a canvas dipped in red;
   She dances like a demon for the angels in her head.

Saint Blackheart loves the twilight and the elemental rain;
   She'll stand and watch you suffer, yet she senses all your pain.
A soft, Franciscan echo making up a primal scream
   Can hurtle from her crimson lips and dart from dream to dream.

Saint Blackheart lives in solitude among the ancient trees --
   You'll find her there within the mist, but never on her knees.
Her hands will offer nothing which is not her own to give;
   And though you wish to die in peace, she may just let you live.

Saint Blackheart will not weep with you or wipe away your tears,
   Yet she may catch their crystal hue and treasure it for years.
She'll lay a little flower on a long-forgotten grave --
   A tribute to the tortured soul she never tried to save.

Copyright © M. Teresa Blaylock | Year Posted 2007

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I Hate to Admit It

~ Inspired by the likes of Hoplessly Devoted to You ~

The reflection of your beauty are shadows on the wall,
The abstract of your spirit is still standing in the hall,
I know I am a victim of this ghostly fantasy,
I hate to admit it, but your love is haunting me.

I hate to admit it, but you appear wherever I go,
I can't fight the feeling as the magic begins to grow,
The thrill of believing brings a scary urgency,
I hate to admit it, but your love is haunting me.

As I lie here not sleeping somewhere deep in the night,
Your whisper of desire brings a passion of fright,
I can't go on believing as the spirits above agree,
I hate to admit it, but your love is haunting me.

I hate to admit it, but life is running late,
What love has to offer will die throughout the wait,
I must find a way to break this broken heart free,
I hate to admit it, but your love is haunting me.

Featured: 5/29/2016

Written: 5/22/2016
Type: Heroic Couplets
Contest: Grens Evergreens (Golden Oldies) 3
Contest Sponsor: Teppo Gren
Placement:2nd Place

Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

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Saw a friend of mine the other day
He wasn’t in the mood to play
His face was sad his mood was low
I asked what made him worry so
“Well I’m in love “ the guy told me
"I met this babe--she's fine to see!
Her face is perfect legs are great
Her eyes are blue her hair in braids
When she crossed those endless legs
she dared me to sit up and beg
 I watched her sit down by the door
And knew I wanted no one more”

“And have you told her?” I had to know
“I call her every day or so
But she plays coy and stays so cool
It makes me feel like such a fool!"

“What other tactics have you tried?”
“I sent some daisies”  he replied.
"We watched a movie, went to eat
And oh that girl is really sweet!
I would give her anything!”
“Will you buy this girl a ring?”
"Of course not, she’s as poor as dirt"
Buffed the cufflink of his shirt
"Just want to play a little while
won't let a waitress cramp my style"

Left him sitting in the park
I hope that chick will  break his heart

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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We Sisters Three

We sisters three
Do so decree
That these men
Know their sin.

Reaz, you mortal Fool
Illy was your sacred Jewel.
How could you endlessly cheat 
And lead her on with such deceit?

We sisters three
Do so eloquently decree
That these foolish men
Never ever hurt again.

Lamar you are a lazy bum.
To crack you always succumb.
Leerie was a wonderful wife
Yet, your words wound like a knife.

We sisters three 
Do so powerfully decree
That these thoughtless men
Feel agonizing pain within.

Daniel the monster you are
Never saw Kristy as a star.
She was just someone to beat
Whenever you felt other defeat,

We sisters three
Do so expressly decree
These imprudent mortal fools
Learn a new set of rules.

We rhythmically dance and sway
While words of ancient knowledge do play
Powerfully upon our very lips
During the Lunar Eclipse.

Our wish we do so prayerfully want
Your dreams we shall constantly haunt
Until you learn that your evil deeds
Will never ever fruitfully succeed.

Copyright © Kristy De La Keur Scoville | Year Posted 2009

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A Deadly Kiss

The moonlight shined off her hair,
With beauty beyond compare.
The starlight captured in her eyes,
Too bad tonight is the night that she dies.

The pounding he feels in her chest,
Puts any doubts of this to rest.
The blood pumping in her veins,
Makes the hunger override his pain.

He loves her without compare,
But this night her blood she'll share.
His immortal heart will break,
Their first kiss sealed her fate.

As the hunger takes control,
The blood lust begins to take its toll.
As his fangs breaks her skin,
Her death does feed his sins.

His immortality made him pay a price,
No one ever said vampires lives were nice.
Now she's dead in his arms,
He swears not to fall for another's charms.

As tears of blood roll down his cheeks,
He holds her and doesn't speak.
At first this life was fun,
But now he vows to meet the sun.

Copyright © Illyanna De La Keur | Year Posted 2008

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Footprints Revisited

I once had a dream that I was walking by the sea.
You were in it to Lord as You walked along with me. 

We were watching scenes of my life as they flashed across the sky.
You told me how much you loved me as we talked there, You and I.

You said You would always be there and I felt so good inside.
We left two sets of footprints that disappeared with the tide.

Then some thing disturbed me as it came into the light.
When things got bad in my life there was only one set of footprints in my sight.

Lord You told me that You loved me and all I had to do was believe.
Why is it Lord that when things got so bad that you would turn and leave?

My precious, precious child You said that is something I would never do.
When you saw only one set of footprints that is when I carried you.

Copyright © Allan Granstrom | Year Posted 2009

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The Villisca Axe Murders Continues The Haunt

I see the shadow on the wall,
my breath catches and hope falls.
He has found me I do despair,
The Axeman is standing there.

Hiding in the house all day,
waiting for the return of his prey.
In the pantry watching through the door,
night is all he waits for.

Silently he makes his way through the house,
silent as a deadly mouse.
Started with dad and mom in the bed,
I silently cry as they are dead.

My sleeping sisters and brother,
without their heads I did discover.
My visiting friends he also found,
he killed them too with a squishing sound.

If only the drifting Reverend did not stop,
invited for breakfast by my pop.
My family could have been saved,
now our future is a lonely grave.

He moves in for the kill,
swings his axe with lots of skill.
The flash of steel as all I see,
slumps to the floor is all that's left of me.

The wind blows through Villisca this cold night,
my family died without a fight.
A small and quiet town,
in the night our screams did drown.

Poked by aleera I did jump,
telling the true story that in the night goes bump.
I see the shadow of Kristy De La Keur,
Now her story you'll get to incur.

Thanks to John Loving III and the Haunting Poets,
the true story of the Villisca axe murders you do know it.
Sad the tragedy is too true,
not a fictional killer to go BOO!

Copyright © Illyanna De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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Time for my vengeance to reign
Time for this fool to feel the pain
That he has caused unto me
No worries of "times three."

I call upon a power of old
One that will surely unfold
The power of a woman scorned
You were once so warned.

My daughter from me you took
Tis you, not I, that is the crook.
For this utmost heinous crime
I seek justice of the most sublime.

Spirits upon the Earth I seek
To make this mortal weak.
To curse him to a living hell
Worse than that of any jail.

Let him lose all his hair
And leave none to spare.
Let him feel only a chill
At the loss of his thrill.

Lose the love of the daughter
That thought you walked on water.
Lose your friends respect
And feel your wife reject.

See your life fall apart
And love from you depart.
The deed is done the spell is cast
Vengeance is mine at last.

Copyright © Kristy De La Keur Scoville | Year Posted 2009

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Its been two years since I sent you packing, 
 I don't want you, what part of that code are you having trouble cracking?
If I don't call you, ever, don't you think there's a reason?
 When I say, 'I'm through, I want a divorce.", I'm not teasing.

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, 
 I'm done being used, taken advantage of, and shedding tears.
How dumb do you have to be to not get the clue?
 I don't call or come by, because I don't want you!!!!!

You'll never change, with your selfish, conniving ways.
 Lazy, addicted, worthless and bring home strays.
And I don't mean cats or dogs, I mean those nasty girls.
 To think where you've been makes me want to hurl. 

Quit calling, leave me alone, I don't ever want you back.
 You can't change my mind, especially since you have no tact.
I'm better off alone, than with the likes of someone like you.
 Any chance you had of staying my husband, you forever blew!

So go ahead, drink another beer, smoke a cigarette and suck that glass Devil's dick.
 The sound of your voice, the thought of you touching me, makes me sick.
Find someone who can put up with your nasty attitude and your far fetched lies.
 I'm making it clear, WE'RE OVER, so why are you so surprised?

Copyright © Aleera De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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My Emo Corner

I wake to find the day is gray,
All my hopes are chased away.
I pull the covers over my head,
I just woke from a dream I was dead.

I look around and try to smile,
feels of dread clouding me all the while.
I'm waiting for the other shoe,
it will drop I promise you.

I sit hugging my knees pulled up tight,
my heart doesn't let in the sunshines light.
Chilled down to the very bone,
You'd think I was in a winter's home.

I stare at the wall and try to focus,
to achieve that I'd need some hocus pocus.
I talk to my family that I dearly love,
and pray for help from heaven above.

So I sit here in my emo corner,
a lovely place for a loner.
Maybe one day I'll escape,
I hope it doesn't come too late.

Copyright © Illyanna De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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The Haunted Trio

I have two sisters whom I love and adore
We are poets who can write of blood and gore.
Evil, Wicked, and Demented are our nicknames
Being fun and shocking is a few of our games.

Evil, for that, is I
Has had enough people lie
And tell me of their fearful woes
To only find they were only foes.

Evil has an "evil" mind
That can deliciously find
What may not be normal to some
To me can be quite exquisite fun.

Wicked is learning to find
Her very own peace of mind.
That man with a black soul
Her heart he had done stole.

Wicked's mind is so "wickedly" twisted
That her vengeance can't be listed.
But make no idiotic mistake
She can strike you just like a snake.

Demented is the one who knows
How to reel in all the beaus.
She can smile so delightfully sweet
And men seem to just fall at her feet.

Her mind is the most bizarre
She can be the evilest by far.
On her face, you will see a beautiful smile
While inside "demented" schemes most vile.

We are each who we are
All a particular shining star
Separately a Libra, Capricorn, and Leo
Collectively, we are The Haunted Trio.

Copyright © Kristy De La Keur Scoville | Year Posted 2009

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Broken Bones

My dreams appear as nightmares. 
Delusions I am told.
A taste of bittersweet memories
from a past that's getting old.

A past that's rushing past me
and will not deliver the mail.
An ex-mailman with a future
that's now crawling like a snail.

Digesting my lifes horrors 
is how I once made my bed.
Chewing on the substance
of a future left for dead .

Memories like invaders
attack me in a dream.
So real I can't awaken 
before I slip inside a scream.

Why should I care 
just how my bed was made?
Gather all my broken bones
at the open mouth of the grave.

Copyright © Allan Granstrom | Year Posted 2009

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An Old "Happy" Couple

Cherish me as I grow old, and am surely liable to forget things. 
 I know how interesting life is and the contentment it brings.
I know you'll make excuses to try and be miserable and even try not to go.
 Now just have a good trip, even though I know your stress will just grow.

White, sandy beaches and salt tasted air, with an ocean so cold.
 Aggravation sets in as we try to put our lawn chairs down to unfold.
Breathe, my love, its as simple as remembering the latch on the side.
 Surely, all you had to do is ask, I'm tired of your old, stubborn pride.

Finally, we get our chairs situated and I'm ready to bask in the sun.
 You ask for sun block and as I search, you assume I brought none.
Its just at the bottom of the beach bag, you stubborn old ***!
 And don't think I don't see you sneaking a sip out of that flask!

I turn bronze as I used SPF 40, you chose SPF 15, and look at you.
 Red as a lobster, mean as crab, and I'm enjoying the view.
I tried to tell you, but so stubborn, do you ever plan to listen?
 Probably not now, nor never, so your skin will always be red and glisten.

How are you supposed to relax now that you can't move not even a limb?
 Our stress free vacation, is as always, starting to look grim.
Oh well, aloe you up, and off to dinner we shall go and have some fun.
 Take some Soma, Lortab, and Xanax and you'll be good and numb.

An hour later and you're stress free, and mostly out of that pain.
 Good thing, because its in the forecast for Florida rain!
We'll hobble around the block and get soaking wet from head to toe.
 Knowing tomorrow you'll be back in pain and stressed so we'll have to go.

But its like this every year, we plan to stay, but I know how you are.
 One or two days of driving makes you stiff from sitting in the car.
It'll take the rest of our vacation for you to blister and finally peel.
 You're the entertainment in my life, and that's why I'm with you still!

Copyright © Aleera De La Keur | Year Posted 2009

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The First Full Moon

Almost a month since that fateful night
That I was bitten under the full moon's light.
I am still here but with a yearning
And wonder why a fever is burning.

I feel pulled out into the night's air
Hoping that someone will hear my prayer.
I look up into the nights black sky
And realize why I so want to wail and cry.

For there I see the full bright moon
Hanging there like a golden balloon.
As I look I feel like I am on fire
And know my situation is most dire.

Oh god... most agonizing pain!
As my bones begin to strain
And my flesh begins to rip.
I cannot seem to get a grip.

I open my mouth to scream
But from me that does not stream
Tis something that is so foul
As I recognize it is a howl!

Oh god ...this..can'
What is happening to me?
Blood pulses through my veins
As new thoughts slam into my brain.

I have a brand new vision
One that gives great precision.
Oh what a great sense of smell
A feeling of anticipation I can't quell.

I can't even believe my new speed
But it is blood that I do so need.
Time for me to go on the hunt
As I begin to run, I let out a grunt.

I stop and sniff as a scent comes to me,
Oh me oh my who is it? Let us see.
I turn in werewolf form to see who is here
As I thought I caught Mr. Loving's fear.

Tis blood that I do need
Time for me to feed.
He senses me and runs away
I smile as I give chase to my prey.

Mortals mortals everywhere
Of all immortals do beware
Run and hide if you can.
On the loose is this very lycan!

Just for anyone's curiosity this is not being mean to Mr.Loving the III this is my respect
for him as he tapped me for the duos and gave me the challenge for the Haunted
Poets....thanks John

Copyright © Kristy De La Keur Scoville | Year Posted 2009