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I Remember

I remember all the nights we use to play, 
but now I can't play anymore because your not here today.
Your here in my heart and that will never fade away.
Sometimes I would be a hard-headed child,
but in your eyes you saw an angle smile. 

I love you like God love the family, unconditionally.
I remember your brown eyes, gray hair, for you were wise.
I also remember when you had to leave, so your soul could be free.
See, I'm older; more mature, and understand what's going
on, but back then I was only four.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. 
Well, you were buried that day and everyone had a sad face. 
I remember that day very well indeed, as I looked at you 
and pleaded that you wouldn't leave me. 
Now you’re gone and I have to be strong for both 
of us, so our love can live through people who love us.

Copyright © Diona Finley | Year Posted 2005

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Hard Headed Women

<                                        she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man 

                                          when they get together
                                          they join hand and hand
                                          for loves be glory
                                          in this fairy tales story

                                          for she's a hard headed women
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft hearted man

                                          though shes stubborn as an mule
                                          but can make that man still drool
                                          as he's so shy
                                          but  captured her roving eye

                                          for she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft hearted man

                                          now don't you just think
                                          romance can start out as a wink
                                          even if it may be a little lie
                                          come on little boy now give it a try

                                          for she's a hard headed woman
                                          lovin a soft hearted man

                                          a hard headed woman
                                          lovin that soft harded man

My Next 
Country Western Song   LOL

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Brody and Quint

This old sea-rig is swamped and don't float
I TOLD you we'd need a bigger boat!
Now you are HIS prize
Sure ain't no surprise
That you're fish-food, you hard-headed goat!

"Jaws" - 1975

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2010

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Whose fault is it
Who's to blame
must it all be ME
only me...

Yes, I have my mistakes
I admitted, didn't I?

Childish ways
Decision sways
Unplanned mistakes
Consequences shake

Didn't mean to, 
don't you believe?
consecutive days
dotted months
yearlong vents..

I made you cry
 and so I too cried.
I put you to shame
 And so I was too.
I failed you
 and so myself too.

they are all in the past.
The past.
Won't you learn to let go of them?
[Just I am learning to forget and forego]

If you want to stay there
 Spare me.. Don't drag me there.

Simple as I want my peace
I want to move on...
Just to move on...

Do understand this.

Doesn't matter if you will never like me
 I won't push you
 I won't force you 
 I won't please you

This never be to be proud
 nor am I bragging
 nor am I too hard headed.

I just want to discover ME.
 not from your mold
 not from your dictation
 not by force
 not anymore in anyone's shadow

Don't insist.

But just me
If you do care
If you do love me
Let me be..

© O. E. Guillermo
October 15, 2014

Sponsor	Judy Konos
Contest Name	c'est la vie 
3rd place

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2014

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Respect for the Prisoner

St. Paul urges us to practice the most basic
And powerful Christian teachings
To treat each person as part of the Body of Father Christ
St. Paul had been in jailed more than once

No wonder he urged others to be “mindful of prisoners”

As if they themselves were one of them
There are many good people in prison 
Who have hurt others by their poor choices
Hard headed decisions

It is easy to judge them as “worthless” or “rotten”
But we do not know what their early lives lacked in comparison to ours

What happened in their mind
And heart to lead them astray
This perspective does not condone crimes
Deny the need for justice

No matter what wrongdoing someone did
Each continues to be a human being Filled with the same divine presence that inhabits us

Prisoners deserve to be treated with the basic respect
We desire for ourselves
St. Paul words echo this Gospel teaching

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2015

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My first day of community service at Glen Oaks
Assigned to spend time with a few elderly folks
Spotted an old gentleman staring out into space
Weathered beaten hands and a sun etched face
How are you today old timer, as I grasp his hand
A firm grip followed from a once powerful man

I had just returned from an island hopping trip
Told him about the islands and the fabulous ship
I went to St. Croix, St. Martins and Martinique
Stopped at Montserrat to overlook the peak
So many activities hardly any time to sleep
Shore excursions great, unbelievably cheap 

The old gentleman turned and looked away
Choked up on something he started to say
Room fell silent for the longest spell 
Son, I took a voyage that’s so hard to tell
It started and ended in the cauldrons of hell  
Then sighed so quietly as the tear drops fell				

My pals and I went on an island hopping trip
Sleeping on the deck on an overcrowded ship

First stop was at a place called Guadalcanal
There was so much noise, a percussion chorale
The local occupants got upset at our arrival
Just getting ashore was a matter of survival
All we wanted was to use their landing strip 
We were so insistent, they left, gave us the slip


Next stop was an atoll, place called Tarawa
Desolate,  awaiting brave mens soul to devour
We had a difficult time getting onto the beach
Tides were  low,  corals too shallow to breach
The locals didn’t take kindly to our arrival
Being denied admittance just wasn’t our style

Next stops were Kwajalein, Saipan and Peleliu
At each and every landing we left quite a few
Inhabitants of these isles were a  hostile horde
Yet our perseverance could not be ignored
We combed every inch in our search to achieve
Removal of the objectors, there was no reprieve
We overcame the objections to our presence
Committing these isles to perpetual reverence

Most hostile place  was an island called Iwo 
Soft sands made progress unbearably slow
Sinking sands made firm ground hard to reach
We left great numbers, still, on the beach
It took great courage to get over the dune
Each attempt exposed by a cloudless moon
Valor and bravery continuously put on display
Total commitment was the order of the day

A planned six day excursion took sixty days
Hard to evict the denizens  out of the caves
Some of these folks were so hard headed
Sealed up the entrances, left them embedded
Our single purpose  for “ Super Forts” to reach
More than paid for by those left on the beach
Island hopping seems innocent phrase to say 
Boils down to how much one is willing to pay

Copyright © John Arribas | Year Posted 2016

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Me my time and mine

What if I whatever obstacles in life.
Chronicles on replay so stir it right.
I been careless but I'm alright, 
now i'm carefree but paid a fine.
Wonder if  forever comes after time. 
Number eight is always but wait.
I'm Almost always ruining late 
too focused on what eyes can't see. 
Figured I'll take flight with
Bags under my eyes in case I trip and over see.
All I know is 
My name but the address changed on my I.D.
Always 88 but I forget what today is.
No control of life 
someone else's choice could end my life.
Ignorance is okay 
But I fell and recognized a common ground.
which is not okay.
I'm down to earth with the fossils 
run like Flow of water through the copper.
Life heard everything and played a verse. 
Beautiful opera
what's a story with out the drama.
Hooked to the chorus because I like it.
My parents made a Taurus
I can't hide it.
Two horns 
an image that shows
"stubbornness a Hard headed melon" in quotes
i understand and i won't let it 
get the best of me
the contraband  is free like a refugee
Home of the brave shines bright with celebrities. 
My light my pretty lady and family. 
My energy in sound waves a feeling you can not see. 
Its only me there is an I on team if its only me

Copyright © fernando vergara | Year Posted 2015

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The Boy Next Door

Too large for most to accomodate,
If it is important he'll be late.
Sometimes vulgar and crude to the core.
Never mistaken as the boy next door.

A hard headed Giant that's misunderstood.
Entirely too intellegent for his own good.
Cares for nobody but himself 
and anyone else in need of help.

A bit chauvanistic, a womans man
bedding as many as anyone can.
Intimidates others just for fun.
An aberration to most, enigma to some.

He takes a few drugs. Make that many. 
Rarely his pockets carry more than a penny
He eats too much and never enough.
Gives as good as he gets, It's only stuff!

He is never wrong, less often right.
His sense of humor is quite the riot.
I have never known a man such as he.
Always there when I've been in need.

Talk all you want and think as you may
Sure he has a few faults, but he is really ok
A brash gentle giant who will often offend. 
My brother, my buddy, my friend to the end.


Copyright © Mark Croson The Applethoughtrotten | Year Posted 2010

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Ignorance meets Insanity

Seriousness settles in, like an old friend
Seriousness spreads like a disease
Infecting us, accelerating, our aging process 
Our youthfulness, our playfulness, slowly slipping away
Our wonder in life, diminishing
Seriousness leading to rigidness, pathway to small mindedness!

Days and years, rolling into one
Colourless, lifeless, mundane, dull and boring
“What day is it?”
“Don’t smile or your face might crack!”
Judgemental, cantankerous!
Pompous attitudes, of modern day man

Stubbornness and ignorance, clinging to what’s familiar
Seriousness, up tightness, humourless, imagination vanished, pathway to madness!
The mind focused on its self created drama’s
Fears constantly being stimulated, from our outside world
Personal insecurities, constantly being triggered, inside
The past lives on, the present forgotten 
What was once important, now, left on the back burner
Hard headed, victim orientated
Righteous, self absorbed
Emptiness, hollowness, helplessness

Seriousness and ignorance, walk hand in hand
Becoming, our best friends
The vampire suckers of vitality
Sucking the life, out of our personal goals and childhood dreams
Lose of faith, gradually, losing our way
Lost, amongst the thick of it
Not knowing any different
Everything becoming an illusion
Seeing things as it should be
In our own little universe, no one else’s!

Entrapment of the mind
Our, personal intelligence, laying dormant
Body and mind, riddled with dis - ease
Heart beating hard, starving for a substance, we call love
Numb, to the outside
Numb, on the inside
Going crazy!
Consumed with our own self created loneliness and separation
Ignorance meets insanity!

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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This Is Me

Green eyed
And hard headed
Beauty lies in every man’s eyes
Five and 7 high
And pride of might
Puerto Rican running through my veins
And the pain of Hitler buried in my brain
Unable to be changed
I’m set in my ways
I’m a minority woman
Get out my way
I won’t explain
This Is Me
I won’t take no shorts
I know what I want
And what I want everyone needs
I’ve been screaming “f--k the fifty-states”
Since the day I was conceived
I walk with my head held high
Eyes open wide
And my legs closed tight
Trying not to mask the beauty that’s inside
Praying I’ll get wise
Even with these lies
I can’t continue to try
One day we all must die
I can’t “live”
I’m too busy trying to survive
This Is Me
Don’t try to confuse me
With what I don’t need!

Copyright © Erikah Rae | Year Posted 2005

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I swallowed my pride

I walked up to the church
(And I swallowed my pride) 
and asked the lady 
can she please step aside 
That my children are hungry 
 and can you please sacrifice
anything for them to eat 
She gave me some oranges 
and a couple bottle waters for them to drink 
tired and exhausted traveling 
from the capital of California 
To the streets of Fresno  
the shelter was are destination
We had nowhere else to go 
im sitting in this shelter
 looking at 
these four little walls
 trying to soak up everything
At least in these four little walls
My mind can collect some peace
without someone yelling nor screaming at me
Homeless with five children 
lost on the La streets 
domestic violence 
wasn't the only reason
 that brought me to my knee's 
more like being hard headed 
 should have listen to my peers
 had to bump my head 
a couple of good times 
Inorder for me to learn 
the true meaning of peace
The definition of the struggle 
Been trying to maintain and juggle
My reality 
vs the reality of humanity 
They judge me so hard
they judge me
before I even got to speak 
because my hair's a mess
Careless of how I dress
frozen stairs from people 
looking at me
 like I'm some kinda of freak
Look people 
it's called stress
depression and anxiety 
has kicked in 
anyone's opinion of me is obsolete
I hit rock bottom so fast
was hard for my mind
 to calculate a thing
I got my head a little above the water
Finally can take a breathe
 without inhaling the water  
 done with people 
all they do is talk
 I had to crawl 
Inorder to walk
Fighting through this storm 
inorder to see the day light 
And What angered me 
Friends and family 
 judging me
 with open arms
the government provide
I had to fight for everything
back in fourth through the courts 
for everything
worked hard 
for everything and 
the Lord held my hand
 threw the whole damn thing...
And what hurts the most
when it came to my kids father
Was him proving them right
And all i need him to do
Was show me a little love and proved
But instead he mistreated me
 betrayal with a kiss
 from my lover best friend
And true blood stress
 just wanted to be alone
 away from everyone 
Not answering my phone
And wanted everyone 
 to leave me the hell alone
Lord knows
 I just wanted to break 
Yet he kept me day by day 
didnt understand why 
i had to endure so much pain 
would have been a relief to break
didnt ask to be strong 
 Was losing my mind
 because my kids didnt have a place 
to call home sweet home 
Looking to the sky 
at least the sky is still blue 
Just wanted to crumble
 homeless with 5 kids 
plus two with autism 
My spirit was broke
felt like i was being tortured 
like a fish taken 
out of it's bowl 
while still alive
slowly dying and being revived 
stuck in a twilight
fighting with every element 
If dont know my story 
You couldn't relate with me
Im sitting here with tear on my face   
praying that i may see brighter days
Stomach ach from this eternal pain 
Hoping and praying that this season is almost over
Lord knows im humble
 and im forced to stay focused there's no other option 
the Lord gave me 
but to succeed 
for the 5 children he gave me...

Copyright © Jaquesha webb | Year Posted 2016

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Heady Days

( In memoriam - the heady days of draft, hippies, moon-landing and Gloria Steinem)

When Armstrong landed on the distant moon
It was a wild world full of hopes and dreams.
Hippies sang songs to melodious tune,
In jungles abroad there were painful screams.

It was a wild world full of hopes and dreams,
A father and his son fought side by side.
In jungles abroad there were painful screams,
Hard-headed woman would mores  deride.

A father and his son fought side by side,
So where do the children play in these times?
Hard-headed woman would mores  deride,
"Antiestablishment" those days was crime.

So where do the children play in these times?
Hippies sang songs to melodious tune,
"Antiestablishment" those days was crime
When Armstrong landed on the distant moon.

~02 Jun 2016~
Syllable count - 10 syllables per line (via many
Titles From Cat Steven (Yusuf Islam) Numbers:

Wild world
Father and son
Hard headed woman
Where do the children play

Copyright © Karam Misra | Year Posted 2016

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Book of will - insight

Haters give me reason to survive
Just like tupac, i love to see disgust in their eyes
We stand strong doing what we believe is right
Laughing at the funny and lighting up the night

Wars of the mind committed every day
Tears as people lose in this game of life we play
I got my partners on my side, riding like soldiers
Smashing the past like giants throwing boulders

I pay attention to my predecessors words
The motivation that turns my mind to gold
Striving to be a beast i shine like a diamond
hard headed, stubborn, and bright like lightning

I shed light on my enemies and foes
Toying with them like a predator killing a doe
I welcome you to my mind, call it Williamsvil
From here i destroy with the poems i build

Rest in peace, dear homies on the other side
Overcome by haters, tricked into suicide
Bless them father although they couldn't survive
And help me as i continue on in this life

Copyright © William Hughes | Year Posted 2013

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Good or Evil

Blessings come in abundance 
Punishments travel by the hand full
Acting out will bring you damnation
Continuing to be hard headed, stubborn as a bull

Searching for right in the mist of doing wrong 
Lost steps in the dark
Pleading for some guidance 
In a desolate world that has a vicious bite and undeniable bark

Praying for blessings
Trying to swerve the potholes of punishment
Drowning in anguish while attempting to smile
Forever trapped in this corrupt world, ruled by government

Copyright © Jaquay Atkins | Year Posted 2016

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Hard Headed

A once healthy old man 
all alone in the sand. 
I reflect upon my past
The good and the bad. 
All that I've had.
Why time went by so fast.

With a cough and a weeze
I rise up to my knees.
Then I roll a cigarette.
A hand through my hair.
A breath of fresh air.
At least they've not killed me yet.

Still one set of prints. 
That really stinks. 
No wonder I'm so lonely.
So back to my tent
where again I will vent
about losing my one and only.

Another day is done. 
Wasn't that fun? 
I lie down to read.
I can't find my book 
though I look and I look.
So instead I smoke some weed.

A couple of good puffs
of fresh homegrown stuff.
My head vieled in fog.
Although a rarity
I have a moment of clarity
and decide to get a dog.

I now close my eyes
and await the sunrise
where it starts over again. 
But such is the quandry
of this stoned, stupid and onery, 
hard headed, homeless man.

Copyright © Mark Croson The Applethoughtrotten | Year Posted 2010

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Far From The Madding Crowd

i will never complain if tomorrow
i'll face the bitter facts of my sorrow
when the trucks blare their horn
when the dudes continue their scorn

it will be fine with me when i need
a whip to chase me away in speed
out up where the seeds of poetry grow
up where the streams of peace flow

i won't curse i wont shame those men
they make a favor if they chase me away,then,
i was stupid to be hard-headed dude
i had to go with the flow not be rude

now, i moan the days wasted down here
among the madding crowd never bear
the slings and arrows of cruel fortune
i should have left, my heart would be immune

sincerly, i deserve a slap right on my face
i deserve a pack of hounds behind me in race
my home is where the winds can breath
not confined in concerete cubes, close to death

what i need is no more than a place
a nest among the trees roofed with blue face
what i need is a small river that doesn't freeze
a mountain from which heart exhales a breeze

if i need seeds to grow words i will sow
some poetric plants on the hill will grow
they will give poems and prose and more
they will yield poetic fruits and crops galore

Copyright © Lonely Shepherd | Year Posted 2015

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Innocent Fruits

Gun fires...people screaming..

trucks running to-and-fro...

Endless noise ears are tired.

A scary scene fits not to the mind of a child.

Lifeless cold bodies are lying next to their innocent eyes

Self-centered citizens who could kill

to fight to what they think is right.

Pity those children who doesnt know the answers.

Everyone is longing for peace,

An army of souls hopefully appeal,

In every heart sobriety reigns at last.

Blood and sweat mix together

Who will be the one to first quit?

Those who anticipate holding their breathe

or those who struggle up to the last minute?

No one one knows...

Understanding seems hiding somewhere,

One race...

Now it doesnt even matter.

We are created in one same step

Why make it hard to who shall rightfully rule...

Exchanging words of different thoughts

Opinions are laid, one gets striked.

Hard to solve because of hard-headed people.

Ruthless hearts full of vengeance

Many lives are already sacrificed.

OHHH...aren't you getting sick of this???

Copyright © Evangeline Demate | Year Posted 2012

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Humanity pleiades

Hard-headed arrogance
Hating nameless masses
Hasty self destruction
Heroes unexpected
Humility brings peace
Heartfelt nourishing love
Healing forgiving hope

Written 18th February 2017

Entry to "Pleiades H" contest

Copyright © Mark Martin | Year Posted 2017

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The gift from A Father to His Sons'

A father is a special person in a young child's life,
He shows Him basically things he needs to make his life full and bright'
Being their for his children in sickness, in social values, and of course good health.
The father realizing that this child is a blessing, a God given wealth.

Not many are good, the Dad's teaching, the morals, are something instilled in him,
It comes naturally, given from his parents, passed down from generations, to give 
morals to his children.
Like myself, I didn't listen, like others, I of course rebelled.
I thought I knew everything, making my life a living hell.

So as a rebellious son, I didn't pay attention to my father,
Running away, trying to find nothing out in the world, this I finally realize and 
By not listening to my Father, I became something of a burden and a bad person,
Not all bad, because you see, I re-grouped Through God, I learned a hard lesson.

Well my earthly father is gone now, silently in his grave,
I never told him I loved him a lot, I just wasn't that brave.
I never thanked him for his life's lessons to me.
That was a sin, and I pray that the Lord will forgive this pretty sad human being.

Now I have the Holy Father in me, the Spiritual One, the one we all need.
Through Him I can teach other children, to be better and succeed.
My earthly father did the best he could with this misguided son.
But through his devotion, his life's lessons, I turned to the loving living One.

Our Father is not of this earth and He wants us to pay attention, though sometimes it's called tough love.
We have to learn in a manner that we hard headed children learn, from our real 
Father above.
If my earthly father was here, in the here and now, I'd ask for his forgiveness.
So I say this, thank you earthly father for your love, but the true lesson I learned is 
from Our Father above His True Kindness.

Robert Ball
June 28, 2011

Copyright © Robert Ball | Year Posted 2011

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Mankind are that kind of people:
Who think they know where they are going 
But don’t know where they stand, yet so grand
To call themself "intelligent" but intelligence
Has no space for stupidity and the painful reality
Yet stupid-ness is our greatest weakness, and I had to witness
The truths we call lies and lies we call truths
As we lie to ourselves just to hear the truths
Don’t you get it mentally? But visually don’t you see?
Like tear spark up emotions, they words spark up devotions 
To the truth: that in life we live but yet we live to die
And wandered why our mothers cry and inside they die
Regrettably, you’ve got to know this regardlessly
That scientist: people who claim to know the earth;
Claim to know that outer-space but don’t understand the inner-space
The brain, the mind, the third eye for the blind.
Even school has to learn from life, 
That in life you take a test to learn your lesson
‘Cause next time you won’t be guessing 
Or messing and have a chance for passing
You must be hard headed, 'cause you'll surely learn
As times turn; wheel churn and riches do burn

Copyright © siza sibiya | Year Posted 2013

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Elvis Sings The Blues

A fictitious story of Elvis
so none of this is true,
made up from the titles of songs "
that made him the Elvis we knew

At first I thought "I Was The One"
then she left me at "Heartbreak Hotel",
believe me I was "All Shook Up"
and not feeling very well.

But since "My Baby Left Me"
and my "Hound Dog" ran away,
I still had to "Follow That Dream",
But I just didn't know the way.

So "One Night" I took the "Mystery Train"
heading for "The Promised Land",
to see "The Girl Of My Best Friend"
in the hope she would understand.

Although she's a "Hard Headed Woman"
she is "Always On My Mind",
but she doesn't always "Treat Me Nice"
sometimes she can be unkind.

I've still "Got A Lot Of Living To Do"
so I'll put on my "Blue Suede Shoes",
then go looking for "Long Tall Sally"
and try losing this "Mess Of Blues".

Copyright © norman littleford | Year Posted 2012

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In Every Day Life Of A Weak Heart

Every little breath counts 
In and out 
Hard headed heart 
Short of air don’t come easy
Blood flow pumping pressure to high 
To bare not a ware danger is near
Red light spells fear for those who
Hold you dear

Breathing is a tough fight 
That cant be right 
Slow heart beats causing it to sleep
white coats try to prescribe awake up
Call to stay alive 

Recovery is a hole bunch of pills to swallow 
Putting it all out there bills in the mail
The stress sets in of in every day life 
Moving to fast to catch up

Slowing down is not in option 
Work Sleep Eat seems to be a regular routine
To stay a float a head above water  
These are the times when nothing matters
But to keep a Roof Food Clothing and your Health above 
All God For in time it will All get harder 

The Heart Can Take But So Much

Copyright © mirian parrilla | Year Posted 2014

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Bean Bag Blues

I've been on loan-hear me moan-
'cause I've been thrown around
I should be sick-Lord help me quick-
'cause I've been kicked all up n' down
From these hard knocks I better graduate soon 
n' I ain't foolin'
Cheap evermore is talk 
n' I can't take too much more of this schoolin'
N' this ol' sack n' stones're predominantly 
on a blues cruise
I shoulda knew-how it's oh so true-
I got them bean bag blues

I've been tore up-from the floor up-
now grave's oh so ready to hand me that cup
I'm just gettin' older-tryin' to ignite the smolder-
seems this ol' dirty dog's regressing to a pup
Maybe odd misfire from the jets 
but're far from coolin'
Lost alotta bets from that ol' medicine jar 
so was in need of retoolin'
N' this ol' beanie baby's become
way more than yesterday's news
Which train I shoulda got on?- 
'cause pain's now really spot on-
I got those blue bag blues

I've been undertabled-wrongly labelled-
hell's kitchen had me ladeled 'round
Now just maintainin'-from all that brainin'-
duckin' n' dodgin' the rain comin' down
Was set on idle-fitted with bit n' bridle-
oh how stubborn was my mulin'
Even thought I'd take Midol-
realized I'm not a girl at all-
hardest things're to forgive 
n' one's own spirit to be rulin'
N' this ol' hard headed man-
should learn to be more gentle 
than like a batterin' ram with a short fuse
Hindsight's truly twenty-twenty-
but one thing's sure of the plenty-
them ol' b-b-b-b-b- bean bag blues.
5-1-2016 by Duncan R.M. Ferguson

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2017

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In My Mother's Eyes

When I look into my mother's eyes I can see the pain that she goes through
everyday trying her best to raise me right
But instead I don't even pay attention to her I ignore her as if she wasn't
Giving her a hard time disrespecting her and not following by her rules
thinking I'm grown just doing my own thing
On the streets hanging with the wrong people selling weed and getting
high with my buddies as if I don't have a mother
And when I come home it gets even worser
She cuss and yells at me asking me where I been
I lie to her and say that I was at school knowing that I was out hanging
with my buddies
When my mother hears sirens her blood pressure hits the roof praying to
God hoping that it ain't me
And when she watches the news her heart skips a beat hoping that she
doesn't see me on TV.
My mother is stress out and worry all because of me
And when I look into her eyes I can see the pain crying in tears praying
that I change
But I'm too hard headed and bold to change
So mama before you rest your eyes and sleep
Always remember that I love you in a crazy way but I will never change

Copyright © Tadon Archer | Year Posted 2012

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If I wish It, it will come.
If I think it, it will happen.
If I attempt it, I will succeed.
If I pursue it, I will prosper.
If I just wait, then nothing will happen.
So it says in the stars,
I manifest my own reality.
When seized by an idea, 
I will not rest until my plan is implimented.
Among the most stubborn of my kind,
it will be hard to convince me that I'm not capable.
Look in the week of manifestation,
a hard headed bull you will surly find.

Copyright © Heidi Scherber | Year Posted 2010