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I've been shoved out in the back yard, A bit ruff, don't you agree? It's not that I've disgraced myself, No,It's because SHE caught a flea! Don't know what all the fuss is about, I mean they don't bother me. Any way I need the exercise, It's a great way to have a good scratch. Those crafty little blighters They get right under my thatch. I like to chase 'em out To see how many I can catch. I grabs 'em and bites 'em And has my bit of fun. When they see these gnashers,grrr, You should see them try to hop and run. Oh! there's one,oh! there's one, Oh! there's another one. He-llo!what's going on here then? Aaarghh! that stuffs awful,smells really bad. Oy, watch where you're spraying! If you don't mind,I still want'a be a dad! Sometimes these humans just don't care. They drive me barking mad. Howoooo, I'm fed up with all this palaver I can't stand all this strife--. Hang on-time to be 'mummies darling'. Here comes his soppy wife. The things you have to do to make them happy. It really is a dog's life!
Palaver-fuss or bother

Copyright © SYLVIA Coulstock | Year Posted 2010

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I'll Never Understand Humans

                    I’ll Never Understand Humans   

   Hi, My name is Lady, and I live a dogs life, yes I’m a lazy mutt, but, 
before you go getting the wrong idea, I’m integral in the well being of
family. My main interests are feeding time, walkies,sniffing dog poo, feeding time,
rolling in dog poo and feeding time,believe me, I earn my living here.
  I’m the family entertainer, the kids dress me in silly clothes, yes I know,
humiliating, but I enjoy the happiness and laughter it brings them, I do my party 
pieces for visitors, the begging with the outstretched paw, the standing on the hind
legs and hopping, the rolling over, I don’tmind the rolling over, I just imagine I’m 
rolling in dog poo,and I’m no fool, I expect reward for my efforts, I call that tidbits
feeding time.
   Then I just laze and wait for my master to come home, pah, how that sticks in the
throat, but I play the part with a big welcome, *** wobble, tail waggle, bounce about,
he seems toappreciate all this, maybe coz nobody else bothers lol.  Soon I know it 
will be feeding time and walkies and more dog poo sniffing, well, it’s nice to know
who’s been about. Hey get this, when I do a poo he picks it up, I could understand
if he rolled in it, but picking it up, what’s that all about?
  He’s not always been happy with me though, the time he gave me that lovely
warm blanket when I was a pup, and I ate it, and the big fight I had with that
horrid black dog up the street, he only saw the end of that encounter, he missed
the part where the brute tried to rape me, it was self defence I tells yer. He’d have
witnessed the whole incident if he hadn’t been chatting to that blonde bint with 
the obedient German Shepherd, you know the sort, sits there close to his mistress 
looking all haughty and dignified, while I’m sniffing her bottom, never did care for 
that dog, or his poo come to that.
   The best though, was that holiday in Essex, when he insisted on taking me on this 
humongous walk in the footsteps of John Constable, talk about booooring, till on our
way back we crossed a field that had just been slurried, ooooh I smelled so gorgeous,
I was in doggie heaven, he was somewhere between mad and a funny vivid colour,
but we got over it. Sometimes I look into those big sad eyes of his and wonder just 
what’s going on in there. Guess what though; for all his faults, I don’t think anybody 
loves him more than I do. Oooo, someone is opening a candy bar, tidbits feeding time.
 See yer ………

Copyright © Richard D Seal | Year Posted 2013

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A boxer dog animal alive

Oh my goodness
What have we here
The house work to do
I would rather not dare
Kids to feed plus the cat
If this is a humans life
You can keep that.

I am a boxer dog
With a lamed back leg
Called Cassidy cos I limp
Do more than that by the end 
Let's sit for a cuppa
Damn there's the phone
Blasted sales people,
 leave us alone.

Right let's go shopping
Shopping bag or will have to buy
Card in purse, kiss money goodbye
Aisles are so busy, this is a chore
Will be glad to get home to put feet up
All 4

Meal to cook dishes to clear
Get kids ready for bed
Is the end nearly here
Think of my past life
I now appreciate no stress
Just curl up and sleep
They say it's a dogs life
Think this life... I will keep.

dated 22/07/2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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Aussie Blue Heeler

Ryan Jackson
Contest Name	Animals on your mind...

Aussie Blue Heeler
Seen em strike, brown snakey  type,
When cattle dogs are near,
Seen the bite cut off the hide, 
With bloody sheep shearing shears.
Saved dogs life?

Seen brown snakes pulled from logs,
hunting cattle dog, blue heelers,
Seen dogs eating brown snakes, alive,
Scales n all, Blue demon dealer.

Blue heeler used to get the Scrubber,     (wild cattle)
Back in the bloody herd,
The runner got nipped on his heels,
Therein blue heeler word.

Religious types came to me ,
The blue dogs intercepted,
Snapping at their heels they were,
left , without a blessing.

Snarling guard dog he will bite,
Right about your heel,
Faithful watchful a delight,
And then your heart he’ll steal.
Don Johnson 22-june-11

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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A Dogs Life

I am a mongrel.

Roaming the countryside.

Feeding on fast food trash thrown from a car window and various types of carrion that has not been stripped clean by the vultures of animal society.

Shaggy and unkempt. Just hoping that someone could see the beauty in me enough to raise me up to the level of respect that I deserve.

Cold and lonely in the Winter.

Thirsty and panting in the heat.

I pass by the dogs that bark at me tauntingly from their fenced in yards.

Calling me worthless.

I hang my head and wander on.

The new sun is not a new day. 

It's the same day to me.

Another day starving and lonely.

Another day closer to death.

Isn't there someone out there that needs the love I have to give?

Someone who can love and care for me?

I guess I'll just have to wander on. Looking to the sky for hope somewhere in the stars and pushing on with my tired feet.

Wishing and hoping on...  "Maybe Some Day".

Rockman   :-)

Copyright © Rockman Pritts | Year Posted 2014

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A Great Old Dog

I’ve got this dog, she’s ancient now
Around a hundred seventeen,
She doesn’t do much anything but,
Eat and **** and sleep.
She looks at you like she did before
But it’s hard for her to see.
She doesn’t know you’ve settled in,
She knows she has to pee.
You put her out, she does her thing,
She’ll bark she’ll growl and stare.
Lays here and there, just anywhere
It’s not as if she cares.
She’ll stay around, she’s heaven bound,
Until then we agree,
She’s had the greatest dogs’ life,
In dog life history.

Copyright © William Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Its A Dogs Life

Cold icy winds bite me gripping my very soul
Fingers and toes are numb, I can’t remember feeling whole
Rain lashes down; the gales try to blow me over
But a dogs life must come first, because I’ve got to walk Rover!

Jan Allison
12th June 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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A Dogs Life

I'm sick of being me!
I am a D-O-G!
And I got Fleas! 
No one loves me!
My mom left me when I was a pup!
My dad got hit by a truck!
Now I'm running down the street trying to find something to eat!
Night comes but I don't sleep!
So I just sit here and howl and whine
Will I live? Or Will I die?
Life anit easy on these streets! 
Man!!! I wish I could find some food to eat!
Maybe I'll eat you! But I anit no fool!
OOPS! My bad I'm starting to drool
Well Bye-Bye now! Woof! Woof! Show love!

Oh one more thing before I go... anit you glad your not a dog?

Copyright © Kable Brown | Year Posted 2012

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A Dogs Life

It really is quite tiring, lying in the sun,
looking out for danger, protecting everyone,

All the time pretending that I don't even care
I'm sniffing out the undergrowth, to see what's lurking there,

Chasing after next door's cat can be extremely funny,
but I much prefer to find a patch of warm grass when it's sunny,

I sleep with one eye open, I am constantly on guard,
while noisy human puppies go careering round the yard,

Sometimes I'll do a trick or two, to keep my humans happy,
but when it comes to dinner time they better make it snappy!

I know it's just a dogs life, but I say, without conceit,
there's more to being man's best friend than to play or sleep or eat!

Copyright © June Fone | Year Posted 2010

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A dogs life


The dog is crying in the corner and his tail is between his legs, 

The dog is cowling like a child that's been sent early with no supper straight up right to bed, 

The dog knows when his master is so angry at him because he curses words down to the dogs bowed and sullen head, 

the dog is very grateful of the scraps he gets in his bowl and eats them without a scowl as his master dines on the best of foods as he of course is well fed, 

the dog sits beside his master always vigil and completely faithful till his master adjourns full bellied and well rested as he says " it's time for bed “but the dog is put into a cold dark kitchen where an old dirty blanket waits for him after a long day of being told to do what his master said.

Copyright © Peter Kiggin | Year Posted 2013

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a dogs life

A dog`s life

 The neighbour`s dog barks
 it heard me coming up the driveway
I usually stop and give him a cuddle
but today am too tired
When barking doesn`t help it howls 
I get up to go to the dog and play a little.
Dogs don`t demand a lot they get sad when ignored.
Five minutes of my time and the dog is happy
Just sits there and love me with his eyes.
If only life had been so easy, but it ain`t, the day has been filled with driving to 
the mechanic
to repair her car and driving her back twice.
When old one likes to be left in peace for a day or
so, and since we are moving I have to carry her
stuff, sometimes she forgets am eight years and
Have a pacemaker. Hope she will come home late
meet some friend at the supermarket she likes people
as I need a break from her relentless demands.

Copyright © jan hansen | Year Posted 2018