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vignette-BEEN THERE ,DONE THAT (43 & COUNTING) by Strand, Brian

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Rolling with the Punches

From my editor:
     “I’ll call you Deadline Devonshire, a nickname born
     Your tombstone will read, ‘She was never late before’”

From my sister:
     “I’ll take claim to the gene pool’s beauty and brains
     You can take credit for writing verse that’s inane”

From my friend:
     “You always leave home early for fear of getting lost
     Please buy a GPS, regardless of the cost”

From my priest:
     “Reincarnation’s bunk; you were never Cleopatra
     Did you have to adopt ‘been there, done that’ as a mantra?”

From my counselor:
     “You spend too many hours consumed by introspection
     No matter what you do, you’ll never reach perfection”

From my director:
     “Good grief, how hard can it be to exit stage right?
     Are you standing there waiting for a green light?”

From my coach:
     “Don’t hold that hockey stick so high in the air
     You look like you’re out hunting for Yogi the Bear”

From my teacher:
     “You seem obsessed with making everything rhyme
     To the heights of great poetry, you’ll never climb”

From me:
     “I guess I’ll just have to accept my imperfection
     Writing this poem?  Too much self-reflection”

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Reflections of manogre part two

dear flower 
to follow me is to invite glass into your skin
you've been there-done that
been kissed - been slapped
for better or worse till living do you part,
are you a piece of reality, or a fragment of dark
are you pro are you con.
your beautiful and clever enough to ride that siamese beast
you see, you obsess and you think,
but out of this chrysalis of respect 
i'm simply what you want
(probably not what you need).

at the end of this tangled-flattering mess
the manogre devours 
with cat tongue tenderness

Copyright © Anthony Slausen | Year Posted 2012

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My Friend Lynette...

My friend Lynette....
     As we face tomorrow, let us live each day like it's our last.
     Along the way you may experience sorrow, but that too will pass!
My friend Lynette...
     Heartache is like pulling a tooth, it can make you cry.
     But love is the ultimate truth and all else is a lie!
My friend Lynette...
     Your burdens I will bare, and comfort you in my arms.
     I'll protect you I swear, and shelter you from all harm.
My friend Lynette...
     My advice I freely give, for I've been-there-done-that.
     Though I've faced death, I live!  And past struggles have trained me for combat!
My friend Lynette...
     If you need someone to talk too, you can always count on me.
     My word is true and no matter what you say or do, I'm here for eternity!
My friend Lynette...
     Time reveals all, and I'll be by your side till the end.
     And although we stumble and fall, your honor I'll always defend!
My friend Lynette...
     Let me take away your fears and that way you'll never be afraid.
     If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade!
My Friend Lynette...
     Just always remember this, hearts don't break, they just bend.
     I'll seal this with a kiss, always and forever, your friend!

*Wrote for my fellow poet and friend Lynette c. (you wanted advice;))

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2010

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Those 'Rewarding' Comments

There is no point
If you have ‘been there, done that’
Unless you announce so loudly
On social sites
Show the proof of
The ‘Happy Family’ moments
You see, enjoying those moments
At that very instance
Is secondary
It is all about looking ahead
Thinking of the future
And this is just the beginning
Because now you
Have to check, every now and then
Those comments
Of your friends
Their mushy remarks
‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’
Literally dripping their love for you
These bring back the twinkle in your
Sleep deprived eyes
And instantly uplift
Your travel weary selves
If you do not get a response
From someone specific
And you want to know
Whether he is dead or alive
All you have to do is
‘Poke’ him
His reaction, a ‘thumbs up’ will
Give you the same satisfaction
As a complete meal on a hungry stomach
And your daughter will tell you
‘Now, it has all been worth it’
Your ‘Thank you’ replies
To hundreds such comments
Are bound to keep you busy
For weeks to come
So much for our craving
For some ‘social recognition’
If not in the real world
Then at least in the virtual one
Where no great achievements
Are needed to get those
‘Rewarding’ comments

Copyright © VIJAI PANT | Year Posted 2017

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My Epitaph Will Read...

Here lies Deadline Devonshire, tardiness she did abhor
     Her editor will tell you, "She was never late before"

Her sister laid claim to the gene pool’s beauty and brains
     Carolyn took credit for writing verse that’s inane

Believed in reincarnation; wasn't Cleopatra
     She merely adopted "been there, done that" as her mantra

She was the first to acknowledge her imperfection
     But writing her own epitaph?  Too much self-reflection!

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Heaven Help Me

Please move it on sir
you are holding up the line
Re-innn...carnate what?
Could you repeat that? Oh, yeah!
See that ‘Been-There-Done-That’ sign?

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014

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Thinking of Turtles

thinking of turtles
I go straight to fables: The Tortoise and the Hare -
and how slow and steady wins the race
that same old story, been there, done that
think back think back - I’m back in grade school now
Mom didn’t like dogs and cats,
so she got us a turtle        which died in weeks
probably not a good idea   -
one small shared turtle passed around
among six pairs of small eager exploring hands

I think that to live a really long time
a turtle needs to be gigantic
like those huge ones on Galapagos. .  .
how I loved learning in junior high geography
things like how those tortoises can live longer than my grandma
and how folks can ride atop their hard shell backs!

riding riding. . . now I’m back in high school
riding in a boyfriend’s car, sure I must have been
snuggled close to him, but maybe not
he was really into rules and I can’t remember
when wearing seat belts came to be a law!
Alvin was the name of this tall good looking guy
a year or two ahead of me in school
but in a different school from mine
across the Mississippi in a town of Illinois
his hair was dark and wavy, his eyes were brightly blue
even his nose was perfect, and he was so sweet
when he invited me to church camp across the river

for hours playing handsies covertly on our pew
we listened to religion droning on and on
and my mind was not on God
later at his house, making out
I never would have let him get too far
but I could tell he thought I was too fast. . . 

I remember thinking as he drove me home
how slowly and carefully he maneuvered that car
how    slowly    he     articulated    
 every     word    he     spoke
and it entered in my mind
this religious rule abiding boy with the perfect face
and lips that gave such perfect kisses
drove, talked and probably thought
as slowly as a turtle

Alvin never dated me again
I wonder sometimes what he’s doing now
and if        slow        and       steady
won the race

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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I’ve been there done that
The words flow so easily
Lips barely moving
But the eyes start to dance
Try to recall beginnings

I’ve been there done that
Words of both release and grasp
A quiet searching
With noisy implication
As to both past and future

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2013

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Intelligent women

Do not fear intelligent women
When in love they happen to be such fools.
They would attend to your every demon 
With dreams of a white gown of lace and tulle.
Been there, done that, wore those shoes, have that bruise.
Exaggeration played a silly trick.
"Got used to being yours and now I'm whose?"
Turns out I'm mediocre and not schick.

Copyright © Agatha Jetaime | Year Posted 2015

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Lesson To Be Learned

There's always a lesson to be learned
Always respect to be earned
We make the choices in our life's
Whether they're wrong or whether they're right

You'll never know what's around the block
Could be something good or dreadful shock

But there's always a lesson to be learned
Make up your mind which way to turn
You'll never know it could be for the best
At least you had a go and had no regrets

You'll never know what's around the block
Could be something good or dreadful shock

No the grass ain't greener on the other side
You've been there, done that, and swallowed your pride
Had to learn a lesson but you got hurt
Did you need that lesson for you to learn

You'll never know what's around the block
Could be something good or dreadful shock

Did you go the wrong way
Did you have your own say
Did you make the right choice
Did you listen to someone's voice
Did you get your just reward
Did you hear the crowd applaud

You'll never know what's around the block
Could be something good or dreadful shock

Yes there's always a lesson to be learned
Some are good and some must be heard
So take these lessons in your stride
Don't you fret and don't you hide

You'll never know what's around the block
Could be something good or dreadful shock

© Copyright KC. Leake
26th January 2015
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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A Celebration Of Birth

In a tired 
always connected 
forget news 
give me dirt
world of been there done that 
even have the tee shirt
We are suddenly, thankfully 
brought back to earth
By the wonderful, magical 
mystery of birth. 

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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Worldly Woman

(She's haunted by her past)

I cry the tears of a wordly woman.
Used and abused.
I'm old news.
I've been there, done that,
no longer going forward,

always crying when I look back.

I used to be at men's beck and call,
always standing alone against the wall,
but never standing tall.

They did to me as they please,
brought me down to my knees.

I had you-

That alone was reason to stop them.
But I acted as if I didn't know anything else.
Yes, I did what they wanted
no matter how I felt.

I cry the tears of a worldly woman.
Used and abused.
I'm old news.
I've been there done that,
no longer going forward.

Always crying when I look back.

It was like I had no name.
I had no self-respect.
Some called me girl,
Some called me pet.

But, what I call myself
I still don't know the answer to that 

I cry the tears of a worldly woman.
Used and abused.
I'm old news,
I've been there, done that.
No longer going forward,

Always crying when I look back.

Always crying when I look back.

Copyright © Tyshawn Knight | Year Posted 2014

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Pigeon Soup

Been there done that
come on home and kick the cat
follow cranes and ask for work
then hit the closest bar
chatter up the working men
shoot some pool 
play some cards

The best time to ask is on a Monday
Hangovers create job openings
Most stores need sweeping or windows washed
Follow the cranes
follow the roach coach
then hit the closest bar

Spend a day at the dump
Hit on guys dumping sheet rock
If they can afford to dump stuff
There might be a job
Day old bread from bakeries
thickens watery soup
most car washes have
a place they dump trash from cars
check for pot plants
Seeds got to grow

Copyright © Donald Meikle | Year Posted 2009

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Le Catamaran

Spent your whole life scrawling runes in the sand
your whole world etched out in tropes
arcs from beginning and end unto skyline
been there done that, I can comprehend you
don't wanna ever be there again though

I miss my time with you
I loose my skin to let some air back in
sinking in at the speed of time
what sound does it make when you stop to look at it
not the steady tick of the clock at all
more a soft scream into the thickening moonlight

I tense at the chill of the megale wind
dead men studying dead men that studied dead men
but who here really wants to live forever
raise your hands and we knock you off
overboard, buh-bye

Hygieia, for the breath in my lungs
Dionysus, for the drink in my veins
Le Moirai, for the lines I've crossed
Tyche, for the lines I shall remain

The blood taste in my mouth makes me wince
it's not overbearing, it's just that
it's barely noticeable at all
so I think of the one and his taste for blood
perhaps not lust, but a form of negligence

The crescent wisp, the knife in palm
striking earth where the crumbs have fallen
yet I meet you here and now
on the waves with no ship
dance of the salt and sun along the northern branch

Mon coeur est triste
j'espère que vous savez mon chemin
ma naissance est une disjonction
entre l'honneur et la famille

Artemis, for the food in my belly
Demeter, for the crumbs in my bowl
Hera, for the woman of my life
Eros, for our love and love alone

Copyright © Val Murah | Year Posted 2010

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My CT Scan

>Cool at Ipswich Hospital today.
I went for  CT scan result.  I say.
High up in the maternity block.
I shared a lift with an empty bed.
Considered laying, resting me head.
Porter smiled, and motioned no with his head.

On the second floor that bed went out.
Now I had room to move about.
Then on the sixth floor,a bed with patient in.
Had priority over all within.
Of course I had to get out.
I did with no fuss, there was no doubt.

Been there, done that bed in a lift.
All give way, beds, rule the day.
And in the lift.  They do I say.
Finally I got in again, and upwards, lift did go again.
Then at  last I reached the floor.
I knew as I'd been there before.

But all was strange, it was to me.
Not the same as before, you see.
Inquiring of the staff just so.
They smiled and said, 'you want the floor below.'
That was the one I vacated for that bed.
As they have priority as I have said.

I thanked them there, grinned and then did say.
'My short-term memory thingy is working today.'
They all smiled as I walked away.
I knew then it would be one of them days.
Back to the lift.  I did go.
With all my worldly goods you know.

I always take them to hospital you know.
Why oh why, I don't know.
Getting out at floor 6.
I know my mind needed to be fixed.
As this is the floor.  I gave way.  Instead.
To that patient in a bed.  I should stayed there Instead.

Better had I laid  down on that first empty bed.
I jumped the gun a bit, you know.
As Junior doctors are on strike just so.
I took them two of my big umbrellas. 
As they were standing out in such bad weather.
Told them leave with reception.
I'll collect tomorrow on reflection.

Finally got booked in at last.
Reception had not my name, what a task.
Asked me, 'who I was going to see?'
I replied, 'I don't know, no one told me.'
Told them.  'They spoke on the phone.
Cancelled tomorrow for me alone.

No name of Doctor was given to me.
Could be under my umbrella you see.
I had the second waiting room all to me.
So no one saw me drink my decaff coffee.

People now are coming in here.
In  pairs.  They seem to appear.
I'm sitting quietly on my own.
It still is quiet, as I'm alone.
Today,five nature visits, I have made.
Furosemide in working well today.

CT scan was clear, you'll be pleased hear.
I was, but got to come back next year. 
Have the same things all again.
And if clear, won't be here again.
But that's not exactly the truth, you see.
As there's lots more wrong with me.

But of that Cancer,there is no-more-in-me.(TmA)<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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"I am a Laid Back Fact"

In my eighteen wheeler rolling, I am like a salmon fish in the rapids shoaling! Spawn’s flowing 
next generation’s showing!  Black smoke a rolling from smoke stack.

I am laid back, I don’t snort crack, I take time to stop and get some java black, and  hit 
sleeper sack! I don’t let my mind get out of whack!

Even my cb handle  is, ‘Laid Back’, I acquired the name way back, in driving school, I live 
good life  jack!

“Laid Back”, my cb handle on the radio, and my 460 Cummins an’t slow, she’ll blow and go, 
she climbs Cabbage mountain in a snow, “good buddy, come back!”

I hear drama queen, playing her scene, on cb radio, her sultry voice saying, “I am Back!”

Inviting me to stop at a TA travel stop, telling me what all kind of food they got, I tell her I 
am already late, can’t stop!” Been there, done that, all they got is slop!

Again I hear drama queen, cussing a stream, saying, "you’re the lying-est  S.O.B. I’ve ever 
seen." But I am not mean, I just don’t make this type scene. 

I pull over on shoulder to miss lost tire tread called an alligator, as a 40 pound possum, runs 
under my trailer, meeting his alter meta.

A beautiful dream, the trucker scene, all the world I mean! I’ve not been mean, I am laid 
back. And I don’t let my mind get off track! Don’t smoke dope! Don’t get on that slope! 

I am laid back! I stay on track! I am Love, I live, that’s  what I give. So if you want to live, 
Love is what you give.
To live laid back, you must stay on track. And out of drama queen’s sack. For she has that 
knack, to draw you back, into a life of your mind that’s cracked, a life minus Agape fact.

It’s time for humanity to pull over and rest, from a mind of fest. This trucker wishes you all 
the best, be Love’s guest. For of a mind of fest, your life can become a mess. Be laid back, 
keep your mind on a reality of Love’s fact! I am drew back ,“I am Laid Back!”

Placed #4

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2010

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Living Life

Living Life

Now I'm living life where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future 'cause my past tried to kill me.
Poetry, a strong part of my soul.
The story of my life, it's must be told.
I ain't no baby, I'm a woman well seasoned.
Let me whisper in your ear and I'll give you some reasons.
Sonya's been to hell, but now I'm back.
I only spit the real and that's a fact.
I ain't no rapper, I'm a Poet to the bone.
And I've been pregnant with this message for way too long.

I did the streets to the fullest, so I can't be caught.
The game became the hunter and I can't be bought.
It makes me wanna holla, it makes me wanna shout.
These are the things that I'm flowing about.
Relationships, heartaches, tears and pain.
The drinking, the drugging, the tripping in shame.
Babies Daddies, Babies Mama's Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama.
The who's doing who and all the under cover drama.
They stab me in my back, while they smile in my face.
No respect, dignity, class or grace.

Jails, poverty, it's all so unsavory.
I ain't getting caught up in this modern day slavery.
I hope to start the healing, so feel my tone.
Or I'm just a copycat sister, all the way wrong.
I got dreams of making it big, and dreams of being rich.
And I know that ain't gonna stop nobody from calling me a.
Now I'm living life where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future, 'cause my past tried to kill me.

Is it the memory of the man from the 1980's.
He beats me, mistreats me, can you feel me ladies.
Or did he dress so well and look so fine.
You know the one on the down low the whole dam time.
Was it the man from the 90's who gave me the drugs.
Too blind with lust to see my grave being dug.
Or the good looking bad boy who turned my body out.
Was he chasing the paper, or trying to pimp a sister out.
Was it the wolf in sheep's clothing who promised me the world.
He's got five different kids with five different girls.

The bank account is gone and so is the man.
I'm all cried out, now I'm working my hand.
Been there, done that, I'm chipped not cracked.
What don't break a woman make a woman, I know this for a fact.
I ain't preaching, but I'm teaching through my eyes as I see it.
I was born to be the best, believe I'm gonna be it.
I'm free from his games, I'm no longer a slave.
Don't need no cage or a whip to teach me how to behave.
Now I'm living life, where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future, 'cause my past tried to kill me.

Written by:  Sonya "TheRealityPoet" Kyle
Copyright 2012

Copyright © Sonya Kyle | Year Posted 2014

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Sin Sorry Sunday

It's now sin sorry Sunday, don't look so swell, take a look in the mirror, look like he'll, start thinking I'm tired of living this way I'm steadily getting older each and every day. I go out every night looking for a good time, the more I look the less I find, instead of getting ahead I'm falling further behind, It's time to break out, go a new route. So tired of living in dismay, you look to the Heavens, a start to pray.

Lord I go out with my friend's and keep finding myself deeper into sin. I'm just trying to be like everybody else, somewhere I have lost myself. Lord I know this is not me, after years of working and searching I'm still not in the place I want to be. Before I leave I put on a false face because I know I'm about to enter the retrace. I'm starting to feel it's all a waste. Lord Jesus will you take my case. When you party, drinking good liquor and good wine, you know it has come to an end, when you have to pretend to have a good time.

It has become a very bitter cup, I think it's time to put it down and go up. Lord I'm ready to make that Heavenly connection so you can guide me in the right direction. And how do I know the format, been there, done that. I thought the only way to cope was hanging with the crowd, drinking lots of liquor, doing big dope. It brought me to the end of my rope.  Now I didn't hear a voice, just a strong feeling, you have a choice. But the part I really resent, it took a mile to kick me before I got the hint.

Then I was told, the next hit or drink could take your last breath. I looked in the mirror, could see the face of death. But know this before you commence, you cannot straddle the fence. It's either up or down, swim or frown. It's not a riddle, it's simple, there is no middle. So while sitting at the crib, I cried, forget death, Lord I want to live. Then came the voice. Very Wise Choice
He took the sorrow away, no more sin sorry Sunday.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2016

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Acclimating to the tranquil jaunt
of a cool morning cascade
shouldered brightly by
reds and oranges of a quiet rising sun

Rather than yearning for ball point
to check off
Peacefulness & beauty with poingant

Been there, done that!
O tireless mantra for
Consummation of life

Anticipating the soft cooing
of Septembers mourning dove
spawns antiquated veins of nobility
much kindlier than traffic lights
and car horns

The perfume of fresh earth
as dew is called back to Heaven
leaves very pleasantly
remorseless of its brief endeavor
or fleeting benevolence

Copyright © Brian Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Love Rebounded part 2

They devour each other 
Their excuse for infidelity: familiarity 
How can it be wrong? 
Both taken, both taking 
Sickly forbidden fruit 
Followed by titanic guilt 
So much wrong 

She wants to know he loves her still 
He insists she leave her new lover 
‘But that will destroy him’ 
‘Oh great, destroy me but not him!’ 
‘Don’t worry babe, just give me a while. I will break it to him gently’ 
What has he’s opened? 
Pandora time 

She can’t stay 
Sneaks off like a thief 
With a slice of his heart 
Back to the new man 
She slips in bed 
An arm wraps around her 
Rigid with guilt 
Head chock full 
Sleep wont come 

Across town about to doze 
He receives another text 
‘I cant sleep babes, thinking of you 
I wish you were here instead of him 
Tonight was like old time, felt so right 
Let’s do it again...soon 
I love you and always will 
Sweet dream my love’ 

Anxiety floods his chest 
She’s ****ing with my head 
In my old bed, with another man 
Wishing she was with me instead? 
What the fu...?’ 
He wants her desperately 
But can't stop thinking about... 
Her with him having sex in his bed 
A light bulb ignites 

He can’t go backwards 
Needs to forge on 
So shoots her a text 
‘I had the best time, it was a lot of fun 
But, been there, done that 
Got the t-shirt and a scar 
Let’s pretend this never happened 
Then I won’t have to deal with the fact that… 
My baby's mammas a cheating whore 
You made your bed 
With your new man 
Lay in it’

Copyright © cheryle sanders | Year Posted 2012

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Work in the kimgdom

My work is in the Kingdom, not for  corrupt reward.
This for the Master Christ , the service of the Lord.
And not for money do I labor or that called  vain glory.
Been there done that, it leads nowhere it's all the same sad story.

My work is in the Kingdom , as I walk beneath.
Though fit the way unsurprised and filled with much the grief.
The end of the road is Heaven and Jesus waiteth there
The work and walk be worth the trouble , He of me taketh care.

Copyright © LEWIS FINDLEY | Year Posted 2015

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after all, he's just a man

She was a natural disaster
probably the worst he’d faced.
Touched by her disclosure,
all of his brains displaced.

They started with fire and brimstone
but ended with a thud,
she was a natural disaster
he was, she said, “A dud.”

Well what did she know about life?
He’d been there, done that, before
but she was a natural disaster,
sent to even the score.

Now he’s a wiser man
resigned, he is, to fate.
She was a natural disaster,
destiny’s dial-up date.

Hard lessons a fella must learn
to make it in this world.
The hardest of all to survive
are administered by those girls!

After all, he’s just a man,
he will not be disgraced,
if he succumbs to disastrous charms 
with all of his brains displaced.

Copyright © lim'rik flats | Year Posted 2016

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We were

Sat beneath the stars we were, supping pepsi from a can
on the bridge near castle farm, just hiding from me mam 
Twas 10 o clock and fairly dark for kids of just fourteen 
But we were brave and strong and tough and menacing and mean 

Trailing through the streets we were, hoods up and walking tall
Scowling at the passers by, obnoxious and knowing all. 
Kicking through the flower beds not having any cares 
Smoking crafty cigs behind the shops our parents unaware. 

Watching passing trains we were, whilst climbing in the trees 
Laughing uncontrollably and chanting in the breeze 
Spray paint cans and marker pens, graffiti through the town 
having a ball, cos we were 'ard' you couldnt bring us down 

Throwing eggs and stones we were, foolish to our crime 
a group of little vandals, just school kids in our prime. 
Climbing into gardens, kidnapping small, clay gnomes 
making the most of all the things 'you wouldnt do at home' 

Running from police we were, because they'd seen our stash, 
a bottle of some cheap, flat beer and about one hundred fags. 
Taking rules from no- one, not listening to a word 
'cos we were just too cool for school, one day we'd rule the world. 

Then Tucked in bed asleep we were, wearing kisses from our dads
'Cos really we were children, we werent always bad 
So to all you tiny terrors, id just like you to know 
Weve been there, done that, seen it all,not quite so long ago.

Copyright © melanie jennings | Year Posted 2012

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The Night of the Fire

Been there, done that in 1995. (I really forgot the year.)
I grabbed my kids, car keys and purse; glad to be alive!
Preparedness had been a theme; and logical, it did seem.
I even had a 3-day supply upon which I could rely.
(for emergencies…like hurricanes…and such)
Clothes and food ready in my trunk.
Always tucked away…my *****!
And… I had many mental plans 
I knew exactly what I would take.
Family History records, a must.
And pictures for memory's sake,
Oh, documents, the legal type,
(To avoid unnecessary confusion)
Preparedness to me was no hype.
But when the fire blazed and survival was at stake,
My head became very clear; decisions were not dazed.
I grabbed my kids, car keys and purse.
And the plans went up with the blaze.

(Smiles…but the trunk was packed!)

© February 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Last Chance 	
Sponsored by: kristen bruni

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2012

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Sinful Saturday

Today is the day you really go out and play on sinful Saturday. Well I don't want to bring everybody in, It's about eight out of ten and I'm not trying to put you down so don't jump the gun and frown.

I know some are going to cut a rug and some are going to drink and drug, some will just go to fuss and fight because they don't appreciate anything nice. It's as if they were raised in a zoo, so stay away from that crew.

Now for those who go to dance and romance, if it's til broad daylight then that's alright, 'cause you worked all week and some pleasure you do seek. So forget about it all, have yourself a ball. Then come back at your peek, ready for another week. And how do I know the format, been there, done that.

This is why I'm not trying to cut to the quick, if you want to go to the click or have a lovely picnic, I pray you don't loose your way on this sinful Saturday.


Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2016