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To God be the glory - great things he has done
To God be the glory - great things he has done. ‘I am Eddie Rowlands, I became a Christian in 1985, at that time I also experienced evil opposition toward me, to the extent of being confronted by satan. Further on from this I was at a Christian prayer meeting in 1989 of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship at the Café Royal Regent Street, there I saw a young woman (it later turned out she was Jewish) in the crowd, ‘Receive her Sight' she was formerly totally blind I may add before this. The boy she came with was astounded, the event was at the time reported on L.B.C. Radio London so it should be traceable. In the year 2008 I had a guy called Tom work on the slabs of my front drive, then in the subsequent year he and another man re-did the crazy pave at the rear of my house. It was at this point he mentioned God & the saving grace of Jesus, he also showed me the true life story of Thomas Welch also known as The 'Oregon Miracle’. Maybe 18 months on he rebuilt a fence that blew down along the front & side of my house, again we spoke on faith & I mentioned I had been a Christian not as he might think in Roman Catholicism or the Church of England but a Free Evangelical Church. He replied he was currently in such a Church, I asked him if he had a particular job in Church, he replied he did but did not elaborate. It was then I told him I had seen the Jewish girl receive the gift of sight, ‘but I am not where I should be with the Lord’ I added; there would be further occasions through the years when he would mention God and Jesus and I would answer ‘I am not where I should be with God.' Then in October 2016 he called up out of the blue, after greetings he said ‘I've seen Him Ed.' I said ‘Who; who have you seen?’ he repeated ‘Him’ Ed. I then replied ‘Who the Boss?’ ‘Yes’ He said ‘The Boss.' He followed up by saying he would talk more in depth next time he called. In November of the same year I was advised by my doctor I should be screened for cancer this turned out to be positive. I was later scheduled for an operation in February the 7th the following year. Around the end of January Tom came calling, and we discussed his Visitation by the Holy Spirit of which I will not go into here. We then made small talk and I mentioned I had argued with a new man who had momentarily parked across my drive entrance. I said He had apologised immediately & introduced himself as Mark; he told me he conducted a house Church group up at number 7, I told Tom I'd felt most embarrassed, then I had attended a couple of times, at this point I had poured out a coffee for him & tea for me. As we drank, he was looking through the side window, then almost absent-mindedly, he said ‘Ed do you think if it’s possible for a man to see God; that if people say or do enough bad things they could see satan?’ I spluttered into my tea; ‘Well I suppose’ I replied thinking how can this man know of my experience? I blurted out ‘I've seen him Tom.' I then said ‘I told you I am not where I should be with God.' I explained to him that at the coming of satan there had been at the time; a most oppressive atmosphere! He said to me ‘I think I should pray for you’. I agreed & I told him of the coming operation so he prayed for healing and for my return to God, & that God would find a use for me in his plans. I felt much better after the prayer with him & shortly after this prayer I did re-commit my life to our Lord Jesus. You see I was at one point married well before I knew Tom, this had failed in 1997 & I went my way rather like the prodigal son for years; I had deserted God, yet though I had deserted God, He did not desert me. On the 7th of February 2017 I had a cancerous kidney removed of which I understand is the worst sort for spreading, at my next appointment I was told the disease had now spread all over my body including the lungs & I was given 18 months to 2 years to live. I appealed to the Church that I was now attending for prayer which they did, I went to open air prayer meetings & other Christian friends prayed for me & also the healing mission in Tonbridge. At a subsequent hospital assessment I said to the cancer specialist that a lot of people were praying for me, & I expected the next scan to be clear-she smiled benevolently. The next CT scan did indeed show there were no signs of cancer cells, now the Doctor wanted me to carry on the chemotherapy & said in her opinion this did not mean I was cured. I have completed the chemotherapy and whilst awaiting the next scan result I have faith in God that I am healed, as the scripture says 'lay hands on the sick' and they will recover, not might recover.'
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