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Best Beaver Poems

Below are the all-time best Beaver poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of beaver poems written by PoetrySoup members

At the footbridge Sue was meeting her beau
(He was married to a woman called Flo)
Sue soon found out his deception
She dismembered his erection
For his love...

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Categories: beaver, betrayal, body, humorous,

Premium Member The Flame
The Flame, aflicker, licks and flays,
illuming evening’s negligees
With braided curls she swirls and sways,

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Categories: beaver, life, light,

Trump and the Beaver - For Jan
Out in the woods Trump took a nap
Under an oak dripping of sap
pants to his knees
what a big sleaze
Fresh beaver still caught in his trap


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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beaver, for her,

Premium Member Luna's Eclipse
Luna, to the depths 
     of my fondest delight,
You are regally dressed 
     this beautiful night.
Your beaming...

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Categories: beaver, moon,

Premium Member My Old Black And White
What I’d give to wake in the morning and hear those church bells ring
To turn on my old black and white and hear Gene Autry...

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Categories: beaver, nostalgiaold, friend, old,

Premium Member My Shoe Collection
My Shoe Collection


Nice if you have them


There is love
There is happiness
When the next path of your journey
You take with shoes on your feet


I am coming...

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Categories: beaver, hilarious, imagination, irony, journey,

A Compilation of Fickle Foolish Footles

Bad-ass old bear:

Dachshund making critical life choices:

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Categories: beaver, funny,

A Cocktail of Kaleidoscope
Cows milked: mitigated mooing in the meadows then
Weaving on the warp, some workaholic women

Harvest of hapless halibuts on hooks
Bookish book-worms buried in books

A palomino...

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Categories: beaver, imagery, poems, writing,

Premium Member Everything In Life Is Circular
My culture has been taken away,
I am a result of the government;
my hair dark and long
sometimes I wear it in braids,
I am of an era...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beaver, native american,

Premium Member Lesson From The Ant
Just a tiny, crawling creature is she.
You would think her resources would be scant,
but what an example of industry.
I refer to the insect known as...

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Categories: beaver, animal, insect, nature, work,

Premium Member Mother Nature's Tapestry At Her Best
She is an unsung, unaware, unbridled, unsuspecting scene, deep in the woods, lost in time.
Not ventured into by hunter, or explorer for nigh onto thirty...

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Categories: beaver, environment, nature,

Premium Member Moon's Rise, Man's Fall

A colorless sunrise, 
this moon...tonight.
Nothing she has to
forget.  Nothing to ready

There behind the swamp's
trees. Soon to fall -
from rot
from age
from beetle
from beaver
from wind.

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Categories: beaver, death, moon, philosophy,

The tail of a beaver, bill of a duck
yet they pull it off with honor and pluck
made with spare parts
they capture our hearts
with DNA tests...

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Categories: beaver, animal, confusion, humor,

Jem To Kill a Mockingbird
No, sir Atticus
I am not leaving
I am not like a beaver, who runs and hides
In the sight of danger
Who am I, you may ask
A boy...

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Categories: beaver, confusion, family, teen,

Premium Member American Osmosis
American Osmosis

Jamestown was the source of this
Movement that swept across the continent
At first the ships were left behind
And people used what they could find
A mule,...

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Categories: beaver, adventure, history

Legacy of Love
How I long to walk again
By the beaver dam.
Remember in midsummer, Dad
We stopped to roam the land.

Along I followed through 
I frowned at what I...

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Categories: beaver, daughter, emotions, family, father,

Premium Member Kananaskis is
Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is

With spring’s sudden warmth
serial avalanches thunder
one triggers the next 

Winter’s snow melting 
laughing, leaping, running to 

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Categories: beaver, memory,

Footles for the Birds and the Beasts
Bad-ass old bear:

Cougar from Arizona:

Cowardly Cock-a-Doodle-Doer:

Un-cool Terrier:

Larcenous bird:

Slave-driving beaver:
Dam it
Damn it!


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Categories: beaver, animal, funny,

Premium Member Little Beaver
A little beaver
Possessed to harvest timber
The teeth razor-sharp
Does he think about his toil
His hut, design or instinct 

Edward J Ebbs - March 8, 2015

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Categories: beaver, nature,

Premium Member Canto XVII Hell translation
“Here the fierce with the thin pointed tail,
Who passes mountains and breaks arms and walls!
Here who with stench can the world assail!”

So my duke started...

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Categories: beaver, fantasy,

Once Upon a Time
This is a story, short, but true
About a woman who had eyes that were black and blue.

 About a man who can eat things ten...

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Categories: beaver, confusionwoman, lost, lost, time,

Premium Member Saskatchewan My Home
Land of the living skies

Where the Saskatchewan  prairie lies

Skies painted with every hue

Pinks, purples and shades of blue

The sun slowly sinks in the west


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Categories: beaver, nature, people, places, people,

Canadian Beaver
The Canadian beaver 
Is not who you think he is, 
He's not as gentle, as people think 
He'd stand at your feet and take a...

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Categories: beaver, art, , cute,

Premium Member What Have I Seen

Sunrise, late winter
skunk smell
turkey flock
playful otter, too.

The white heron
a great blue,
white phase,
in the abandoned beaver pond.

Purple clematis
its long-awned achenes
in globose heads
spidery, fiery, extravagant fruit!

To identify...

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Categories: beaver, allah, girl, nature, peace,

Premium Member The Great Turtle and Sky Woman
A round I'll write on a turtles shell
in hyperbole you'll be borne
on each carapace a story's traced
of when the world was first born.

How Sky Woman...

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Categories: beaver, mythology,