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The Art Of Storytelling

Facedown on the carpet I just knew that I would die, 
the red obscures my vision as the blood dripped in 
my eye,

I never saw it coming, tell me, how could I have 
slipped? But let me back it up a bit and tell you bout 
my trip.

My mother was the type who gave me food but fed 
me lies, the woman gave me life October 5th of '85,

while growing up I always knew that something was 
amiss, my 16th birthday's when I found out true lies 
do exist.

October 2K1 my goodness, it was such a time, I 
lived my life the 'seat of pants' way, out there runnin 

my b-day gift from Uncle Sal which I was blown 
away, a nickel plated 22 he called a 'throw away'.

Mom Dukes was straight addicted to a lithany of 
drugs, my father died absorbing quite a lithany of 

I thirsted for the streets and no amount of love could 
quench, to now possess a firearm, it all now 
seemed a cinch.

I had some people over to the crib to celebrate, my 
little cuzzo Pop and plus my homies Rell and Nate,

we had the PS2 because that Madden game was 
heat, you know how things occur sometimes when 
you expect it least?

It seems that day my mother really snorted up some 
blow, she had assorted stains of snow which 
showed around her nose,

when Moms got high the sky could fall and she just 
wouldn't know, she also had a case of real loose 
lips because of coke.

Now everyone was chillin, plenty happy times for all, 
then Moms approached my Uncle Sal, the rising of 
my fall,

she then just spoke out loud enough for everyone to 
hear, 'Why don't you claim your son right now while 
everyone is here? !

The music stopped and pinheads dropped I'm 
thinkin who the F? Now cheery Sal with teary smile 
embraced me to his chest,

'I'm sorry it was done this way but yes there's 
sumthin true, I have 2 sons see Pop is 1, the other 1 
is you'

I fainted, dropped my brew and don't know what I'm 
gonna do.......

To Be Continued......

Copyright © James Lewis | Year Posted 2011

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The Art of Conversation

This is the beginning 
an introduction to what i have to say 
Here, I'll throw in another descriptive line 
to back it up. 
Continually flowing 
from one line to the next 
A certain thought, or feeling 
I am writing to express. 

Should I start over? 
Or are you still following along? 
The art of conversation is complicated 
when you have nothing to agree upon. 

This is where I begin again 
going over past thoughts 
now my feelings have been expressed. 
Perhaps this time I'll be more descriptive 
for sometimes vague leaves people offended. 
Just bare with me patiently 
as i keep the theme intended 
hang on as you continually understand me 
and then try not to forget. 

Should I start over? 
because you haven't cut me off yet 
The art of conversation is difficult 
if one is boringly intense. 

This is where I throw you off 
from finding the real meaning intended 
perhaps continuing with some imaging 
selecting proper euphemism 
leaving the ending another viewpoint to ponder 
another subject awaiting your decision. 

Unfortunately these are my disorganized thoughts 
as I continually look for your code to be deciphered.

Copyright © Troy Nelson | Year Posted 2006

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shopping spree

Shopping Spree 

It was a big shop, large as warehouse it sold everything I didn’t need; 
and the shop was empty of staff. The thief in my thought: if I had a van
 I could back it up to the entrance, take everything in sight drive off 
and sell it to retailers who would say when I was caught, we bought his 
stuff in good faith. I could make a thousand Euros, but would have to 
spend it fast by going to nightclubs and be the big guy paying drinks for
 everyone; and beautiful women would fawn over me. 
Finally a shop assistant came chewing on a burger and smelling of 
fried onions. Asked me what I wanted. “Two batteries for my remote 
please.” They cost 67 cent. He didn’t have the three cents so I told him 
to make it seventy. This pleased him no end, but having robbed 
the shop I could afford to be grand. Coming home the batteries were 
not the right sort, but never mind, they could be useful for something 
else, say, to run my toy car. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2011

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Look at the facts not the Debate

Do you see anything to smile about?
Someone was on fire during the debate
He drank so much water he stuttered
That a sign the raft of hell is getting hotter
Now I am more confused than ever

Our life isn't a political flash game
Do you see anything to smile about?

Today for me; tomorrow for you,
It only takes a few, to see and review,
The outlook on life, sadly it’s fading.
Before we are too quick to judge;
Do you see anything to smile about?

Many work places are going under;
Many people are on the unemployment line,
Not knowing what to expect or digest
Do you see anything to smile about?

Occupy Wall Street protest continue stronger than ever
Trying to save what's left of our future.
Only time would tell according to the scriptures
Occupy our minds let’s think of our children's future
Look at the facts not the faces
Do you see anything to smile about?

One keep smiling the other kept drinking
Many head of the households worries about Health Care
 What is life for a soldier on the front line? 

Do you see anything to smile about?
Yes I know a man is still a man
Even if he wears an expensive jacket and ties
Only differents  we as citizens have place 
 Such men in a high position to spy
We have to back it up and vote or choke
Do you see anything to smile about?

Relationships are dying Men and women for themselves
Broken hearts all over the place,
 The love of our patriach seizes
Do you see anything to smile about?

Homeless shelters are closing
 With or without people demonstrating or voting,
Do you see anything to smile about?

This is not any fault of our citizens 
Its bad management, how much more can we take
 It’s hard to smile during the recession besides a rebate!
Looks at the facts, not the debate
Partake and foresee our future.
We need more smiling faces.
We need to breathe!
Hell’s getting hotter,
 Apocalypse in mainstream
Now do you see anything to smile about?

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2012

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Old School

Old School 

Remember the old boom box boogey down to the socks
 Reggie Jackson chewy bars & Tommy's pop rocks
 Parachutte pants with the hair high fade
 Wake up late in a purple haze saying it's going to be one of those days
 Back it up even further playing cowboys and indians in the sand box
 Waiting at the corner for the ice cream man to come with his stuff
 Boy, hero's fade from the scene such an evil scheme
 Wouldn't care in what I said or did throwing an M80 under a garbage lid
 Back when it was fashionable to be late for your date
 Baking grandmas cookies in the oven for sure
 Sipping on your favorite beverage while the pops watch Dinah Shore 
 Those good old days that have gone before yet soon will discover
 The over weight lover from another mother type of brother
 Fast cars and the midnight scene with the freaks coming out
 Flip flops with your stretch blue jeans such a party scene
 In quaint encounters with the local police running in the street
 Falling mailboxes girls wearing their Sunday best putting their lovers in a test
 A time well spent in thought while going to the fair with music everywhere
 Back in school those days listening to teachers stopping later at the mall
 The movies back then made you feel ten feet tall with Stallone time to roam
 Party's at your neighbors having forts put up in the back
 Mommy & Daddy working to hard enough to give them a heart attack
 Learn to relax with my rubix cube later playing hacky sack
 A soft kiss from a lover under cover as she spins the bottle
 I will never forget those tender moments in the sun thank you I got to run

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2016

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The Book of Charm

What is this charm that others have?
Magnetic attraction and attention grabbing,
Playing the room like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Charm like a souffle needs careful attention to detail,
    practice and handling with care.
Overdone it flops and sags to disaster pudding.

The first ingredient is to be pleasing to eye.
Being smartly presented, as nice as you can be.
It helps if you are a handsome prince or stunning good-looker
But being well groomed and smartly dressed helps.

The second ingredient is a simple dash of eyebrow flash
A wink is overdoing it, just flit the eyebrow up
This dispels the fear-of-foe when being approached.
Just a mere quiver is enough to catch attention,
    back it up with a slight tilt of head and a little smile.
This is you welcome, a hors d'oeuvres of open friendliness.

Next, you need to engage with your eyes, whisking long enough to meld
   two beings together, expressing your genuine interest in them.
It is not a stare but a warm open welcome, with a nice smile,
   maintaining eye-to-eye contact just long enough to be noticed, enticing.

Next get people to believe you are generally interested in them.
Not with flattering effrontery, 
    but by getting them to flatter themselves 
    by getting them talking to you, 
    about the things you admire in them,
    things they admire most about themselves.
This give them a pat on the back, starts the assurance sharing.

With this book of charm recipes
You'll soon be the center of attention 
Serving your light, fluffy souffle
To a captive audience, humming your cover tune.

1 July 2017

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2017

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You Can Have It All

You can have the days beginning
You can bring it to the end
You can clear out of the middle 
Take it all with you my friend

You can swing from forever after
Relish in the here and now
Remove all of the laughter
Melt down the golden cow

You can pack up all belongings 
Take it all away in tow
The only thing I ask of you
Is leave my Barry Manilow

You can take the sun from out its cradle
Remove the stars at night
Set to dry the gentle rains of spring
Take what you can of life

Feel free to stop the world from turning
Back it up if you must
Take my old 50's Chevy with you
Leaving behind the rust

Take the shore from its kissing of the sea
Lift the beggar from off his knees
You can pretty much do anything
Just leave my Barry Manilow with me

I'm not really much of a Barry Manilow fan...
this just sounded funny to me.  
Although you do have to hand it to him...he did write the songs.

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Jane Doe

Whus up Jane Doe, I don’t think I know ya name so
I'll just get acquainted wit what you think'n in you brain though.
Never seen ya frame but the picture that I picture'll stay the same.
Beauty is in on the inside, wit you in yo rhyme’s in time hopefully you just wont be a figure in mind. I believe in what I can’t see, the air I breathe, the god who blessed me and Jane Doe who respects me
Never even seen nor meet me, I guess my sales pitch'll sell this
It must be ditto because I stay in touch wit this chick.
Never seen her hips, lips, thighs, eye's or ****.
But some how she knows what I’m on before I even said it.
Now I got more questions then lessons, not the type for neglecting.
On the same page its strange neither mind has time for rejection.
Got me ready to dance horizontal and give you my ********
I’m just mess'n, this whole time in this whole rhyme I’ve known ya name. I just wanna get to know the person who got the name.
You got a story that'll make a nigga wanna read. I usually just pick up books to look now I wanna read. I wanna see if you what you cracked up to be. Most men would be intimidated but you stack up to me. Back it up to me; throw it back you'll see. They don’t call me the sire for nothin if you want you can come and see.

Copyright © Courtney Allen | Year Posted 2005

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"Pole Playing" (Round Eight)

So, are you in the mood to play your role,
Because I am ready to set the scene,
Holding, in my hands, a stack full of green,
At the stage, in the basement, with the pole.
I want to see if you can reach your goal,
As you hand upside down and hold the lean,
Displaying moves that I have never seen,
Because you will bare more than just your soul.
Climb! Climb! Climb! Climb! Flip, twist, bend, and then slide
Down to the middle, and stop for a while.
Wrap your leg around it, and then just glide,
Allowing me to admire your style.
Drop it, back it up, and then let it ride,
As all the dollar bills begin to pile.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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Keeping it Real

Keeping it real from the heart: We need to talk, Why is it that some people get away with things in society & others don't. It's a double standard. Also how come atheists have so much hate in their system ? Love should become the essence of one's inner existence. As a society we are slowly drifting away the fundamental values in which make are country great. This leaves me feeling ton inside. Many people today live by sight behind a false hidden garb of compromise. Can't we see through Satan's evil lies. That's why I think faith is so beneficial it's believing in a substance of things unseen the evidence of things to come. Just knowing something superficially isn't necessarily biblical truth. You have to back it up with the word of God. Still it makes me wonder when someone dies have they been actually dead for years until the moment ? Sin is actions in which humans rebel against God. Miss their true purpose for their lives. Surrendering instead to the prince of the air more then God cause all their deeds were evil. Still faith without works is dead if not put into action. Even the devil believes & trembles inside. Only one life is soon to be past only what's done for Christ is going to last !

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Perhaps for the last time,
I have fallen in love.

Does it betray me a fool
To so often fall blindly
For women I imagine
To match my ideal?

Perhaps it is not women,
But the same woman,
Over and over,
Since I first saw her
Occupying the same space
As some hapless girl
I had to have.

Perhaps it is desperation
Taking hold of a strange man
That finds little value
Without a symbol of idolatry
In the absence of religion.

Perhaps it is fear
In the shadow of absence,
As our most primal instinct
Is to find another
To weather our strange existence

Perhaps I merely wish
That the fits of longing would stop.
At least long enough
To get some work done.

Yet least likely of all,
And most shamefully,
Perhaps I just fell in love
With another pretty smile
With a brain to back it up.

Perhaps that is not so wrong,
Save for the volume
With which it occurs.

She does have lovely eyes.

Copyright © Sean Pope | Year Posted 2013

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A Single Side Effect

With my very first bout of chemo
The first side effect I found
Was pain along my jaw bone
When ere’ I first bit down
Let me back it up some
So you might understand
Pain along the jaw bone
Is uncommon with this brand
And if it is encountered
It’s every time you chew
Not just on the first bite
But lasts the whole meal through
I guess it is my nature
It’s not something that I seek
Side effects – abnormal
Leave me to be unique

Mdailey	5/21/11

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2011

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Just Your Touch Lord

On this special day Lord, I shall not ask for much. Just your arms around me, That I might feel your touch. That your nail scarred hands, Be continually upon my life. Bless my comings and goings, Lord, watch over my wife. For the little things you've done, Of which I've not oft thought. For your plan of salvation, That through, Jesus, was bought. That today none may stray Lord, Be my solemn prayer for others. That y our kingdom be enlarged, With many sisters and brothers. Through mistake should I take, Someone for granted this day. Bade me swiftly go to them, Seeking their forgiveness I pray. And should one carry great burdens, Or have some genuine need. May I share with them the word, Then back it up with some deed. A pretty full order Lord, From one not seeking much. Should you not grant it all, Then just give me your touch. For with that I'll be content, And today I'll not idly sit. But be a spirit filled person, Because of You and of it.

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2008

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Speak Up

Don't want to be a bother,
Don't want to come between
Don't want to cause distraction
Don't want to make a scene.

Though stating really clearly-
I fear there's something wrong and
If i can't state it here
Where else do I belong?

There's problems in society and
I ask with much respect
To voice your words with wisdom and 
also help correct.

One world that we all live in and
Hallejuah just for that! 
Cannot be frivolous 
Don't want to be a prat.

There are many social issues and
It's time that we address
The filthy greedy rich and
people are suppressed.

People are not happy and 
It affects the universe
To get to what is forward
Sometimes we must reverse.

So let's back it up and 
highlight what is real
I empathise with others and
Can understand what others feel.

There are some things I won't tolerate
For my world is your world too and
Your world is my world
So let all of us pursue...

Peace and happiness
Here all are resuming?
Just don't ever forget
We are all human.

Indeed people are special and
all so unique
Strong in a way
Another so meek.

We can do our bit 
Let's get back to grass roots
To change what is wrong and
Societies Attributes....

Don't want to be a fool
Don't want to be a propriety
Don't want to be a number
No faith in this society....

But I believe in you!

Copyright © Paris-Maree Boreham | Year Posted 2018

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What is Music?

A beautiful melodic chance to enhance the ear
so sincere you shed a tear so severe you back it up like a domineer
but music is not just what you can hear
it sums up all of beauty, all art in motion
like the sound of the weltering waves of an ocean
an enticing novel with an addicting notion
like the sway of a woman's walk showing so much emotion
music is art-art is beauty-music is anything you look at to admire
exagerate goals to aspire, a passionate kiss to look up to eyes of fire
a soul mate's touch to inspire
as two become one in the best way to perspire, music
to hear, to touch, a sight an infamous might, music
the canarous dance of a butterfly when their wings dawdle
ketchup's lingering trip down the bottle
to your beautiful body i can't wait to fondle
your face to your utter essence, music in my life
making me smile in times of strife
keeping me at the end of my wits, sharper than a knife
you are music, my words are music, music all around
with each touch it glistens 
so remember with music
you must do much more than listen

Copyright © tasha Wheeler | Year Posted 2005

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I’m not thinking with my mind
I’m only using my heart
When I knew it was fooling me all along
Right from the start
I foolishly thought it would last
Now it’s a vision of my past
Now I’m stuck in the present
With an unwanted present
Confused and upset
With a lesson I’m not ready to learn yet
Caught in the middle
Between a decision and a mistake
I gotta make that decision
That I’m not prepared to make
Do I live with it or do I leave it all behind?
Do I let my feelings unwind and take control for themselves?
If I love him
Then I hate myself
For letting it get this far
For allowing him to pull me away from the ones who care
And playing with my heart
I know I have to give it up
But I don’t want us to part
I wanna try and back it up
And begin with a fresh start
If I didn’t know what love was
Then I wouldn’t be feeling this way
I wouldn’t dare trick my self into believing 
That first kiss was just a kiss
I know what love is 
That’s why I let things reach this height
I knew one day my one true love just might
Open his eyes
Come to his senses
And know I’ll always be here
No matter where he is
Or how far I am
In my heart he’ll always be near
Being in love is like a trig problem
You can solve it but does it really make since
You think you have figured it out only to go through it again
You search high and above for a solution
But it doesn’t come out clear
You keep getting the same answer like your reflection in a mirror
You can’t quite make it out
Your visions kind of blurry
But if you squint your eyes a little
And blink them in a hurry
You think that you see the solution you searched for high and above
Will lead you back to the fact that:



Copyright © Shavon Lewis | Year Posted 2008