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Beauty Is Skin Deep Poems

Beauty Is Skin Deep Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of beauty is skin deep poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for beauty is skin deep.

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Premium Member Beauty Is Skin Deep

Though be your outer beauty that
                              ... blinds me,
It is your...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, beautiful, character, emotions, image, truth,
Form: Epigram

The Way to Break Free
We are all trapped 
inside our fragile forms
Bodies which are prone to disease and death
Our souls yearn to break free 
Perhaps - just perhaps 
Those souls will ascend 
After we are finished with this mortal coil 
Our spirits will break...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, death, imagination, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Beauty
By: Tom Wright
Beauty is skin deep
and therefore, over time,
grudgingly slips away.
Ugliness, however,
penetrates to the bone;
and having the tenacity of a Pit Bull,
appears doggedly locked on
...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Mens mentality

They say Beauty is skin deep. They lied.
Then why are they the first to whine.
They say they like girl's with small boobs.they lied.
Then why do they busy checking out the girl with a push up bra.
They say they like skinny...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, community, spoken word,
Form: Free verse
A Lesson Learnt

I'm sat here in my front room
and i'm feeling all inspired
No ones having a go at me
or making me feel tired

Of the constant bloody arguments
the put downs and the moan
the telling me i'm useless,
the huffs, the puffs, the...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, abuse, boyfriend, bullying, courage,
Form: Quatrain

Inner Beauty
Words donot define beauty.
People donot define beauty.
Looks donot define beauty.
You define beauty 
In your depth 
In your speech,
In your mind.
Beauty is not about having a pretty face.
It is about having a pretty mind,a pretty heart 
And most importantly...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, beauty, dedication, destiny, devotion,
Form: Epic
I know you’re busy right now at work minding your own and I, we, us is only a fragment of your imagination in the closet that is locked behind a wall pass the hall way through your bedroom at the...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, beautiful, beauty, crush, cute love, deep, dream,
Form: Free verse
Love poem number one

          (With apologies to William Shakespeare)

 Shall I compare thee to a box of frogs
 for inasmuch you seem to be as mad,
 you've really let your looks go to the...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, age, humor, love,
Form: Sonnet
Dead Pretty
Your eyes are so deep,
And as black as the night.
Your cheekbones, so perfect,
Defined and pearl white.

Your teeth are like ivory,
And near straight as well.
Your hips bold and bony,
’Though looking quite swell.

Your hair still quite golden,
Like old rotting straw,
And what a...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, death, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
The Rebirth Poem V - Beauty
Your face. Is beauty. Your eyes are able to make mine immobile. I look at you with pure awe and ask myself: "Are you mine?" A question I'm too afraid to ask because I know not your answer or better...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, beautiful, beauty, care, uplifting, women,
Form: Free verse
I perceive in another
A true soul brother
As Mirror on the shelf
Reflecting true self;

If someone I despise
I fail in my surmise
What mirrors reflect
I must openly respect.

Any maxim is cheap-
Beauty is skin deep!
Not periphery or hide,
True brother is inside.

Tribute to one flower
Is...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep,
Form: Rhyme
Skin Deep Beauty
Skin Deep Beauty

This man covered in tattoos in reds and greens and blues
Wanted everyone to see his art
So he put it in his will that he hopes they will fulfill
That in his death his skin will do its part
He wants...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, art, social,
Form: Rhyme
In or Out?
beauty is skin deep
outside ... fades to age on Earth
inside counts life time....Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, introspection
Form: Senryu
Beauty is skin deep
I say it is more
Beautiful caring
Sweet words to thyself
Harmonious life

Giving yourself
Sharing your soul
Sweetly divine
For all virtues

Knowing peace
Within you

One goal
For all

...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, happiness, life, love, people, philosophy, social, uplifting
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
My Fantasy's Reality
Hear me,
My voice complete, with its own Orginalality
Muffled by the reality of the Possiblity,That no one will even listen.
See me,
Past the physicality, Cause beauty is skin Deep,
And I keep In Mind, That my physical being is only part of a...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, fantasyme, heart, pain, lost, voice, heart, lost,
Form: Rhyme
Willingly and wholly
I know I told my heart I’d take this slow
But yet still, with him, it’s hard to not let the emotions overflow
I keep reminding myself to not to quickly should I let all my feelings, towards him, show
The funny thing...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, confusion, devotion, hope, love, passionheart, heart, me,
Form: Romanticism
African cup of nations
Planet Earth stands still.
Africa reckons as Ghana beckons.
A bloodless war in Africa.
Brothers at home and in Diaspora,
Uniting to defend their fatherland.
On the verge of repeating and re-writing history.
The bell is tolled and the die cast.
Fans roll out drums with funfare.
Rivals...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, sports, home, home, may,
Form: Free verse
Beauty Within
Always remember what looks good isn't always good
You never think about it until it's done 
That maybe the person before him was better, even though he didn't look the best
When you think about it you feel stupid
But what's done is...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, caregiving, confusion, friendship, lost love, love, passion,
Form: Blank verse
Ugly is Ugly
Ugly is such an ugly term.
for ugly, is an far as i'm concerned.
And it can be quite troubling, 
when one thinks one is ugly.
But one must remember that such beauty is skin deep,
and the prettiest human being wouldn't interest...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, family, life, love, sympathy,
Form: Carpe Diem
A Poem For Jesus
A poem for Jesus
I believe in YOU

You are LOVE,Grace,and GOD.
Your Father is GOD.
You are my maker!
You have determined me,
I have my life,
i can lay it down,
and I can take it up again.
I can lose it all for a friend.
Beauty...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, art, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
They say beauty is skin deep
I've found an exception
For yours is a form
That of perfection

You are smart
You are sweet
And filled with mystic

You leave me
At a loss for words
For your beauty is more stunning
Than any man deserves

For you posses such a...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, love, passion, people, beauty, beauty,
Form: Romanticism
My Beauty Shines
A woman is a person who cares deeply within;
herself is a beautiful soul.
She rises when her voice expresses emotions of
love and devotion.
When she walks down the street everyone notices.
hair long and black, eyes brown and face so
Skin very soft and...Read More
Categories: beauty is skin deep, art, imagination, uplifting, beautiful, beautiful, love,
Form: I do not know?