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Anti Bullying Poems

Anti Bullying Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about anti bullying. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for anti bullying.

Poem Topics Related to Anti Bullying

bully, pain, bullying, fight, fighting

New Poems

Buying inventory
A group of students
Saw a need for
Socail change.
They thought
It wise to speak
Of a different way
To convey messages
They wanted
To hear facts
That would support
The development
Of a undergrad college
Internship that would
Allow students to
Devolpe socail media
Shows and television
And Radio programming
To give voice to their
Concerns,...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, business, inspiration, music,
Form: Classicism

abreast is the moments
somethings collects those comments
reaching out for those converts
those whose screaming and yelling stay away alerts

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
...Read More
Categories: analogy, anger, anti bullying, desire, spoken word,
Form: Quatrain
clister doux say ye love
they found the discovery sound science
they started their research thinking
they could use natural additives mixed
with corn to allow their technology to see the vapor
coming from the dung of hogs and cattle and chickens.
they found it worked best when the animal...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, jobs, music, perspective, repetition, science
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Premium Member Impeach my Peaches
Impeach My Peaches

I voted for Donald Trump. 
I wanted a change in life. 
I wanted to believe, 
that my country, 
still was the best in the world, 
then when the prior 
told me (all of us) we, 
would never...Read More
Categories: abuse, allah, america, angel, anti bullying, patriotic,
Form: Narrative
Dear Rosie
Dear Rosie so sweet, no so clue
Less I long for the day you grow and you bloom
How I wish for your petals to not fall but rise
But you are no fool for my pretty little lies.

I owe you for nothing...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, anti bullying, autumn, beautiful, bullying,
Form: Narrative

In time we find light,
that was not a remembrance of character void, or a psalm of heterogeneous unlimited focus
-or the stance of staving off the news

In the leeway there is no set mountain, or even the skuddled movement otherwise that...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, cat, christian, crush, hockey, river,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member DO BLOCK POETS

          ...Read More
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, courage, poetry, poets,
Form: Blank verse
A woman
She is a wife
A daughter
A mother all in one
Beautiful framework of existence...Read More
Categories: africa, age, america, anti bullying, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Heroes Undone
Heroes Undone

We train men up to go to war. 
We train them to fight and kill,
the enemy. 
The people…
in foreign and domestic lands, 
that have no honor, 
and care not for law. 

We tell you to shoot, 
and maim and...Read More
Categories: allah, america, angel, anti bullying, art, atheist,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Loyalty and Laughter
Loyalty and Laughter

We gather together as friends. 
We teach other things, 
and share our lives as one. 

Strangers come 
and take pieces
and parts…
leave worms

Not good worms for fishing. 
Not good bugs like ladies or butter…
Just black things that crawl,...Read More
Categories: analogy, angel, anger, anti bullying, beautiful, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Second Chances
Second Chances

We all say things, 
we all do things, 
we wish that we could, 
take back or do over. 
That seldom happens. 

The only price paid for sin, 
The blood of God. 
The only possibility,
we all have, 

People hurt us...Read More
Categories: analogy, angel, anger, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Fear Is Not Okay
Fear is Not Okay

When bullies come to play, 
tell them to stay on their side, 
of the line. 

You refuse to pay lunch money, 
for someone else, 
that is bigger and stronger, 
and already had  their own. 

Don’t back...Read More
Categories: allusion, angel, anger, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Narrative
the healer
The healer

Do you remember the night when?
The floodlight came on as we sat by the riverside?
You said you loved me and I quickly said ditto,
A joke you didn’t appreciate.
 Mosquitoes flew like silent angles through air
In the mimosa night and...Read More
Categories: allusion, anger, anti bullying, arabic, aubade,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Truth

You are everything you told me you are, 
I just was not listening. 
...Read More
Categories: angel, anti bullying, atheist, hero, inspirational, meaningful,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Come Home
Come Home

Please listen to me. 
You have not "done" anything, 
that I have not done before, 
or if you have, 
then we can still talk. 
You can teach me, 
what not to do. 

You can have the last word. 
You...Read More
Categories: absence, addiction, anti bullying, appreciation, evil, father
Form: Free verse
'' Release The Ocean ''
Healing fast and getting rust
Quickly living & turning to dust
Nothing compares to you just
believe me your truth is a must

Creeping plants know it's cost
How then here are you lost
Nothing compare to  mere rost(Ocean Tides)
believe me your pain is your...Read More
Categories: adventure, angel, anti bullying, appreciation, art, assonance,
Form: Free verse
A boys imagination
A boys imagination
Prose by Koffi Mtonga

They all said birds fly in the air but I told them No! Birds don't fly, they float. And fish don't swim, they are carried by the water current.
They all stood there with their mouths...Read More
Categories: africa, anti bullying, bird, childhood, flying, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry
moon spider
you are so self-centric
full of yourself
like we should worship you
we don't matter to you
only your wishes and aims
nothing more or less
you sell us like slaves
make a fortune off our backs
not caring if we love or hate you
you're oblivious to us
your...Read More
Categories: abuse, angst, anti bullying, change, discrimination, slavery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Do You Think Of Me
Do you think of Me?

I am not sure I think of you. 
I guess I wonder sometimes, 
if the sky is still above your head?
I would like to consider, 
if you had only…
but that is not likely, 
nor real. 

So,...Read More
Categories: abortion, absence, addiction, allah, angel, anti bullying,
Form: Narrative
Sweet Imagination
Super Fantasy is my new Teacher
Secret code to talk in Letter
Services are to do to show Man-li-ness
Inner-Peace falls in this Category

Teenage is just Time-For-This
Activity to do is Really-Nothing
New-Embodied-Heaven is that Place
Where Intelligence is in Awakeness

Goal is to make Joy and...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, art, autumn, humorous, imagination, innocence,
Form: Dramatic Verse
the war we started
The war we started
I’m the few people alive during the German war against Norway,
But all told, it was a football game compared what’s coming
And the children will suffer cruelly in a world is burning and
There escape from sea, land or...Read More
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, anxiety, confusion,
Form: Blank verse
Categories: anti bullying, 10th grade, 12th grade, america, angel, anti
Form: Ballad

I need you but you do not need ,
For your hidden venoms corrupts your
conscience and clouds your judgement.
My happiness is your misery, my smile 
for you , look into thy eyes you can see
I love you for you and ...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, age,
Form: Free verse
My Son
Black eyes that bring 
Satisfaction to me
My son you my
First Prize!
...Read More
Categories: age, america, angel, anger, anti bullying, art,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Fly Quickly
Fly Quickly

I am afraid. 
I have been here 
for two hours, 
I think, more. 
They will not tell me, …
They just keep saying, 
It will be okay. 

I hate that. 
It will not be. 
Who are they?
That they can say,...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, death of a friend,
Form: Narrative