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New Poems

Premium Member Those first few lines
It's tough to pen those first few lines
It happens to me all the time
Anew I start idea-less
With pounding head, internal stress
I often yearn to just resign...

It matters not if sun does shine
I need some rules, some fixed guidelines
To launch a...Read More
Categories: anew, creation, poetry,
Form: Rondeau

What If There Was No Tomorrow - The Polar Ice Cap
What If There Was No Tomorrow? - The Polar Ice ‘Cap’

- this time it’s burnt and curled upon a new head. The 
sweet smoke of his sugarloaf effigy black as night, 
surrounded by a material red trim, below Parliament houses...Read More
Categories: anew, analogy,
Form: Free verse
The Skin We Think We Own
We are all created beings from birth
made in God's image even to our skin
this skin we think we own as ours
a great mistake this shows our sin

God gave us this as all our body
out of His common grace to everyone
a...Read More
Categories: anew, body, creation, god, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Where Memories Die
There must be some distant venue
Where old memories go to die,
When forgetting them is due.

If we must tell the past "good-bye",
It would help for us to know
Where old memories go to die.

When there is no excuse to show
Any trace of...Read More
Categories: anew, care, cry, goodbye, hurt, smile,
Form: Terzanelle
Premium Member In the Time of Men
Care was given
 to the sentient beings
 the man and the woman
 and the children who followed.
They would work and sacrifice
 some would lead and some would follow
 some would rule and some would obey
 but the mind grows, times...Read More
Categories: anew, america,
Form: Blank verse

If There Was No Tomorrow

After the time past froze in the winter of discontent
from eternity I’d borrow the spring of the present,
and bloom flowers of the future in my meadow,
if there was no tomorrow.

The sunburst sky’s spectral flow of heavenly hue
radiated the tinge of...Read More
Categories: anew, fantasy, imagery, time,
Form: Rhyme

Fierce tempest slams its maddened jeer
    while gush of flood crashes offshore ;
 then to our village…loud winds roar
as piercing thunder grows severe:
    Upon tide's  crest pale mollusk  floats
  Adrift ...Read More
Categories: anew, care, nature, storm,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Lord Shiva The Neelkanth
There is rain before rainbow
Winter before spring
So bow to almighty being
Who sorrows of our life absorbing.

The beautiful colors of life to live
The enchanting songs  to hear anew
In the cycle of time of life
It is the Lord who soothes each...Read More
Categories: anew, 12th grade, blessing, god, poetry, prayer,
Form: Light Verse
An Answer for All, Part 1
Take leave of this
Veneer of contented containment 
Go tell your thoughts
Delineate the shades of
Dusk and the dark 
Beneath the ashes sleep
Never renews this life 
Little lived over and
Out like a wick
Talk takes the teacher
Like a bishop 
To a castled king
Every...Read More
Categories: anew, philosophy, riddle, satire, society, symbolism, truth, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The 80s revisited
The General Blues

Again and again searching throygh grains of sand
hoping to find that certain elixir
recovering lost bottle caps, when the silicon appears, i lose it..
To the ones who don't want or need it, I feel lost, confused, dreamy craetive happy,...Read More
Categories: anew, fantasy, loss, philosophy,
Form: Bio
I no longer need to obey you
For I now have no curfew to meet
Minutes, seconds and hours anew
Another day as early dawn breaks

No routine nor rules must I go by 
Time is now my own as I choose
Still I watch...Read More
Categories: anew, angst, anxiety, change, freedom, me, meaningful, time,
Form: Free verse
Angry to let go
Tell me I'm wrong 
About my previous song
Because my brain is stuck on
It everyday & all day long

Stuck thinking of you
Don't know what to do
It's getting harder to view
Over the horizon with you
Since I've known you: I grew
And learned to...Read More
Categories: anew, anger, longing, love,
Form: Cowboy
Did you not love, as flame the fire,
when springtime came in view

Your soul to task, no futures past
—the world again anew

(Villanova Pennsylvania: August, 2019) 
...Read More
Categories: anew, spring,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member To my four husbands
You were all
so different
but it didn’t really matter
because always
I was I 
and you
were you
you were a surly 
fifties greaser 
weeping in secret
while plotting 
to steal the treasure
from the world’s heart
Next you were 
a young man dancing 
your jaded way 
to...Read More
Categories: anew, divorce, loss, love, marriage, romance,
Form: Free verse
Why do I worry so much about words,
Ones that frustrate me and cause so much hurt.
They whirl round inside,
Turn me inside and out
Making me wonder what life's all about.

Sometimes I want it all to just stop.
To quieten down so my...Read More
Categories: anew, words,
Form: Rhyme

...Read More
Categories: anew, blessing, character,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member and everything was opposite
and everything was opposite
like a mismatched pair of shoes
what I thought was coming
would be what I would lose

and everything was opposite
like looking into water
you'd think you'd see another dog
and drop your very last quarter

and everything was opposite
named well with tidings...Read More
Categories: anew, emotions, lost love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member The Unicorn
Prophets spoke of a dove-white one who'd come but stay unseen
Whose alicorn and equine form could by no man be tamed

So very few dared hope her be more than only legend
I among the faithless too, 'til happed upon her presence

Behold!...Read More
Categories: anew, allegory, journey, love, myth, romance, romantic, woman,
Form: Sonnet
Smell of fresh mown grass
Brainstorming, concentrating
panning... for poem
idea shattered brew
tilly by deafening seasonal
greensward cutting crew
contracted throughout summer to mow

leaves of grass
every Tuesday, which drew
attention toward fragrant aroma
seeping into nostrils
of me - match hew,
heavily negated true

quiescence courtesy ear splitting
soundcloud of driving
mowers even moo
ving bovines would
clap...Read More
Categories: anew, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
Elitists part 4

Newtonian physics say what goes up must come down
sorry not in the camp of horn tootin, high falutin clowns
justice serves only to rebuke you, not too astute of you
when youre bragging of genetics, a sword in the mouth can cut...Read More
Categories: anew, adventure, anger,
Form: Rhyme
You won't know what it's like to heal until you can feel gravity,

Until the cavity in your heart takes skin from your soul and grafts itself anew.

See, once you've had a little taste of trauma, you expect it for every...Read More
Categories: anew, anxiety, courage, health, hurt, pain, strength, stress,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Summery Sunset Haiku

peers through my warm windowpane

whispering to me,  ever so gently

see my sherbet colors,  all anew, for you

7:30pm PST
...Read More
Categories: anew, beautiful, summer, sunset,
Form: Haiku
When Blessed Peace Breaks Out
When blessed peace breaks out at last,
When the bloodshed is in the past,
Once more I will return to you,
And we will begin life anew,
When blessed peace breaks out at last.

An end to war has been forecast,
An end to blaze and...Read More
Categories: anew, blessing, happy, peace, war,
Form: Rondeau
Pain and fire; you understand?
No! I do not understand myself!
And what have I done?
O God - what have I -
I don't want the answer but I cannot run
What's broken then? Can circumstance really be faulted?
Or has the apple rotted right...Read More
Categories: anew, angst, recovery from, sin,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Waiting For You
I squandered my future,
my past present expended.
Unsteady steps protracted, 
seconds and hours not tended.
My thoughts were not pondered, 
delusional perspectives un-debated.
So many of my mistakes,
could have been anticipated.

Was it my unfounded fear,
that informed my preoccupations?
I could have chosen different,
my foundational...Read More
Categories: anew, addiction, angst,
Form: Verse