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Day Alliteration Poems

These Day Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Day. These are the best examples of Alliteration Day poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Backyard Barbecues

A splendiferous songbird sings,
at the rise of a sanguine sun.
And as summer starts its first day,
happy holiday hopes, are spun.

Morning mist mourns the loss of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade,

Voice of the Lord*

Verily victorious in my life

Verifying my personal vows

Vanquishing my worldly vanities

Vexing my violent vengeance-vice

Vindicating my heart from hatred’s vandalism

Vying Scriptures' veracity along...

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Categories: bible, christian, devotion, faith,

To My Valentine
These roses are red and the vase is blue.
Your beautiful smile makes me want to know you.

I hope it doesn't hurt
That I may try to...

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Categories: valentines day,

The helm of darkness

It was a long fretful watch
Stretching years of secrets divulged 
Ifs and whys splashed everywhere
As one whose yearning eyes awaits

The forms, they...

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Categories: cancer, dark, depression,

Premium Member LOVELY

Warm word wit
Frames fond fit

Love lines leap
Prompt proud peep

Set soft sell
Work words well

Voice verse vibes
Taste taut tribe

Taste time trip
Glimpse grand grip

Crisp chords chime
Risk rush rhymes


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Categories: allusion,

Publican Offenders

Copper robbers ... penny-ante coin collectors
Duly appointed by Caesar Cersei,
deputized purse snatchers
Modern day publicans holding the money bag,
appointed bean counters
being levy 
abacus austere
Placing palm heavy...

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Categories: history, money, perspective, word

Do you know?
We live  for a day everyday
we search it a day everyday

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member PEACE

Prize pure peace
Earn each ease

Prime prompt pace
Set sure space

Love lines leap
Taste true trip

Wise word wit
Feel fond fit

Breeze bright blooms
Reap rich rooms

Speak sound say
Plot prime play


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member By the Water's Edge
By the Water's Edge

Georgia, with gilded glow imprinted in my mind.
Lake Lanier an island paradise divinely dwells
By the water's edge in haunting hue of cerulean...

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Categories: beauty, devotion, love, romantic

Never let me go
As I wait woefully for my love to come,
The shimmering sun sinks sullenly
and a wild wind washes the weary shore,
The knights of the night descended...

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Categories: lonely, longing, lost,

Faith-prodded, freedom-propelled…
Fervent pursuit for my Lord I fulfill with prayer
…focusing on precept-propped purpose
…facing the problem---failed plan
…familiarizing myself with God-fueled prudence
…finding the product of flowing peace...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,


Lucent is new light waking laced leaves,
        When  rays descend upon diamond dew

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Categories: morning, uplifting,

Premium Member LOVELY

Lovely love lives
Grace gently gives

Stillness speaks soft
Light laughter lofts

Feel flavours fine
Live lovely lines

Think timely thoughts
Ply pleasing plots

Dance dreamy day
Prompt profound play

Frame funny face
Glimpse grandeur's grace


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member By The Water's Edge

As a sanguine sun slowly starts to sink
rubicund ribbons render ripples pink.
And where a Midas moon mirrors its face 
bobbing bronze beams begin to take...

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Categories: 10th grade, beach, beautiful,

Premium Member IMPULSE

Weary words whine
Shape shifting spine

Lift lonely lines
Bring bubbly brine

Line lavish list
Glimpse glitzy gist

Ink impulse if
Love lessons lift

Heap hurting heat
Size sloppy seat

Juice jumpy jest
Feed funny fest


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Categories: allusion,

I wake up when it’s dark,
Everything lacks color,
Sun comes to torment,
It doesn’t give me time to work.
By eating time midday,
Too tired to lift my feeding...

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Categories: cheer up, christian, dark,

Premium Member LAVISH

Wit wanders well
Sight subtle spell

Word warm wealth
Hurl high health

Lavish love lights
Sense simple sight

Spread sound spice
Seek soft splice

Let laughter lift
Glimpse growing gift

Please proud poise
Charm chaste choice


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member STREAM

Such succinct streams
Dare daring dream

Fest flavours form
Niche nimble norms

Face fleeting fear
Dream dazzles dear

Lift lavish looks
Bright beauty books

Set simple say
Dance dreamy day

Watch welcome woo
Dash dazzling do


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member MUSINGS

Craft cheer
Draft dear

Wear wit well
True times tell

Spice seed
Note need

Glimpse grand grooves
Mull moist moves

Style say
Dish day

Muse meets more
Choice charms core

Deep dust
Taut trust

Feel fear freeze
Splice still squeeze


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member PRIZE

Scent sweet spice
Play prompts prize

Love looks loud
Pick pace proud

Trust taut truth
Prime pure proof

Just joy jumps
Sense spice sum

Jazz joins jest
Feel fond fest

Mind mulls more
Choice calms core


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Categories: allusion,