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Aggrandizing Poems

Aggrandizing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aggrandizing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aggrandizing.

New Poems

Premium Member Seasons of Life and Death
Life or death
is a left-brain dominant cultural assumption,
While right-brain is more comfortable
with life and death,
health and pathology,
nuance of co-arising dipolarity.

shout for sustainability!
Ecologists calmly advocate
polycultural energy resilience
to recreate wealthier dynamic ecosystems

While warm psychologists
and embracing psychiatrists
listen for co-relational resonance within 
and between...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, culture, death, earth, health, integrity, life, power,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Unfinished Loves
This passion to live
and love
would grow with maturation,
not dissipate with age.

Such passion,
solidarity with Earth
and all Her beautiful,
yet suffering, Tribes
cannot remain mutually sustained
if I need to control each relationship's closure,
transition from prioritized work
to begin play again each renewing spring.

Concerns and distractions...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, age, health, life, love,
Form: Free verse
For My Germany Bread Friends and Fiends
For My Germany Bread Friends and Fiends

About bread what we found to be so surprising,
Flour yeast seemed to find much trouble rising; 
Oh my Lord,
Flat as a board;
Now have been in agony and are aggrandizing....Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member I Hope, If Nothing Else
Should anyone hurt you with cruel words or deeds
And there is no one to lean on for comfort

I hope, if nothing else...
You seek refuge in my outstretched arms
And feel the cozy warmth of my caress

Should the North Star mislead you...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, desire, encouraging, hope, inspirational, passion, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Anita Joyner
God Our Talents Is Aggrandizing

On my pillow that did billow was lying;
Tears poured and we had been crying,
About the wounded  and those dying;
To win war how hard they are trying;
Effort did appear to be death defying;
What is done the...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

Gander At My Dander
Gander At My Dander

About some people I have been realizing,
They enjoy bothering us and aggrandizing;
Get up dander,
Of my  gander;
Which I lately have really been surmising.

I think Trump annoys people on purpose
just to get their attention. Have you ever 
anything...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
No immunity for trumpeting donkey kong
The wheels of justice might turn slow,
but...fear not those Dom (men knows)
minions defrauding decent folks...THUS
We (the Gods/Goddesses of Olympus)
interrupt this regularly scheduled pro
gram to deliver urgent unanimous verdict...

Telegram Spake Reportage...Justice
handed down from court of King Crimson...
NO “FAKE” vaccinated exception, exoneration,
edict...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, abuse, age, environment, hope, natural disasters, political,
Form: Light Verse
Started Out With A Surge
Started Out With A Surge

So they started out with a small surge;
Reached higher altitude on the verge;
This should share;
A circular affair
Did arrive at urge then had to purge.

Jim Horn

Seems like he did have a lot of class;
Ended up becoming part...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Many Poem Possibilities
Many Poem Possibilities

In my mind are always poem possibilities;
To write each one God gave me the ability;
Will often use;
Never abuse,
And in them you will surely find sensibility.

Terrible unbearable parable
Opposition, condition, ammunition
Contemplation, compensation, creation
Involved, dissolved, revolved
Prepared, shared, compared and dared
Disguise, realize,...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Golden Year Wishes
I should like to do something more helpful
about this continuing feminization,
disparagement of full integrative value
for cooperatively-owned and managed
ecopolitical corporations,
bio- and eco-systems.

Good idea, love.
How do you think,
or feel,
or whatever you intuitively do,
this competitive infestation
of patriarchal dominance

I always assumed
this was a virginal...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, destiny, gender, health, history, humanity, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Good News With Bad News
The Gospels share a negative understory,
thematic across all four.

However diverse these four voices may be
in describing and delineating Messianic love,
and political-economic priorities for poor spirits,
all four are univocal with anecdotal warnings:
If you are on the supremely powerful hoarding side
referring to...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, bullying, culture, destiny, gospel, health, power, wisdom,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member I Am Not His Property
I wake up with a great startle.

My Obama EarthTribe CoOperative WinWin GlobalVillage Dream
was merely my hibernation.
I dreamed we share richly valued properties from healthy-wealthy African Elders,
but awake, once again,
only to painfully remember
I am now merely His disinvested property.

I have become...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, body, culture, dream, earth, love, psychological, slavery,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member All About Taxes
Conservative View of taxation:
A prehensile grab
from an authoritarian patriarchal government
to steal from my short-term stockpile
of self-aggrandizing cash.

Progressive View of taxation:
A GoldenRule government-issued invitation
to cooperatively invest in our shared short-term
and long-term health and safety future.

Moses challenged Conserving-Progressive FreedomPeople
to never forget 
we...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, culture, health, humor, jewish, psychological,
Form: Political Verse
A Dirge and a Doggerel
You may as well put the shovel down
If you think this vivisepulture will be my end
I survived the suffocation of a small town
And I'll be damned if this is how I descend

Just another obsequious sycophant 
And a supercilious, self-aggrandizing fraud
In...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, angst, anxiety, beauty, betrayal, blessing, confidence, conflict,
Form: Rhyme
If you believe
Poet took a high-falutin' leap of faith,
   amidst a big swig of moonbeams
   dabbling toes beyond starry galaxies
Milky Way spun in translations
    Pluto still looked oddly perplexed,
Big Dipper gave a smart arse grimace
...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, adventure, allusion, dream, hyperbole, image, imagination, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member On Conserving EcoPolitical Stamina
Note to Grover Norquist
and others with corporate political non-responsibility persuasions:

When you were 21 you "decided that nobody learned anything about politics after the age of 21."

A few financially well-greased years later, as a professional lobbyist,
you decided if you could, you...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, community, freedom, health, patriotic, political,
Form: Prose Poetry
Never Be in Balance
What you should do is try this on for size
Aggrandizing by giving out a Peace Prize
Or should I further have to elaborate
Enhanced egos make people think they are great.

So why is America running all interference
For impoverished world with poor appearance
And...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, philosophy, political,
Form: Couplet
Humble Pie, Anyone
NOTE: This blog entry was erased because it was deemed "inflammatory". So I ask you, the audience: did this blog deserve to be erased? Let us read on as I have included it in my poetry section...

Poets, writers, and artists...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, how i feel, introspection, perspective,
Form: Prose
Premium Member FREE POWER - Part One
                                       ...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, political, satire, love, power,
Form: Free verse
The Wrath of Reason
The Wrath of Reason
(For Rush Limpballs and his Smarmy Ilk)

Sycophants spewing forth the Milk of Malice
   Drown the Warmth of Reason in icy ivory towers—
Pandering bigotry and denial unique to no nation—
   Casting abominable threats of...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, angst,
Form: Lyric
No man knows the exact day or hour
But charlatans continually preach of an Armageddon stour
Over fallow fields they their abrasive treatises scour
Softening the hard, unyielding ground as a tidy, careful plower
With visions of doomsday they fertile hearts do shower     
Their...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, angst, dedication, devotion, faith, religion
Form: Rhyme
The Grandiose Veil
Self-aggrandizing words spew from my page of endless,
rather obscure metaphors and similes, 
each one more labyrinthine than the last,
reeking of pretention and thesaurus over-usage,
as if by some ponderous stretch of the  imagination I will be considered a vocubulary genius,
capable...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, on writing and words, satire,
Form: Free verse
Literature was pursued
by the greatest individuals who ever lived,
and they left us works of unsurpassable wisdom;
human emotions have always been the same, 
and this can't attest to the fact that they will not change anytime soon,
but the freer we are,...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, dedication, funny, history, imagination, inspirational, on writing
Form: Narrative
Where (For Sarah)
Where will I be when your light is snuffed from my life?
When you no longer breathe the air I breathe, and I continue unknowing
chopping onions, typing letters, self-aggrandizing
Not knowing that like a Hiroshima survivor
I am the walking dead
my atomic clock...Read More
Categories: aggrandizing, death
Form: Free verse