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Aflame Poems

Aflame Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aflame poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aflame.

New Poems

Premium Member No Country
tap, tap, tap ...

       fingers rapping on matter, gray

           spun, (like wool to tapestry)

          ...Read More
Categories: aflame, betrayal, conflict, corruption, extended metaphor, judgement, violence,
Form: Free verse

Sick of Sorrow: Under Pressure
I want to be relieved
I have already grieved
Show me Your serenity please
You swayed me next to you, being at ease
Show me Your prosperous peace
I have already grieved
I long to be relieved

However, our love –
Long story short…
I keep on thinking of
You...Read More
Categories: aflame, angst, emotions, endurance,
Form: Rhyme
Nothing more frustrating trying damndest to kindle memory
(buzzfeeding, kickstarting, needling darn noggin)

An effort to recall word, phrase,
musician... indigenous tribe...
most frustrating literary
endeavor to das scribe

aggravating enough to sub
bourbon spur teetotaler to imbibe
and/or nsync, whereby soul searching
devil's advocate demands bribe.

Lil brokeback Engelbert Humperdinck
(born Arnold George Dorsey) bent edict coercion
(think...Read More
Categories: aflame, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SPARK OF FAITH

The spark of faith in our hearts

is what sets the hope aflame

your courage and mine my friend

would our victory proclaim!*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    27  MARCH 2020  

* Together and with God's help we shall prevail!...Read More
Categories: aflame, courage, hope, love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Tease Me My Dear So Nicely
Tease me my dear so nicely 
          Gently and seductively

Soft moonlight across the sea 
Grant me wings, a breeze, a kiss. 
Warm lasting, a touch of bliss. 
Sweet treacle lace upon...Read More
Categories: aflame, love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Tossed On the Tide - A Rattling Rhyme
On an azure expanse without prospect or sail
        the debris of my ship rent asunder from gale
            as I float, the last...Read More
Categories: aflame, adventure, appreciation, lost, nostalgia, ocean, sea,
Form: Rhyme
two liners
Two liners
He sat on a square stone under an olive tree
contemplating his afterlife.

What if he came back as a donkey in Sudan?
Or dromedary in Sahara.

He could become a dog like the one at his feet,
The dog looked up, wagged its...Read More
Categories: aflame, angst, anti bullying,
Form: Blank verse
Icarus, Resurrected
Finally to Burn: Icarus, Resurrected
by Michael R. Burch

Athena takes me
sometimes by the hand

and we go levitating
through strange Dreamlands

where Apollo sleeps
in his dark forgetting

and Passion seems
like a wise bloodletting

and all I remember
upon awaking

is: to Love sometimes
is like forsaking

one’s Being—to drift
heroically beyond...Read More
Categories: aflame, desire, dream, fantasy, flying, god, joy, magic,
Form: Verse
Premium Member GYPSY EYES

The pierce, the flame of gypsy eyes, that roam
    about your cheeks aflame, that throb at knees.
         The negligee reveals bride’s honeycomb —
      ...Read More
Categories: aflame, sensual,
Form: Sonnet
I'm burning down
The ashes fly
I've lost my love
She said goodbye

Among the ruins
My soul's aflame
Lost and alone 
I cry her name

Long dark night
A living hell
Will this heart heal
Only time will tell...Read More
Categories: aflame, lost love,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Death Marches on as Life Merely Follows
Death is not cruel.
Its hands, untouched by prejudice,
Welcome each and all at the behest of Time.
For Time, Death's Companion, 
Compels us to accept Death's embrace,
And daily reminds us of its eventuality.
We may shout, cry, rebel, or simply turn away,
Believing that...Read More
Categories: aflame, death, friendship, life, love,
Form: Free verse
A Paean of Love
A Paean   of Love

I love you so much my Love that I feel my heart will burst,
I crave for you so intensely that you can’t quench my thirst.
You are with me always, whether I am awake or I’m...Read More
Categories: aflame, love, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
2:22 AM
I changed the words up because the original is too disturbing for readers on here. Still, read with caution - there are some words that are unsettling. Thanks for choosing this poem to read. 

Me of
Fun times…


Clock chimes…

2:22 AM…

I'm gay
Yet...Read More
Categories: aflame, addiction,
Form: Free verse
I am trapped
A glass cage, with black flowers
I scream and claw at invisible walls
You see me, a predator's glare
Amusement, sparks in your dark eyes
A lazy smirk, and you walk away
The glass cage collapses
Leaving me trapped, trapped, trapped

I am trapped
Bewildered, I...Read More
Categories: aflame, 4th grade, beautiful, best friend, blessing,
Form: ABC
Be Diligent
Be constantly occupied, 
Never postpone the action; 
Just follow the Lord God's guide, 
Avoid procrastination.

Be regularly active
In fulfilling your duty; 
Remain good and attractive
To the Lord God Almighty.

Be habitually vibrant
In the performance of task; 
Be docile and compliant, 
Answer the...Read More
Categories: aflame, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member My Loins Are Aflame

Burning with passion my loins are aflame
My eyes are quite round, really going insane
Becoming quite unsteady
My mind is like spaghetti
Her stuff makes me quiver, pulls this old guy's chain

...Read More
Categories: aflame, love,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Dance

Life is a dance
As we glide through time
With only one partner
Or many in line

It may be a waltz
The mood is subdued
Beauty of movement
Two hearts are in tune

It could be the tango
Latin rhythms reign
Both you and your partner 
Your passions aflame

The...Read More
Categories: aflame, dance,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member O, bright shining star
O, bright twinkling star
   shining speck in the sky
Your place in the cosmos
   matters not to my eye

I don't know if you're arid
   your surface bone-dry
Or covered with water
   your seas swelling...Read More
Categories: aflame, beauty, light, star, universe,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Romance, Passion Shown In Those Bright Blue Eyes
Romance, Passion Shown In Those Bright Blue Eyes

Her bright blue eyes that my soul so endears
warms needy heart, sends it passionate cheers
as if a golden moon's yellow beams sent
to invade dark with flaming bright torrents!

Her tantalizing lips, this heart deep...Read More
Categories: aflame, art, creation, inspiration, meaningful, poetry, repetition, symbolism,
Form: Sonnet
Blue Light Bulbs and a Bottle of Bleach and The Incandescent Must Win - part 1
Blue Light Bulbs and a Bottle of Bleach and The Incandescent Must Win 
(part 1)
 					By: J.R. Wren

A wilting flower and a blade of grass
No presumptions of the way things ought to be
Feeding plenty on light through a tinted glass
Patiently...Read More
Categories: aflame, america, farm, muse, political, race, rap, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
All I Want For New Year
All I want for new year
Is to give praise to God; 
Worship Him with my heart, 
Despite the threat of flood.

Horizon may be bleak, 
Uncertain and stormy; 
All I wish is to stay
Active in my duty.

I want to remain firm
In...Read More
Categories: aflame, new year,
Form: Quatrain
love can wait
love can wait

you stood there
lips aflame
eyes avenging
cursing him in front of strangers,
how reason leaves so easily
when love becomes stingy.
if I had reached out to touch you
over your anger
over your broken heart
had I wrapped you in my arms
a total stranger
would you...Read More
Categories: aflame, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member maple

maple leaves aflame

autumnal cold nights wondrous

v-formation geese...Read More
Categories: aflame, nature,
Form: Haiku
Love In Flames
She loved the skylark
And she loved the grub
She didn't love me
Therein lie the rub

I penned her sonnet
On scented paper
She set it aflame -
Vanished in vapor

Contest : McWhirtle Me
Sponsor : Charles Messina...Read More
Categories: aflame, lost love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member October Suns
October Suns

October suns are Scorpio suns
still fueled by Libra’s heat.
Orange pumpkin light in tons
won’t step on Sagittarian feet.

October suns are Saturday’s fun
red morn, yellow noon, gold eve.
Football cheers and hurdles won
silhouettes of things achieved.

October suns are brilliant ones
bright to turn...Read More
Categories: aflame, october, sun,
Form: Rhyme