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Aero Poems

Aero Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aero poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aero.

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Premium Member Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff

The orchestra strains to be symphonic --- a bee in a tin box.
Cigar smoke thunders, molecules of sound wilt
only to be dialed up through brass lungs.
The combo is quaintly upholstered, a classic sports car
driven by Disney. Outmoded refrains gurgle.
We see...Read More
Categories: aero, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Something New
The aerobat’s of trapeze
Cordially sneeze
The pants off the underlings
As they fly through the air.

Caught in a web of disaster
Aero “nought” tricks yet to master
They bound and fly and drop….
Without a care

Scratched and bruised 
Stumble on truths
Useless is their demise
They stare

Turning...Read More
Categories: aero, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Gravitation Defied
Even now, Pigeons stool surprised 
     while ensconced in dovecote
whose twittering translated as coo coo not bright
asper Icarus aiming for mythic cull magic did excite
     popularized notion to take winged flight

And for...Read More
Categories: aero, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 5th
Form: Epic
Welcome to Society
Welcome to society
Where you feel worthless and small.
You are judged for being ordinary
And judged for being different
Than everyone else.
If I have the same shoes as someone
I’m a copier
If I'm wearing something others think is ugly,
Apparently, I want attention and I’m...Read More
Categories: aero, anti bullying, anxiety, depression, sad, suicide,
Form: Lyric

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum

Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
Let aero planes circle moaning...Read More
Categories: aero, confusion, cry, death of a friend, earth,
Form: ABC

The might of a carrier pigeon in a shopping basket plane
A cat attempting a headstand is akin to a gridlocked caterpillar visiting an air show of duck aero gliders. Aero gliders are neither glimpsing nor glimmering but glimmering could often be mistaken for a cider walking mildew headed bullock whose...Read More
Categories: aero, analogy,
Form: I do not know?
Peace and love and pie
Peace , love and pie 

Their is this girl called peace love and pie ,

Her dad jumps from aero planes , but noeboddy nose why !

His little girl wants 2 jump from aero planes too ,

But if the parachute doesn't...Read More
Categories: aero, addiction, america, beautiful, best friend, books, care,
Form: Bio
I stoked every fire echoing into the mouth of arthritis?
A rhyming balm develops epileptic quasar fear?
If so, will he enter arbitration “Sold Out”?
Sleep wills She to cocoon beside you, Artemis?
Resplendent fallow flowers ecstasy coriander?
Do we sate the moons of Jupiter?
Funnel...Read More
Categories: aero, conflict, myth, nonsense, pain, relationship,
Form: Prose Poetry
A teapot clapping is a fish bowl clucking and an irrespective thought can be as cloudy as a drop of ink on a page. Beware the trotting dusty bowl on trusted legs. Moving. Daring darning dancing dogs. And a monumental...Read More
Categories: aero, beautiful,
Form: I do not know?
Peace, love and pie
Thair is this girl called : peace , love & pie . Her dad jumps out of aero planes .

Noeboddy noze why ! She wants 2 jump from aero planes too !

But if her parachute doent open, she wood be...Read More
Categories: aero, america, father daughter, graduate,
Form: Bio

Avril lavigne
Avril lavigne didn,t get any awards , win Nora jones got seven from sum 

Wackoe judging boards ! It makes it hard 4 avril , 2 let her colors show !

And after Blair witch two , wair did tristine skylar...Read More
Categories: aero, celebrity,
Form: Bio
The rainy season
Title of the poem:  The rainy season
Poet: Mrs. Anjali Denandi(MOM)

Oh! The little-girl! Dear! No tear!
Don’t cry!
Darling! Hi!
I shall gift you, the teddy-bear.
The teen-ager! Hey! You, the lady!
Don’t cry! Stay steady, in mind and your own-body!
You have lost your parent,
In...Read More
Categories: aero, poems, rain,
Form: Prose Poetry
Twilight Falls
Twilight falls

Twilight falls and night waits while you say your goodbyes,
Possessions in workshop and shed, “stored” whilst you move;
But really gifts to family and never to be seen again,  
An artifice to soften the understood message.

Your wife lets go...Read More
Categories: aero, brother, death, farewell, goodbye,
Form: Verse
Air lilies
from a solid rock burst open like a watermelon
gushing out life-giving red and seed from within
joyful song overflows like a waterfall
the young spirit springs and whirlpools

floating away like a hot air balloon
setting on the fluff of clouds at noon
of colourful...Read More
Categories: aero, children, nature,
Form: Quatrain
The dreams of aero plane realized,
Seeing birds,
Surely wipers,
Seeing hands,
Wipers of different,these hands,
Wiping out his own eyes,
Reaching out to other eyes!...Read More
Categories: aero, sad,
Form: Light Verse
Sky and Earth,
Enormous human achievements in between,
Still regrets-
Without wings to fly,
Invented Aero planes,
Dream remains,
A tiny mosquito flies any where,any time,
Letting men to fly........kites!
...Read More
Categories: aero, desire, dream,
Form: Light Verse
when a man love a woman
A man living in Tobago 
but he was born in Trinidad 
he loves his next door neighbor 
this is his story it might be funny or sad 

he really loves this woman 
he cant live without her 
he hears she...Read More
Categories: aero, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, lost love, love,
Form: Light Verse
All men and women to get wings like birds,

Below their armpits,

But they feared,

Tiring fly,

The hot sky,

They preferred,

To sit, be in cool and well lit,

They then got aero planes with wings to fly!

...Read More
Categories: aero, adventure, flying,
Form: Light Verse
A toy gift from God to poor man,kite,

A fond of small like today in eye sight,

Kites fly kissing the ozone in far height,

To find space in air for the aero flight,

Kites fly kissing the ozone in far height,

Falling down sudden...Read More
Categories: aero, childhood, god, memory, missing you,
Form: Free verse
Aero Medical Institute
Where we muster and flock as assimilator,
To imbibe the noesis as accumulator,
O’er this institute majestically,
And to nutrify our thirst magnificently,

Where we summon our metier and furnish,
Skills with the optimistic savvy and burnish,
The alpha knowledge of our profession,
And to inwrought our...Read More
Categories: aero, graduation,
Form: Quatern
Birthday Sonnet For My Son
What is it like to be my little hero?
A morning chat would mean great adventure
A ride with your imaginary aero
Would fly us to places never gone before

Inside your world, we made things possible
We are both so strong to save the...Read More
Categories: aero, birthday, celebration, child, love, son,
Form: Sonnet
Godzilla's Rippa Summer
Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
Categories: aero, allah, best friend, boyfriend, celebrity, sea,
Form: Ballad
Traffic Controller
Tuaoi stone air traffic controller

There is nothing new under the earth,
Or even under the water.
Glowing green fog landing crew,
Tuaoi stone, auto, aero, sings and moans,
The automatic, powered sorter,

20,000 years ago, during the ice age slaughter,
the poles did shift, Atlantis slipped,
under...Read More
Categories: aero, adventure,
Form: Ballad

Always, I wished to conjoin with, crevasses
Split, wider then, two edges of whirling river
All vanished, remnants of hopes fading as in dim
Not joining eyelids in night time remembering.

Century prolonged witnessing boring,
Creating a precinct in realm of mind.
Collapses prevailed whitening surfaces,
No...Read More
Categories: aero, change, cry, desire, emotions, flying, introspection, judgement,
Form: Concrete
Aero Medical Institute
Where we muster and flock as assimilator,
To imbibe the noesis as accumulator,
O’er this institute majestically,
And to nutrify our thirst magnificently,

Where we summon our metier and furnish,
Skills with the optimistic savvy and burnish,
The alpha knowledge of our profession,
And to inwrought our...Read More
Categories: aero, education, environment, farewell,
Form: Couplet