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Adventuring Poems

Adventuring Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adventuring poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adventuring.

New Poems

It is neat to gaze upon a star;
light shows the way -- God's route.
Adventuring near, adventuring far
affirming persons who doubt.

Light shows the way -- God's route.
My story is that light can infuse each rift
affirming persons who doubt,
forgetting malice which love...Read More
Categories: adventuring, 11th grade, giving, light, star,
Form: Pantoum

Premium Member Somewhere or Maybe
or Maybe Far Away Further Still

Come home my friend, 
you have been gone too long. 
You went without me, 
adventuring places, 
I can not go. 

I need to be there. 
I need to make sure, 
things go well. 
Who...Read More
Categories: adventuring, angel, appreciation, forgiveness, freedom, friend, friendship, friendship
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Romanticism Romance - A Didactic Cinquain
Romanticism Romance - A Didactic Cinquain

Sentimental, torrid
Adventuring, dredging, wooing
Ever so medieval

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
written in poetry form Didactic Cinquain...Read More
Categories: adventuring, analogy, anxiety, romantic,
Form: Didactic
Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories!

Playing soccer as a forward and a goalie in early childhood through first grade
meeting a pilot and a stewardess in kindergarten and even wanted to be a pilot for a while because I thought it was cool
wanting to be...Read More
Categories: adventuring, 11th grade, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Listening to NonPrevention
For future reference,
it might be best
if I give up radio listening
when going out
to take a rest
from domestic
and national
and international climate mess.

Arrested gardening yesterday.
We need more mulch
fragrant as a hemlock forest retreat,
we are
and yet become
when in our wildly therapeutic
naturally domesticated
sit together
and...Read More
Categories: adventuring, anger, culture, family, health, power, psychological, violence,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Its Not Just A Pen
A pen is more than just a pen;
more than just a recording device.
When I pick up a pen 
I take a journey
to another realm
and to many realms,
I’ve been.

I have many pens,
I collect them;
pens for writing
pens for drawing
pens for hole punching
and...Read More
Categories: adventuring, animal, appreciation, fun, poems, poetry, writing,
Form: Free verse
A Town He Once Called Home
Like a beacon on a hill
The white church steeple gleaming still
For all the many years gone past
It marks the path for home at last

Up and down each tree-lined street
Where childhood friends and neighbors meet
In history and memories rich
The blue jays...Read More
Categories: adventuring, childhood, home, nostalgia, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Only a Moment

The whole of a journey still to be traveled
is much like a novel begun
with threads of the story not yet unraveled
and windings of plot to be spun.
We’ve myriad paths to meander, assess.
The hours are long till midnight’s chime.
It seems like...Read More
Categories: adventuring, adventure, future, journey, life, space, stars, universe,
Form: Ballad
Searching For The Smuggler's Cave
The cheap thrill
tobogganing down the slope
of the Aberfeldie Park hill
on a piece of cardboard
then adventuring to the smuggler's cave
near the Maribyrnong River
searching for buried treasure....Read More
Categories: adventuring, fun,
Form: Free verse
Adventure In The Outdoors
Paddling, struggling, striving,
We're canoeing and living.
Camping, hiking, sleeping,
We'll be journeying and dreaming.
Eating, singing, lifting,
We are having an adventuring.
Paddling, leaving, packing,
We're going and floating.
Arriving, accomplishing, celebrating,
We'll be returning, our homecoming.
Remembering, wishing, thinking,
We will be having passing memories....Read More
Categories: adventuring, adventure, boat, journey, memory, nature, river, summer,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Advent Funeral with Birthday
The coincidence of Advent
and the HW Bush eulogies
reminded me of DJ Trump's challenge
to laugh about himself
at least as quickly and quietly as he laughs against others.

As compared to any recent US President,
he comes in dead last
for his appropriate humility,
willingness to...Read More
Categories: adventuring, anti bullying, birthday, bullying, health, humor, integrity,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Calling Out Dreams
I've often wondered if my non-verbal
cerebral palsied son
dreams in colors
and/or words
he can hear clearly
but cannot himself see or say,
at least not clearly articulated.

Yet any sounds and gentle touch
we appreciate perhaps too dearly
if that is possible with D,
my wounded son.

So, I...Read More
Categories: adventuring, dream, health, son,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Addiction to Prison
A culture steeped in retribution
becomes blind to freedom's contributions
accessed best through healing restorations,
virtual stuff
for democracies most resilient.

A society resisting love's innovative brilliance
comic and jazzy improvising resonance
healing ecosystemic egos dissonant
from aquatic wombs of patient advent,

Adventuring winter's iceflows of stark stuckness,
as impatient...Read More
Categories: adventuring, earth, fear, freedom, health, prison, usa, winter,
Form: Political Verse
My Betelgeuse Supernova- PYG's Whisper X Rose Bleue
I was a kid when I looked up at the sky
I was a kid when I pointed my finger at that star
I was a kid when I made that solemn vow that night
I was just a little kid with a...Read More
Categories: adventuring, child, childhood, dream, loneliness, lost, society, star,
Form: Prose Poetry
I adventure through jungles

And tropical lands, 

I travel deserts over vast area of nothing but sand, 

I sail the oceans on the jet stream

I work on trawlers fishing in the extreme, 

I hide from spies and enemies

I sit on mountain...Read More
Categories: adventuring, adventure, beautiful, books, fantasy, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Goodbye Darling Peter Pan

Dearest Child-Adventuring Man, My Darling Peter Pan:

Since that never to be forgotten day when Wendy first brought you my way, my heart has been enchanted thru and true with love for you.  You are as magical as your happy-thought...Read More
Categories: adventuring, change, growing up, love, missing, relationship, sad,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member For Spring- I Sing
   All winter long I have thought of spring,
and now it is here and I want to sing;
so in the woods I go adventuring,
I do not walk- no, I go waltzing.
All around me song birds are chirping,
and delicate...Read More
Categories: adventuring, spring,
Form: Monorhyme
The right to fly part 2
Journal on Integral theory,
Are post-metaphysical ideally.

Various scales of time in space.
Those rhetorical questions, we all must face. 

Need to breath. Need to see!
I bet you now wonder, why this is me?

Even when my pulse intensifies.
Our I feel the blood rushing...Read More
Categories: adventuring, adventure, inspirational, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Halloween Fear
It was getting dark and tension is rising
pumpkins alight with eerie smiles gaping.
Flames of orange and red flickering dancing 
children ready to go trick or treating.

Shadows that take on new sinister meaning
depicting a witch on her broom flying.
Cauldrons full of...Read More
Categories: adventuring, fear,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Memories of Monkey Bridge
Memories of Monkey Bridge

on summer days 
when heat rippled over
the lawn and jewel-like gardens
momma would emerge 
from the front door, our only door, 
with a huge white wicker basket.
papa carried the blanket 
and cushions.   we would all climb...Read More
Categories: adventuring, childhood, july,
Form: Prose Poetry
Bigger And Better Things

Still adventuring
And endeavouring

Not always remembering
What the schools have been lecturing

Items needing sheltering
Or there will quickly be weathering

Many folks working hard at mentoring
And others just blethering

Then untethering

Onto bigger and better things
Don't for once, think it all won't ever sting
You'd be suprised...Read More
Categories: adventuring, creation, dark, perspective, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme
The Destruction of All Mirrors
The road less traveled is the road worth adventuring,
And a distance unseen is a distance worth measuring:
Such is the path taken by a soldier of great valor,
Once embattled by storms, once a face of sickly pallor,
Now is black with soot...Read More
Categories: adventuring, corruption, philosophy, society,
Form: Rhyme
My Soulmate Is A Pilgrim, Mercury in Retrograde
My soulmate is a pilgrim, 
He explores the zodiac’s constellations
Not always in our own Milky Way, he treks
His journeys enlighten mankind
Because he aims his bow hunting faith in Sagittarius
And swims with emotional artistry in Pisces
He judges mankind with Libran scales
As...Read More
Categories: adventuring, romantic, soulmate, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Millennial Madmen
Millennial Madmen						

We are the crazy and we are mad,
Give me your broken and give me your sad.
The united flawed a beautiful mess,
The brilliantly odd an absolute guess.

Millennial Madmen writing the news,
Volcanic dark stars are boiling brews.
The eye of the other...Read More
Categories: adventuring, angst, confusion, crazy, humanity, introspection, storm,
Form: Rhyme
On the wake of a new morning...
With countless hopes ascending...
And endless dreams ever knocking...
In excitement of a new beginning...
By persuasions smoothly rolling...
Sometimes with courage unrelenting...
Other times terrible and despairing...
Into desertions of lights dimming...
Yet in irresistable stages unfolding...
Each at a time...Read More
Categories: adventuring, life,
Form: Blank verse