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Adrienne Poems

Adrienne Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adrienne poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adrienne.

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Premium Member Dragon A Wild Adventure
Dragon Anguish

Adam clenched his fists attempting to block his senses
from the growing growls that hammered against his rib cage.
The thousands of millenniums he had lived barricading his heart
from all worldly emotions.

Adam looked up at the daunting sky to flaunting dark...Read More
Categories: adrienne, anger, bereavement, death, fantasy, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Mama
In case of baby, do deliberate. 
Reach through  the years and
touch my life,  my name, 
My soul.
Mama your pain has been gifted to me.
When you feel as if Jesus the Christ
Is your spirit on trial
Speak these words:
The freewill...Read More
Categories: adrienne, angel, bird,
Form: Free verse
Yoda Balboa
Yo, strength flows from lethal fists, these
Coz, am I not, the dark-sided Casanova?
Anger, fear, and pain to they
Who respect me not one iota.

Yet for my first fight, see I not,
The force of that USA flagged toga.
He, yes, knocked this goon...Read More
Categories: adrienne, humorous, me, pain, me,
Form: Quatrain
Pill of Life
The word of God is my pill of life
It keeps me happy, joyful, out of strife
My strength is renewed like the eagle's
I'm free to soar, and live abundantly
My cup runneth over, so I give abundantly
My pill of life is medicine...Read More
Categories: adrienne, beautiful, christian, dedication,
Form: Light Verse
Big And Carrie sex and the city
No matter who he would marry, his heart belonged to Carrie
Her romance with Aiden could'nt keep them apart
Big already had her heart
It was almost like a forbidden love
The kind one tries to rid themselves of
Their love stood through the test...Read More
Categories: adrienne, adventure, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love,
Form: Rhyme

Impressive Lover
I make haste to run to you
After twenty years, I know it's true
Love so fierce, it makes me sweat
Daydreaming of you only makes me wet
Dimples so deep, they are still alarming
One gold tooth, so bright, it' charming

Adrienne L. Gresham
1-6 lines...Read More
Categories: adrienne, dedication, happiness, imagination, me,
Form: Rhyme
I'm more than what you thought
My gifts, you wanted me to conceal
Only to you were they to be revealed
You thought I was a flirt and nothing more
You were intrigued and couldn't ignore
My personality you could not handle
After the split, you then realized
My gifts were from...Read More
Categories: adrienne, forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend,
Form: Light Verse
Treasure Trove
We laughed so long and so loud
Our only witnesses were the clouds
You jumped up and shouted, Yes!
That was you, at your best

We thought you had snagged a bass
It could have been a whale
That brim was so tiny
In unison, we all...Read More
Categories: adrienne, adventure, food, funny,
Form: Light Verse
A Moment In Time
Taken aback by a moment in time
His full lips pressed against mine
Over and over, drenched in ecstacy
My way was his way
and that made it easy
Say what you will, this trip is to tease me

Adrienne L. Gresham...Read More
Categories: adrienne, adventure, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend,
Form: Acrostic
Coming of Age
Wow! drinking, smoking and partying all night
Mini skirts, low cut blouses and pumps too
Look at what turning twenty-one can do
Coming home later and it's my choice
Waking up early to almost no voice
Time for work now, cause I'm grown
Can't wait til...Read More
Categories: adrienne, adventure, daughter, funny,
Form: Light Verse

A man in the park, playing ball with his son
Unaware that he's being watched, they go on and on
In his sons' eyes there is just the two of them
In his own eyes, there is only love for him
The sun is...Read More
Categories: adrienne, childhood, dedication, family, love, sexy,
Form: Light Verse
My Toyota Tercel
Terry, as I called him, was ten years old when I bought him
No power steering, that, I could handle
No air conditioning, now that was a shamble
I tried fixing his air, but he said no
He drank all of the freon and...Read More
Categories: adrienne, dedication, friendship, hope,
Form: Light Verse
My First Date
My First Date

Strong, intelligent, witty and fun
Sister of Tina and Sandy
Lover of chocolate, writing and singing 
Who feels excitement, joy and prosperous
Who fears spiders, loss and heights?
Who would like to see my books published, Boston Mass and New York
Resident of...Read More
Categories: adrienne, adventure
Form: Bio

Lovers come and lovers go

One on one, some keep score

Violence does not exist

Every night ended with a kiss

Reaping the benefits of a present love

Sends thrils and chills, one never tires of

Acrostic---Adrienne L. Gresham
...Read More
Categories: adrienne, lost love
Form: Acrostic

Being content is a state of mind

Thanking God above for being so kind

Knowing that we’ve been given all things to richly enjoy

Our gratitude should be mimicked by every girl and boy

We’re thankful for our blessings

When we go down on bended...Read More
Categories: adrienne, devotion
Form: I do not know?
A Table of Four
A Table of Four

The convention room was filled to capacity

There were four to each table

Not one, with just three

The atmosphere was charged with smiles and delight

Opportunities to put faces with names

What a beautiful sight

Cause we were laid back, no nervousness...Read More
Categories: adrienne, friendship
Form: I do not know?
It's In The Jeans
 It’s In the Jeans

Adrienne LaCont’e Gresham

Confidently knowing it’s in the jeans

The color was vibrant, in the seams

The faded look of them was dim

They seemed to have been painted on him

Women were starring as they walked by

He thought he heard...Read More
Categories: adrienne, uplifting
Form: Light Verse
The Love of My Dad
The Love of My Dad

When I was a child, you combed my hair for school

I never played hooky, because that was your rule

You helped with my homework

Math was a trial

But you stuck with me, because I am your child

You never...Read More
Categories: adrienne, childhoodlove,
Form: Personification
Childhood Memory-Making Sand
Childhood Memory-Making Sand

Playing in a yard filled with dirt and rocks

It’s not the best place to wear flip flops

Being creative, we found some screened-wire

No need for a hammer, screw-driver, or pliers

Only needed tools were wire and hands

Sift the dirt and...Read More
Categories: adrienne, childhood
Form: Light Verse
There is no need to look and stare
Take a picture, if you dare
Life is what you make of it
It gives back what you put out
It’s like a boomerang
Whether it’s joy, sadness, or a big shout
Think about it before you act
Know...Read More
Categories: adrienne, life, uplifting,
Form: Light Verse
Babies Need
Babies Need……

Babies need shoes, clothes and loving care
Combs, brushes and oil for their hair
Lotion for their skin and baby oil too
Socks, booties and to play peek-a-boo

Babies need hugs, kisses and love all around
Lots of smiles and never a frown

Mind stimulation,...Read More
Categories: adrienne, childhood
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member An Old Photo
excerpted from "For an album";
Adrienne Rich (1987):
"Our story isn't a file of photographs
faces laughing under green leaves...
Our story is of moments
when even slow motion moved too fast
for the shutter of the camera:
words that blew our lives apart, like so,
eyes that...Read More
Categories: adrienne, angst, brother, childhood, death, family, introspection, loss,
Form: Narrative
For Adrienne Rich
Do I trespass if I knock at your door
Would you be frightened to see I also have a full cup
And call the cop because I am black and you are white
You were none of this I would believe
We had no...Read More
Categories: adrienne, art, dedication, on writing and wordswords, night,
Form: Free verse
Everytime I think about your face
I think about your pain
The pain I wish I could prevent
I can't see it, but I feel it every day
And everytime I hear your voice
My heart aches
Oh God, please help her! 
As she sits alone
A...Read More
Categories: adrienne, loss, sadheart, heart,
Form: Lyric