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Adamantly Poems

Adamantly Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adamantly poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adamantly.

New Poems

She sorts me in parts
From one side to other.
I am symmetrical and asymmetrical.

I am closest to her brain
I swing around her freely.

I take a leap and kiss her cheeks
She tucks me back behind her ears
Adamantly, i repeat. She repeats.

I am...Read More
Categories: adamantly, 10th grade, baby, care, celebration, emotions, heart,
Form: Carpe Diem

Premium Member Water Music

"Water Music"

The Ocean sweeps in
before you know it
your feet are sinking
you’re pulled out with the tide
and Life wraps it’s fluid wings around you, 
you errant, embrace the smother,
retreat has lost it’s hook, and somehow you rise

With a mouthful of forgotten...Read More
Categories: adamantly, ocean, psychological, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Change
By: Tom Wright

always on the Horizon,
often disrupting lives, causing choices to be made.
It invades our comfort zone and many feel threatened.
Often embraced, but sometimes fought, as a Child would It's nap.
Some are meaningful, many unnecessary--
Coming at lightening speeds.
Many are initiated...Read More
Categories: adamantly, change,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Adored One

(Adored one =Latreea Mou!)

~A Heavenly Man~

Short and Baklava sweet~
Who can dance like he has magical
wings on his feet.
Those eyes, pierce me, so very
brown and beautiful.

Add a twinkling soul, divinely pure,
With a destiny for the heavens!
Oh ,yes, latreea mou!
Of that, your...Read More
Categories: adamantly, magic, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme
I died a little inside
I died a little inside when, through your displays,
I felt, Love, that you did not really believe in our story
That you thought, maybe, it could simply be a little madness,
Another pink cloud floating gracefully around
In a sea of multicolored clouds!

I...Read More
Categories: adamantly, death, life, longing, love, love hurts, romantic,
Form: Free verse

When darkness surrounds you and sadness stalks,
When you are lost in labyrinth and stagger in walk,
When you are broken and your memories haunt,
When folk lambaste and bitterly taunt,
When your towering strength washes away,
And you find it hard to adamantly stay,
Let...Read More
Categories: adamantly, appreciation, black african american, care, cheer up,
Form: Couplet
My Liberator
Life asked me, do you love me?

I looked at Life in silence, weighing in her question
Wanting not to hurt her, yet, wanting to tell her the truth!

Did you ever give me the opportunity to love you
Whispered I to it,
Refusing adamantly...Read More
Categories: adamantly, life, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Defaulted Leaders
I wish you would’ve told me,
That I was no longer worth your time.

Your back-handed alabaster murmurs
Stroll passed my skeptical exhales
As I greeted you like adults should

But, your whitened pupils
Spoke louder
Than your failed dreams
To be a people-person

I wish you would’ve said
That...Read More
Categories: adamantly, leadership, life, people,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Doug Disappeared On a Monday
Doug disappeared on a Monday right after he had finished his little to-do list.
Clean house, check, do laundry, check, take dog to vet, check, spray mirror with slightly warm Wind-mist.
It was  his current list, his wife stated adamantly. I...Read More
Categories: adamantly, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous, irony, light, marriage,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Collecting for Mei Is Woe
The first time I met Mei Is Woe, I felt so badly, I begged our co-workers to give up a sick day in the sick day fund, not realizing they had done that so many times, it would not be...Read More
Categories: adamantly, caregiving, hilarious, humanity, humor, humorous, woman, work,
Form: Monorhyme

Premium Member Beloved Refugees
My LeftYang eye and ear,
and maybe throat
and hand
and probably vocational foot
remain adamantly persuaded

My most successful time for deep ecological listening
and watching
is immediately after inhaling a vast theological lungful
preparing to speak my WiseElderness
into the remaining yin void
of those no longer refuged...Read More
Categories: adamantly, caregiving, community, education, humanity, humor, integrity, love,
Form: Political Verse
You Should

You Should

When I say,  that I 
want you, and I 
adamantly persist-
 You should always give
 in not try and resist -
When I say that I need 
you and I want you to stay, 
You should remain by my...Read More
Categories: adamantly, absence, devotion, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Bad Decisions
Hate is such a strong word.
Yet you show me plenty of it.
You first flash your gun.
In compensation to cut wages.
Yet you remember me.
How you should have listened.
A siren of power rung.
the hands that flashed adamantly "no, please don't."
You ignore my...Read More
Categories: adamantly, black african american, heartbreak, love hurts, sad
Form: Free verse
English Teacher
The shy college student said she did not want to speak English
That English speakers make fun of her often
The teacher assured the student that some people are insecure
That some people just want to feel superior to others
This made the student...Read More
Categories: adamantly, culture, discrimination, student, teacher,
Form: Free verse
A Temporary Fix
I let go.
Finding that I still care.
Placing blame as a means to cope with how I felt towards you.
The rush of things that have transpired.
The thought of things that may not be the same.
In turn I lashed out in self...Read More
Categories: adamantly, black african american, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
The Cry of a Nation
My sisters! My brothers!

Do you despise us this much?

Do you really think we deserve all this?

Well, if that's the case then, my brother,


I suppose you think so highly of yourself

To even spat those kinds of remarks,

knowing that your brothers...Read More
Categories: adamantly, anger, death, discrimination, inspirational, together, war, world,
Form: Dramatic monologue
A Sort Of Super Mario Kind Of Affair
Every day I am leaping higher
Jumping from brown blocks and green pipes.
From the pluck of fire flowers steams this passion that I pursue So adamantly.
Question mark filled boxes highlighted yellow.
Flickering on and off.
The alchemy of white gloves, stomping and flipping...Read More
Categories: adamantly, black african american, crush, games, journey, silly,
Form: Free verse
Lost In Depth
In pure essence.
Her heart was an ocean and I,
A whale lost in depth.
Not the prettiest of fish, yet I searched for affection.
Living and breathing, I know not what I sought.
Not understanding that what I sought and her heart were one...Read More
Categories: adamantly, black african american, ocean, sad love,
Form: Free verse
Imperfect Storm Ends in a Rainbow
In 1958 Elmer's was the only high school in his county that had been integrated. Basketball was the big sport. People in the little town filled the gym every Tuesday and Friday. They roared when the home team scored and...Read More
Categories: adamantly, race,
Form: Prose
Premium Member The Christian-Taoist Continues Standing
I was baptized as a Christian,
once or twice.
It's not so much that the baptism ritual malfunctioned
in some series of unfortunate events;
It's more like Taoism as my primary ecopolitical health system,
or religion,
or metaphysic,
or whatever kind of evolutionary,
perpetually eisegetical-hypothetical,
label you choose to...Read More
Categories: adamantly, baptism, community, culture, earth, health, humor, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Fantastically fickle
Rarely enduring -- ever ephemeral,
Adamantly flexible and footloose
Gregarious, vivacious and effervescent
Irresistible, insuppressible and indestructible, 
Love is all that and more…
Ever needed, ever elusive;

Homing in on fragile hearts, love
Erupts into a rousing passion and
Amplifies raw emotions
Rallying those faint at heart
To...Read More
Categories: adamantly, love,
Form: Acrostic
'Tween Sensibilities' Splendor 

You speak adamantly of gentle courage
     and sharing spring's flourished nectar,
the swooning rhythm of swaying trees
   and the easeful breezes that flow
     'tween endearment's sensibilities,
misty moonbows 'neath...Read More
Categories: adamantly, appreciation, blessing, celebration, desire, devotion, emotions, love,
Form: Romanticism
I Am Flattered by My Own Death
Someone who once loved me dearly
Now despises me.
In such small things are paved the roads to hell.
A turning away from grace.
A tail-spinning stumble down the stairs,
Hitting my head on my lofty ideals
On my mistaken belief in cloud formations.

The death of...Read More
Categories: adamantly, depression, farewell,
Form: Blank verse
Celestial journey
To light up your sky,
On a celestial journey
Of collecting stars
A dreamer adamantly
Won't return empty-handed...Read More
Categories: adamantly, dedication, devotion, dream, sky, stars,
Form: Tanka
The Wild Winds - Not the Williwaw
As the screaming Sirocco swept the sands,
Suffocating the Shiekh's Sixth Sick Sheep,
It's sister, Simoon, soon sought to strike
The sweat-suffering Sultan's sweet sleep.
Then came the Khamsin, and  Calima, too,
- Dust-devils, Diabolos, Lavaan, Loo!

Angered, Aeolos, King of the Air,
Council called up...Read More
Categories: adamantly, fun, humor, nature, wind,
Form: Alliteration