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Heartbreak Acrostic Poems

These Heartbreak Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Acrostic Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

Premium Member APO
Day we said our final words,

Exactly two months ago,

And now your letter only stirs,

Regrets, cast a dark shadow,

Just so you know, I've moved on,

Only hoping...

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Categories: dark, heartbreak, love hurts,

Laughter Is A Key For Happiness
Ha Ha Ha Ha What is it?
Nothing but you need it
It makes us healthy in any manner
This is the benefit of laughter...

It spreads happiness all...

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Categories: happiness, happy, heartbreak, poems,

Alphabetical Blues
Autopilot these feelings of mine
Brutally keep them in line
Completely lost in time
Definitely my love you have undermined
Especially after I gave you my all
Foolishly thought I'd...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, emotions, heartbreak,

Love Will Always Remain
L-ove will always remain, 
A-lthough it feels the ache; 
R-ising up under the rain, 
A-fter the risk of heartbreak. 

V-ile weather may come, 
I-nclement clime...

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Categories: birthday,

Men Cry
Where me cry,
Men don't drink much;
Where me stare
Till eyes are sore;
Women never come,
How did this one do!

Coming to me, she wears
Denims, short to show off

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Categories: heart, heartbreak,

Subtle sweetness barricaded in
A hardened cocoon of beauty
Nurtured by factors and forces
Unknown and unseen
Sealed up in self-defense
Insured against a torment known
Only by Cupid’s prisoners.
Maybe in...

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Categories: angel,

Hopeless my Oblivion
page after page verse after verse trying hard to find the words to keep my heart from being cursed that same kiss was the advocate...

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Categories: america, anxiety, farewell, good

Forgetting you seems so difficult for me
Everytime I remember what you did to me
And now I cry so hard in bed
Regretting all the things that...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, heartbreak, innocence,

If I only knew why
If I only knew why
Fog covers, our future that's to come
Irrecoverable, are the years that have been lost
Optimistically I wish, for things to get better

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, heartbreak,

Premium Member Fragile Hearts
Feeling lost in twilight schemes through glowing lights of starlit dreams,
raw, my thoughts, like frozen streams, soon melt as mist in iced moonbeams,
and you, your...

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Categories: heartbreak,

Premium Member Heartbreak

(H)ail in the wind
(E)ver so harsh
(A)gainst your face, striking your heart
(R)unning, trying to escape
(T)he pain, the anguish
(B)ut you know, you must stop
(R)est, heal, warm up,...

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Categories: courage, growth, heartbreak,

Pardon Me BrokenHearted
???i can not pretend someone  broke my heart again...??
??? Two pieces parallel blood drippn off my Cardigan..
??? If love is political my allegiance is...

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Categories: dark, education, heartbreak, longing,

Formula for fragile hearts:
Rejection by one, then
Another, then . . . ,
Grief over past
Ill-treatment by
Lovers, failed
Efforts to
Heal, being 
Ever intensely 
Aware of the harsh
Realities of...

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Categories: heartbreak,

       FRAGILE HEARTS         


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Categories: emotions, heartbreak, longing, love

Fragile Hearts
From all I've seen of love, my friend,
Recalling that sad day,
A heart's in love or on the mend -
Gone crazy either way.
It would seem a...

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Categories: heartbreak,

Fragile hearts

For many years romance blossomed covertly 
Robert was the man of Ami’s dreams. Sadly
Ami's parents had promised her hand to
Giurkiran and the arranged marriage...

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Categories: heartbreak, love hurts, sad

Special Hearts
Find the newscasts disturbing
Remember past pain
Angered by cruelty 
In sync with nature 
Love is dangerous 
Hesitant with trust 
Easily brought to tears 
Absorbs others...

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Categories: deep, emotions, feelings, giving,

Fragile hearts

Feelings that were dormant for oh so long
Run through me like quartz veins within a rock
And though I thought they'd vanished, I was wrong
Gazing on...

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Categories: heartbreak,

Premium Member Fragile hearts

F inally you appeared, right out of the blue
R andom chance that I would ever meet you
A fter all that we've been...

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Categories: happiness, heartbreak, hope, loneliness,

Release me from the chain's which you have wrapped around my life
Allow me to breathe once again and to feel what it  is like...

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Categories: depression, grief, heartbreak, life,