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Achievers Poems

Achievers Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of achievers poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for achievers.

New Poems

Premium Member Commited
Why do some people commit suicide?
When is enough enough
What makes them decide
To finish living
Before the end of their ride
Why do they want to come to an abrupt end
Nobody knows what's around the bend
Perhaps they are under too much stress
Have feelings...Read More
Categories: achievers, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Colonel Orenthal Thaddeus Simpson

Colonel Orenthal Thaddeus Simpson

A gentleman of confidence and ambition, whose impression superimposed upon the common folk, a speech concerning absolute existence and the result of it. A self-built and well-constructed plane is valueless if it is without an engine, wings...Read More
Categories: achievers, allegory, future, humanity, meaningful,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Terribly Nice Tale of Juniper Bilberry-Bryce
She married a doctor who paid all the bills
and they settled in England’s impeccable hills.
Her bushes were trimmed and her borders pristine,
she was quite the big deal on the tea party scene
where she wowed with her baking advice,
did Juniper Bilberry-Bryce.

She...Read More
Categories: achievers, dark, england, fun, funny, humorous, political, satire,
Form: Rhyme

On this wavy Atlantic sailed a white...Read More
Categories: achievers, 2nd grade, africa, betrayal, family, farewell, visionary,
Form: Lyric
Friends Reunited
Friends? Reunited

By first class post - the invitation 
On flimsy card in pale blue tint
With sprawling “school days” animation
And scrawling script in child-like print
Announcing that another year
Could not surely be allowed to pass….
Would I care to raise a hearty cheer
Alongside...Read More
Categories: achievers, career, childhood, emotions, friendship, judgement, school, social,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Bank in Trust CoInvestors
In cooperative detective work,
including Earth scientific research,
we are told to follow the money
much more often
than feeling invited 
to follow the nutritional health investors
and the toxic pathological attackers

Whether our trail is a criminal
or political
economic impassioned journey
of discovery.

In healing arts and role...Read More
Categories: achievers, art, beauty, earth, health, money, philosophy, science,
Form: Political Verse
It is not how they come into the world
It's how they turn out
Raising responsible, great achievers
Is what good parenting is all about

No one wants a lazy child
Playing video games all the day long
They want a well rounded sports minded
Player, who...Read More
Categories: achievers, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Besma

Friendly, sensitive, hardworking.

Daughter of a hearty kind man and a strict independent woman.

Who loves her family, happy environments and challenges.

Who feels sorry about what happens to humanity.

Who needs peace, care and contentment.

Who gives efficiency, love and support.

Who fears mysterious places,...Read More
Categories: achievers, identity, poetry,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Admirable People
  alone inside with me, less than inspirational

  so look out for the more interesting folk

  momentary excitement, the fiery motivational

  beyond the familiar, to stoke and provoke

  daydream departure from mundane conversational

  adventures...Read More
Categories: achievers, character, inspirational, life, motivation,
Form: Verse
Premium Member I Come Before You HOLY
       And the ancients come before you;
       And the people sing alleluia;
       As the wonders...Read More
Categories: achievers, celebration, character, christian, god, gospel, how i
Form: Lyric

Isn't Happiness One Of The Delights We Pursue
Our moods are controlled by emotions,
the happier we feel inside, the better
we connect to the outside world...
isn't happiness one of the delights
we long for in moments of despair:
not being able to dream of that word?
Most people never or hardly...Read More
Categories: achievers, emotions, faith, happiness, longing, together, true love,
Form: Rhyme
Rivers Run
Rivers run, rivers flow, let it flow, let it flow 

Creativity, never let it go 

The bud that must flower, the tree that must grow 

Seeds of germination, future take shape 

Tis the dreamers, the believers, the doers, the achievers...Read More
Categories: achievers, community, education, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
May Day
It is May Day, today.
A day in the month of May.
A day set aside for the illustrious
men and women of the world.
Dutiful and diligent fellows.
Individuals with thoughts of change 
for the global village.
A global village we all inhabit.
Great inventors,living and...Read More
Categories: achievers, holiday, may,
Form: Rhyme
Come friends come
Come as poets
To write war poems
Come friends come
Come as singers
To sing war songs-

War has to be declared
On poverty,
On cruelty,
On enmity,
On atrocity 
War has to be declared 

Come friends come
Come as fighters
Come friends come 
Come as warriors

Living is but...Read More
Categories: achievers, war,
Form: Free verse
Thank You
Thank You!...

It's Black history month, so we come to celebrate, 
all the hues of brown that made our nation great! 

From Fredrick and Harriet to Mandela, and Muhammad Ali, because of the stance they took, we are allowed to be...Read More
Categories: achievers, america, celebration, culture, humanity, leadership, pride, tribute,
Form: Ballad
The Silent Ones
The Silent Ones

We need to
look around to see
what is out there
besides our oversized egos.

All of us
expects everyone else
to congratulate ourselves
on the minute achievements.

However, there are some people
who need the congratulations.
They work so hard on an achievement.
They put blood and sweat—
maybe...Read More
Categories: achievers, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Optimal Wins
What words do we choose for maximizing our ultimate accomplishments,
achieving our healthiest goals,
measuring our 100% successful therapeutic outcome projections?

Why do these words, 
and our feelings about these choices 
wave in and out of optimal happiness and prosperity, 
even when quantitative...Read More
Categories: achievers, beauty, deep, earth, environment, health, peace, poverty,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Modus operandi of psychopaths and sociopaths
Modus Operandi of psychopaths and sociopaths

They are all around us, seeking to destroy us,
if not to kill us, to maim us, for life
physically, mentally, emotionally
morally, financially.

They are the psychopaths and sociopaths!

Now psychopaths are rare indeed, as they
are human but do...Read More
Categories: achievers, betrayal, bible, corruption, horror, humanity, psychological, war,
Form: Narrative
The Lie Called End It All
So you really think life is over
Challenges are part of existence
Obstacles a spring board to success
A coin has too sides
So does every circumstance in life
What others call obstacles is what some see as opportunity
Suicide should never be considered
Life is too...Read More
Categories: achievers, bible, cheer up, confidence, courage, destiny, feelings,
Form: I do not know?
Today, like every other day
is odd but beautiful in its own way
This day  
I wake up with something new to say
something new and something strange
something I want to get but feel its out of range
something higher than every other...Read More
Categories: achievers, dream,
Form: I do not know?
The Last Days
If nowadays we have become so wise
And are proud achievers
Who have explored the world from our cradle;
If these days men would hear with their eyes
And men would speak by their actions
And would prefer to reason with their flesh;
If today you...Read More
Categories: achievers, change, crazy, emotions, humanity, judgement, life, vanity,
Form: Free verse
You View Me Arrogant- Beholding My Values Bullish.
I’m A Problem Inevitable- Only In The Eyes Of The Foolish
A Philosopher, In The Thoughts Of The Wise,
For I Refuse To Take A Step Before I Think It Twice,
I’m The Modern Leader, Of...Read More
Categories: achievers, africa, anger, change, deep, encouraging, feelings, inspiration,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Brian William Haw
Brian William Haw stood strong
He never quit his whole life long
His principles oozed forth peace
He strongly believed that he wasn't wrong

Brian's life was influenced
By his dad's suicide incident
After serving in the war
Brian now for peace convinced

As a Christian believer
Haw worked...Read More
Categories: achievers, political,
Form: Rubaiyat
What will we have done without them. 
What will we have achieved without them? 
Oh did i hear you say something? Absolutely nothing!
They are a unique creation. Humility engulfs their
personality, yet undermining them is an impossibility.
She will take out her...Read More
Categories: achievers, mother,
Form: I do not know?
A Teacher
A teacher is like an angel…
With a caring heart, serve as our 
role model
Impart us knowledge, ladder to 
the height…
Enlightens our thoughts like a 
guiding light.
They impart us their principle
Scribble intellect and good 
We can see them laugh and 
sometimes...Read More
Categories: achievers, appreciation
Form: ABC