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Accrued Poems

Accrued Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accrued poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accrued.

New Poems

Premium Member Cabin Fever
No tellin' how long coronavirus will keep me confined at home,
Since the guv'ner insists that I wash my hands and I'm not to roam!
It has upset my routine since its genesis in a place called Wuhan,
But it'll give me time...Read More
Categories: accrued, humorous, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Not So Euphoric
Not So Euphoric
Written: by Miracle Man Tom

Feeling euphoric,
Was being healthy and happy. 
But as time wears on,
I’m easily agitated and snappy.

Some days I feel,
I’ve been through a meat grinder.
I wear thirty-two scars,
Which are a constant reminder.

I’ve been sutured, stapled,
And sometimes...Read More
Categories: accrued, age, anxiety, blessing, depression, god, health, self,
Form: Lyric
Tory Envy
I wish I was a Tory,
It would be another story,
So much simpler not to care
Or have to be aware
Of how other folks must strive
To make a crust to stay alive.
I could keep my privileged indifference
Surrounded by a picket fence
I wouldn't...Read More
Categories: accrued, humorous, irony, political,
Form: Political Verse
Purple people eater viz hits sleep deprived cannibal
Began during wee hours
of December first
tooth house sand nineteen
steeply self immersed

within insomnia, hence
sudden creative cloud burst
fingers slower than
fleeting thoughts, I cursed
nonetheless stitched,

doctored and nursed
the following continued
hours later with pursed
lips seriously, silently, and soundly

trying to craft lame poem, the worst
among feeble...Read More
Categories: accrued, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Humility IS the Brightest Love
Love, I get love is more than a game the young play,
It is life one commits, not caged bird ‘shopped’ to mine
In the hope lives are saved that don’t sleep in harm’s way!
How can chemistry alter what man can’t refine?

Love...Read More
Categories: accrued, faith, friendship, love,
Form: Rhyme

The Interview
The Interview

So, you want to be a bureaucrat?
And a wise career, too, I must say.
It has its challenges, of course – coffee 
and restroom breaks if overdone 
will impede your efficiency to get
work done on time. But, hey, every job
has...Read More
Categories: accrued, humor,
Form: Light Verse
yet more
if i'm spending
my time writing
whimsy about
her and not
himsy how
can i speak
about myself
sitting mystically
on a shelf 

wealth is not
something i've
accrued nor
have used to
win what i won
over time on the
one yard line do
you think i'll

but what i want
above the surface
of an absurdity
is...Read More
Categories: accrued, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Table of giving
An ounce of love intensified into a cup of memories
those memories over filled the rim and spilled into a bowl of appreciation
a plate will be needed to hold all of the ramifications that accrued. 

This full plate needs to be...Read More
Categories: accrued, appreciation, thank you,
Form: Free verse
Seasons Recouple
There’s comfort in knowing,
  things come and they go

The wind brings a newness,
  whether lilac or snow

There’s joy in all laughter,
   freely accrued

Music in words,
  spoken only by you

A place to be born,
  a...Read More
Categories: accrued, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Was, Will Forever Be

What Was, Will Forever Be
Written: by Tom Wright
October 2015

In youth, 
I envisioned not what life would be, 
So with each day’s dawning, as sun came up;
I questioned, if ripening years I’d see,
As I daily supped from a bittersweet cup.

As years...Read More
Categories: accrued, dream, how i feel, me,
Form: Lyric

Land of Misfits
If there was a safe land
He would go straight away
Crossing with open hands
And there hoping to stay

He would go straight away
Leaving us far behind
And there hoping to stay
Free from faces unkind

Leaving us far behind
Never stooping to aid
Free from faces unkind
And...Read More
Categories: accrued, mental illness,
Form: Pantoum
The Only Source Of Fulfillment
My life devoid of exotic adventure
(in fact...yours truly
never set foot outside the United States,
nor took to the skies, bore)
ring, the solitary endeavors,

not an onerous unbearable chore,
although (as mentioned in a previous poem)
this fellow rarely exits apartment door,
(particularly during biting...Read More
Categories: accrued, absence, age, birth, character, fear, loss, lost
Form: Free verse
The post office
Coins stacked like leaning towers of tilted soldiers 
Oh the stories they could tell, well traveled
Phone rings, Hello, how may I help you? 
Receipt roll falls from the till, unraveled
Could you tell me where my letter is today? ...Read More
Categories: accrued, stress, work,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Being Thankful
Being Thankful
Recalling times when I knew youth
my prejudice was so uncouth
I’m thankful that I aged enough
as love outweighed that bitter stuff

when needed most I had  accrued 
a fortune to secure my life
but most of all I’m thankful for
to love...Read More
Categories: accrued, thanks, time,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member To Those That Have Walked Dark Halls Of Deepest Grief
To Those That Have Walked Dark Halls Of Deepest Grief

Truth of deep grief and its healing powers;
Are not in the anguish pains that invade,
With the blackest of black in midnight hours
Dancing dark corridors in Hell's parade.
It rests in the sweet...Read More
Categories: accrued, death, deep, family, feelings, grief, loss, recovery
Form: Sonnet
Another Day Another Accursed Blank Screen
Another Day...Another Accursed Blank Screen

Ma wink'n and blink'n
     mind nod yet awake,
     nor insights keen,
asper ho hum usual, this
     (day-glo bull leave
     me you)...Read More
Categories: accrued, 11th grade, art, dream, giving, hilarious, literature,
Form: Lyric
Synthetic Sack of Sorrows

Why must you boudoir bring me an empty bag full of fake?
Pinocchio emotions: wooden soul mannequin real
Your impulses beat a synthetic heart mood — 
artificial aorta stimulation ~ false erotic excitation

Making it so hard to pump up contrived passion,
when I’m...Read More
Categories: accrued, allusion, character, emotions, perspective,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
One Day At A Time
I’m still alive
Though not intact
I strive and strive
To stay on track

I try, I fail
I try again
I need to heal
It never ends

The coarse was set
With little wind
My sails a net
It’s hard to win

LIke a tattoo 
One stain at a time
What I’ve...Read More
Categories: accrued, abuse, depression, growing up, growth,
Form: Bio
Twenty First Century Civilization Gone Askew
Twenty First Century Civilization Gone Askew...?

Methinks perchance man
     kind always vain
n'er did appertain
moral hike polar opposite
     from human being:
uncivil, unethical, unsocial, et cetera
     minimally app proxy
  ...Read More
Categories: accrued, america, death, destiny, heaven, literature, slavery, war,
Form: Free verse
Too many people
How many people are on planet Earth?
Too many people, and too many births
The headcount rising while resources shrink 
Is it surprising our world’s on the brink?

Twelve years ago we’re one billion less
The pace which we grow puts Earth under stress...Read More
Categories: accrued, dark, death, deep, depression, future, perspective, pollution,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Last Goodbyes
We're gathered here together... 
      to say our last goodbye
My time on earth is limited...
      my spirit soon will fly

In my time of living...
      many...Read More
Categories: accrued, goodbye, heaven,
Form: Rhyme
You Held My Hand When Chips Were Down
Muse, you didn’t offer excuses to hold my hand
To walk and talk to the flagging courage
Weeping and seeping into the stamina gland
Where years of interaction on the educational stage

Yielded fields of unexpected benefits
I accrued from the investment you made in...Read More
Categories: accrued, poems,
Form: Free verse
Accruing interest in the rates of the heart

I've looked and listened over 
runaway tracks with brides 
aboard to be the new free

They tell of mis-demeaning from old 
gentleman that act as  young savages 
against a broken backdrop

Ranting and pitying over the pining 
they pledged and preached...Read More
Categories: accrued, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Mine Gerund Tilling Illogical Weltanschauung
Twas accursed destiny
     since birth alack
nascent emasculation abominable barrack
emergent deus ex machina,

     viz zit ting older sibling counterattack
thirteen plus chronological gap
    eldest sister struck like diamondback
surrogate "mother" role

 ...Read More
Categories: accrued, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, conflict,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Brain Muscle

Doesn't seem right, though I started walking each morn
Gaining weight must be brain muscle that's been reborn
Once again can add two plus two
And other stuff I've accrued
Wearing make-up, prancing around in a nurses uniform

...Read More
Categories: accrued, health,
Form: Limerick